Overall, about 5% of the page views that happen on the Internet are search page views. That means that only 5% of internet users at any given time are actually looking at a search listings page generated by a search engine like Google, for example. Therefore, basic math proves that 95% of the time internet users are actually looking at internet sites. They are looking at content sites.

If this is the case, why is it that so many PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers alike continue to ignore the benefits and possibilities of working with the Content Network and its ready made forum for successful PPC?

To ignore the Content Network simply makes no sense.

What the Content Network Is

The Content Network is an area that most people tend to shy away from, however not because it doesn’t work. This is the most common idea attributed to the reason behind the fact that the Content Network is not utilized as much as the Search Network, but it is a misinformed idea that has somehow developed over time.

Contrary to popular belief, the Content Network does work and the only reason why a lot of PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers shy away from using it is because they know very little about it. Less people write and blog about the Content Network too and so the focus in PPC Management for a long time has been on Search Network SEO and how to increase Google Search Rankings. This has meant that the powers of the Content Network have simply passed many people by.

Webrageous Studios Stands By the Content Network

Webrageous Studios is writing today in order to ensure that the Content Network is ignored no more. The Content Network does wonders for a number of Webrageous Studios’ PPC clients and the effective qualities of the Content Network are not that difficult to tap into after receiving a little bit of sound advice.

Therefore, Webrageous Studios has created a full length article on the subject of the Content Network for PPC and how it can be utilized alongside an effective Search Network campaign to optimize PPC results and improve the overall effects of any PPC campaign you happen to be managing at this time.

By focusing on distinctive areas and approaching your campaign from a slightly different perspective, the Content Network could prove to be a strong element in developing the success of your business. Also, by utilizing various different tools in order to measure the progress and data of your Content Network campaign correctly, your PPC efforts can be even further optimized and focused. This will then in turn reveal visibly improved results and will hopefully lead to a larger ROI at the same time.

Read the full length article on how to manage a PPC campaign on the Content Network effectively by clicking on this link now.