If you believe that all online content is good online content for your online marketing campaign then you are sadly mistaken. This is just like saying that any type of dish served at a restaurant is a good dish and this is certainly not the case.
We have all been to a restaurant and never gone back because the food was terrible. We went to the restaurant because we were hungry, but humans are not robots. You cannot just give them any plate of food and expect them to be happy. The quality of the food needs to be good to ensure that they come back.
Restaurants need to feed their clients and make them enjoy what they eat. In fact, the objective of eating in order to cure a feeling of hunger is really not the primary reason why people go to restaurants to eat instead of eating at home in the first place. People go to restaurants because they want to taste good food.

Chesa Keane, who is a writer with Online Reputation Management, says, “If you want people to go to your site and then to keep returning to your site, your online marketing plan needs to include good content.”
You can’t just serve up any old blog post and expect people to be happy. It doesn’t work like that in any industry. So, no… not all content is good content and it is important to revise the content you are developing in order to ensure that you are not damaging your online marketing presence by serving up the content that you do.

When is online content bad for business?

Online content, in general, is bad for business when it is doing the following…

1. Choosing SEO optimization of customer experience

Are you a keyword junkie? Are your posts just full of primary and secondary keywords all the way through in order to trick the Google Bots into ranking your site higher on the SERP? If so, your content is probably not that great a read for a human being, so you can say bye-bye to your next potential customer before they even land on your site.

2. Full to the brim with marketing speak

Are you a lover of acronyms? Do you just assume that everyone else knows what you are talking about? Perhaps they don’t. Perhaps your content is alienating the very people you want to attract.
On a related note, are you constantly making use of cheap marketing tips in your content, like rhetoric? Is your content all about the sale and nothing about user experience and customer care? If you only want to attract the internet user so that they can give you money for your products or services, don’t hold your breath for too long. Customers prefer to buy from businesses that offer them more than just the sale.

3. Egotistical and self-involved

Have you ever been on a date with someone who only ever talked about themselves and what they were doing and who never asked you anything? Boring, wasn’t it? Annoying, wasn’t it?
Don’t make your site content all about you. Make your site content about your reader. Give them something interesting to read, not something that just gloats about how wonderful your company is. Nobody likes a show-off, not even when we were five in the school playground did we really ever like the child who constantly bragged about what he or she had or what he or she could do.
Your site content should be for your reader and should only talk about your business for the good of the reader.

4. Empty, lacking in information, generally full of holes that the internet user must fill in for themselves

There are some businesses who think that if they just leave a clean, simple page with their contact details, potential customers will call them to find out more. Er, no!
Why should a potential customer call you, when they can very well go to a competitor’s site and get more information from that site about that company’s products for free? Why waste time and money talking to someone in your store and run the risk of a sales pitch during the call?
If you deliberately leave your site blank, free of content or lacking in certain pieces of important information (for example, if you own a bar and you say “call us for opening times”) nobody is going to make that call and your online content, or lack of it, will be the driving force in sending potential customers to other sites and into the hands of your competition.

In short

Online content is important and can be very effective, but not all online content is good and you must work hard at it to get it right. If I want to eat mediocre fries, I might buy the frozen pack at the supermarket and cook them at home. If I want something special, I’ll go to the restaurant that serves me the best fries in town.
Food is not just food. Content is not just content. Quality is what makes separates the wheat from the chaff. Which pile do you want to end up in?

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