What makes someone the biggest Google AdWords advertising loser? What is the criteria?
What are the most unforgivably stupid things or unforgivably inexperienced things that advertisers do with their campaigns which immediately puts them in the running for the title of biggest Google AdWords advertising loser?
Google AdWords Advertising LoserThe following list is made up of the worst things you can do in your Google AdWords advertising campaign. If you want to fail at Google AdWords advertising, make sure you do all of them. It would be the best way to be responsible for the world’s worst Google AdWords advertising campaign ever.

Common Mistakes of Every Google AdWords Advertising Loser

If you would rather not fail at your Google AdWords advertising, take heed from the following list. Know what you must never do to your Google AdWords advertising campaign and keep yourself well away from the shameful title of the biggest Google AdWords advertising loser forever.

1. Set all keywords to broad match.

If you want to be the biggest Google AdWords advertising loser, make sure that all of your keywords are set to broad match. That way you will be competing on keywords with lots of competition from other advertisers. You will also be competing on keywords that draw in a huge amount of very broad traffic and which probably attract people who aren’t really interested in your products or services.
The biggest Google AdWords advertising losers always use broad match keywords and nothing else. It is the best way to lose money and avoid attracting the target audience desired that I know of.

2. Create 10 advertisements that are almost identical.

Google AdWords advertising losers also spend no time whatsoever on developing their advertisement text and crafting their advertisements to appear to the right target audience. Really big Google AdWords advertising losers have no interest in creating advertisements that actually encourage people to click on them and it is another excellent way of ensuring that your Google AdWords advertising campaign is just a complete waste of time.

3. Use flash on all of your landing pages.

Internet users HATE landing pages that take a long time to load. If your goal in life is to make a complete mess of your Google AdWords advertising and become the world’s biggest Google AdWords advertising loser, use flash on every single landing page that you have.
Flash landing pages hardly ever convert. They take so long to load sometimes that many people just click on the back button, return to the search page and select another advertisement to click on. You can be the best Google AdWords advertising loser within a very short space of time with flash loading pages.

4. Spend more money when ROI is down.

If your Google AdWords advertising campaign is not making any money, the best thing to do is to put more money into it. That way, the mistakes you are already making with your campaign can continue with even more money thrown at it so that the whole thing can go even more wrong.
Clever Google AdWords advertising campaigns find different ways of stretching the budget when the chips are down, but the biggest Google AdWords advertising losers just throw more money at a campaign that is already a financial disaster. That’s the best way to fail at Google AdWords advertising.

5. Manage your campaign alone.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to become the world’s biggest Google AdWords advertising loser is to go it alone. If you are really bad at managing Google AdWords and you want to fail as a Google AdWords advertiser in spectacular fashion, don’t ask for help from an expert.
People who want to fail at Google AdWords advertising need to manage their own campaigns independently without the help of a Google AdWords advertising expert. If you were to contact the Google AdWords advertising experts at Webrageous, your campaign might actually start to do well and that would be terrible.
So make sure that you go it alone and that you continue to manage your Google AdWords advertising in the same disastrous way as you always have done. That way, you can be sure, that you will always be worthy of the title of the biggest Google AdWords advertising loser for years to come… (until your advertising campaign makes you bankrupt, that is!)

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