Google AdWords ManagerWhen the idea of a Google AdWords Manager is proposed to many small businesses, they are often left with just one question.
Why have your Google AdWords account professionally managed when you can do it yourself?

Getting a Google AdWords Manager versus Doing It Yourself

The idea of a Google AdWords Manager charging a fee while claiming to save the business money by generating conversions on their website seems a little ridiculous to most. How is this more cost-effective than just doing it yourself?
For those in the business of managing Google AdWords Campaigns, it will be very clear. Understanding how to identify keywords, optimize, set up targeting and take advantage of reporting tools in order to increase cost-effectiveness is not easy by any means.
Even a few poorly-targeted keywords could be costing your business no matter how well other keywords are doing. You could also find that your company is bringing in potential customers but that they are not making conversions. Or you might only just be making even on your advertising spend.
These are things that only a Google AdWords Manager can fix. With a Google AdWords Manager you will also find that you are achieving results quicker. It is certainly not expected that a Google AdWords Campaign will achieve instant results. Optimizing a campaign so that it is achieving maximum returns takes time. But with a Google AdWords Manager you should start to see those results much quicker.
You only have to take a look at some of the success stories to see just how effective a Google AdWords Manager can be. For example, a client was achieving 188 conversions in a one-month period. After enlisting the help of a Google AdWords Manager through Webrageous Studios, that client was seeing 729 conversions in the same one-month period. Their cost per conversion had also decreased by 71%. So they were achieving four times as many conversions for about the same cost.
So if you are finding that you are not quite achieving the results you had hoped for on Google AdWords, or are only just making even, or are just starting to think about starting a Google AdWords Campaign, try using a Google AdWords Manager and watch as your business thrives.
For some tips on how to find a Google AdWords Manager that meets your business needs, take a look at this article on How to Choose a Google AdWords Manager.

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