We all know how a horror movie starts. Everything is fine and normal. The victim has no idea of what lies around the corner. There is some spooky lighting and music, a few literal “shadows of doubt”, the suspense is built, and then comes… the SHOCK!
Contextual Advertising Horrors But it’s just a movie, right? You don’t expect anything like that to happen to you. Well, what if you found yourself in the middle of every Pay Per Click Advertiser’s worst nightmare – a Contextual Advertising horror film?

How Contextual Advertising Works

When devising the best advertising campaign for a client, a Pay Per Click Consultant will devise the best ways of ensuring that advertisements are shown to qualified customers. It is only natural for a Pay Per Click Consultant to consider using Contextual Targeting to place their client’s Pay Per Click Advertisements next to relevant pages on third party websites.
Contextual Advertising does this by picking up the advertisement’s keywords and placing that advertisement next to web content that matches those keywords. So how can this clever targeting method turn into a Pay Per Click horror movie?

Where It All Goes Wrong

Well, just because a web page has matching keywords, doesn’t mean that the content is relevant or even appropriate to the advertisement.
It is very important after deciding to go with Contextual Advertising that the Pay Per Click Consultant does everything in their power to avoid these advertisements appearing next to content that may harm or irreparably damage the company.
It is crucial that a Pay Per Click Consultant uses specific keywords, inserts negative keywords, and utilizes targeting tools such as the type of websites or specific URLs where you do NOT want the Pay Per Click Advertisements to appear. Broad keyword matching can be particularly risky.
If these measures are not carefully implemented by your Pay Per Click Consultant you could find that you have been cast as the Pay Per Click Advertising victim in a Contextual Advertising horror film.
Here are some examples of the worst Contextual Advertising mishaps:

  • An advertisement for an alcohol brand next to an article on a drink driving incident.
  • A competition to win a trip to Greece next to an article on violent riots in Greece.
  • A link to a site on registered sex offenders next to a photo of four innocent, smiling men.
  • A coffee advertisement next to an article on research that coffee may trigger a person’s first heart attack.
  • An announcement of an upcoming romance film next to an article on a man who killed his girlfriend.
  • A weight loss product advertised on a pregnancy page.
  • Contextual advertising is an incredibly successful Pay Per Click Advertising tool used by Pay Per Click Consultants all over that carefully targets customers that are already seeking the subject of the advertisement. It sets itself apart from many other online advertising methods.
    But the skills required to avoid these Contextual Advertising disasters can only be managed by a Pay Per Click Consultant with extensive experience in Contextual Targeting on third party websites. Complex pattern matching must be used to determine the theme of the websites where the Pay Per Click Advertisements may appear.
    Until methods of determining the meaning of web pages are invented, Pay Per Click Consultants must rely on the pattern matching method to effectively contextually target advertisements.
    If you are looking for a Pay Per Click Consultant that can successfully implement Contextual Advertising in your advertising campaigns, trust in Webrageous Studios.
    Take a look at this article by Webrageous Studios for more potential Pay Per Click Disasters and reasons why you should trust in a professional.

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