3 ways PPC beats SEO for driving traffic and increasing conversions

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns provide businesses with fresh, engaging and innovative ways to attract consumers they would not otherwise be able to engage.


piggy-bank-money-stackThis paid search method requires campaign managers to bid on search phrases called keywords. The keyword with the average highest bid CPC (cost per click) and Quality Score wins the top rank in the Search Network. The Google Display Network gives advertisers opportunities to display their advertisements on hundreds of thousands of websites across the world.


SEO involves optimizing the structure and content of websites and is a long-term, time consuming method to achieving high organic search results. Though not without merit, it isn’t as dynamic in driving relevant traffic as PPC advertising campaigns.

Here are three reasons why; (more…)

Where did your Link Building Strategy go?

Do you have a link building strategy or do you simply send a few articles out to other websites every now and then and hope for the best?
Link building is one of the best and free ways of building up the strength and credibility of your website. It is also a great way of driving traffic to your site too. However, if you are hoping to generate links without having a real link building strategy in place, which you monitor and update accordingly, you are doing your site a substantial disservice.

What should be included in the average link building strategy?

The term “link building strategy” implies a great deal of information in the title alone. “Strategy” signifies that time, thought and real consideration has gone into the development of whatever matter might be at hand. Therefore in order to generate an effective link building strategy, a plan must be put in place. (more…)

What are the Two Most Important Online Marketing Strategies for Local Retailers?

PPC Management is full of tricks and ideas and strategies and effective approaches. We cannot cover them all, especially if we are a small, local business, without the time and energy to do so. Therefore, what are the two essential online marketing strategies for local retailers to focus on above all else to ensure online marketing success?

Keep reading to find out… (more…)

Keyword Research For PPC is Different to SEO and Requires Expert Knowledge

It is essential to understand that keyword research for PPC is very different to the kind of research that is done to find new keywords in SEO. It is also vital to understand that the margin for error with keyword research in PPC is much less forgiving than the error margin for SEO.
This is why so many advertisers seek out the expert advice and management skills of PPC specialists when looking to better optimize their use and choice of keywords. If you take your time investigating into SEO keywords and you make continual changes to the keywords that you focus on, you do not run the risk of losing out financially.
On the contrary, PPC keyword research can be costly. You need to be very clear about the kind of keywords you invest in, how much money you invest in them and what you are hoping they will do for you in return.
Breaking down the differences between keywords research in PPC and keyword research in SEO for better online advertising success all round. (more…)

Using Pay Per Click and SEO to Improve Online Reputation Management

Recent developments in the land on Google mean that when someone searches for a term on the Google SERP, Google now favors fresh content when searching for the listings that it is going to show.

Google AdWords ManagementTherefore, the more content that you upload to your site on a regular basis, the better, as fresh content is going to be favored over old content under the new criteria for Google search results.

How does this affect online reputation management?

If your business receives bad press for some reason (whether or not that bad press is justified), it is likely that the fresh negative content on your business will appear on the first page of Google because of the fact that it is “fresh” content and Google is laying more weight on “fresh” content at present.

Irrespective of the countless positive posts and articles that your company has listed on the web at present, fresh content is going to take precedence. Therefore, if you are experiencing a wave of negative comments, it is likely that these negative comments are going to dominate the Google search page whilst the content that people post remains to be “fresh.” (more…)

What is the Best Online Marketing Approach?

If you do not already have a solid online marketing campaign for your business, then you are seriously behind. However, if you are marketing your business online, but are unsure about the best online marketing approach to take, keep reading.

Is PPC advertising the best online marketing approach?

best online marketingPPC advertising is the best online marketing approach if you are looking to soar to the top in the quickest amount of time possible.
With PPC advertising, when you write effective advertisement text, when you bid successfully and use your budget (however large or small) to the maximum, and when you analyze the data from your campaign to optimize your online marketing strategies the best way possible, the results that you can achieve from PPC advertising start to come through quicker than any other form of online marketing.
PPC advertising, within a matter of days (sometimes from one day to the next) can start to bring in effective results when managed correctly and by PPC advertising experts who know exactly what to do to manipulate the campaigns to their full potential.
PPC advertising also offers you ultimate control over your online marketing. You can decide which people in the world will see your advertisements, at what times of the day they will see them, how much each advertisement costs you, and where your advertisement appears on the search engine results page.
For speed and control, the best online marketing approach is definitely PPC advertising. Therefore, if you need to generate some effective advertising, for a specific audience and as quickly as possible, PPC advertising is the best online marketing route you should take. Contact our PPC advertising managers today.

Why should your online marketing also include SEO?

SEO is a form of online marketing that takes a longer time than PPC advertising to become effective and show regular positive results. However, it is also one of the best online marketing approaches for the following reasons.
Firstly, if you have a PPC advertising campaign in progress already, the SEO online marketing campaign that you set up will act as a perfect partner to that PPC campaign. SEO might take longer to develop, but once it does start to generate leads and once your content does start to get recognized by the major search engines and listed on their search results pages, the mark you make will be long lasting.
Really effective SEO, made up of well crafted landing pages, meta data, blog posts and articles, is long-lasting. If your SEO content is really well written, your online marketing will remain effective and generate leads / traffic to your site for a very long time to come.
Businesses that have websites with strong SEO are businesses that are looked on more favourably when it comes to PPC advertising by the major search engines. You will start to see your PPC Quality Score go up, which will make your paid advertising go down, and your site will start to be recognized as an authority.
If you are looking to develop an online marketing presence that is going to stand the test of time and turn your website into an authority in the eyes of the major search engines, choose to invest in SEO.
The content writers who work for Webrageous might be able to help you improve the quality of your SEO content through articles and blog posts, so make sure that you consult us directly about the SEO content services we might be able to provide for you.

What role should Social Networking take in your online marketing campaign?

Social Networking is the best online marketing approach to focus on if you are looking to generate buzz about your business and if your business has updates to share on a very regular basis.
The thing that sets the Social Networking Campaign off into the successful online marketing atmosphere is a constant stream of news and updates to keep people interested and to make sure that they return time and time again to your page / updates throughout the day.
The content that you share in your Social Networking Campaign should also be the kind of information that people want to share with others. It should have “viral” potential. It should be something that will catch the attention of internet users so much that they take the time to get someone else to read it too.
Essentially, you should utilize Social Networking if you want people to help you spread the word about your business and if your business is able to feed its Social Networking audience with the kind of interesting information on a regular basis that they are looking for.
Again, the best online marketing experts at Webrageous will be happy to answer any further questions you might have on Social Networking at any time, so please do not hesitate in contacting us with your inquiries.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the best online marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

Why Is It Important To Blend PPC and SEO?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and when it comes to online business and marketing, the sentiment couldn’t be truer.
blend ppc and seoWhatever kind of business you have online, one thing is certain. You need traffic! Without visitors to your website you won’t make any sales regardless of what product or service you provide.
So how does the need to blend PPC and SEO come into this?
As a refresher for those who may be new to the Internet, the two most common ways of bringing traffic to your websites are PPC and SEO. PPC stands for pay per click advertising, and SEO stands for search engine optimization. Understanding how both works is the key to knowing how to blend PPC and SEO.

What is the Difference?

PPC is a form of paid advertising. Businesses pay the advertising platform a fee each time a customer clicks on their advertisement. A business can choose where their advert appears by bidding on different search terms. Each time someone types in that term into the search engine, the adverts paying the most will appear in the listings.
SEO relies more on organic search results. A business will optimize their website for certain search terms, and the search engines will then deliver what it deems to be the most relevant results to a user when they go searching for the said term. The sites that appear in the top 10 search results of a term will get the lion’s share of the traffic.
There are pros and cons for both types of advertising but one thing is for certain. You need to blend PPC and SEO if you want long term business success.

Why You Need to Blend PPC and SEO

Relying on either one of these traffic sources can spell trouble for your business. If you rely solely on SEO for example, and all of your traffic comes from the search engines, then you are very exposed. What happens if they suddenly change their algorithms (as they often do) and suddenly all your page one listings disappear overnight? Guess what’s gonna happen to your traffic? It’s going to disappear too.
If you base all your advertising methods on PPC traffic alone, you could end up getting priced out of business, unless you have a huge marketing budget. As search terms become more popular, the cost of appearing high on the search engines shoots up too.
It’s not unusual to see a search term go from costing $1 per click to almost $6 a click in the space of a few weeks depending on the niche.  Unless you have the money to compete, you’re going to get swallowed up.

How Do You Blend PPC and SEO?

The simplest solution is to use both methods of advertising. Blend PPC and SEO together and experience the best of both worlds. Because SEO takes a period of time to start working for you, it should be classed as a source of long term traffic. You need to invest time and effort generating content that will attract the search engines, and prompt them to rank you highly in their listings.
The focus of your attention here should be providing useful content that can be used and implemented by your readers. It’s becoming more important than ever to create content that provides real value to people as the search engines are cracking down on people that put up trash simply to gain rankings.
PPC traffic, on the other hand, is much faster. You can set up an ad campaign now and start seeing results straight away. It can be a very useful medium to test out different forms of advertising and marketing messages, and can form the basis of your SEO marketing when positive results are spotted.
The key here is balance. Long term success online requires a business to attract a wide range of traffic from multiple sources. Sticking to one and one alone is a recipe for disaster. Blend PPC and SEO now and see the difference.
This post is written by Lior Levine, a marketing consultant who works for a web hosting company that lists the top 10 website hosting companies available online.

The Marketing Needs of Family Law Attorneys Are Distinct

If you’re a family law attorney then you’ll know that time is precious. Most family law attorneys don’t have time to seek new clients let alone run an online advertising campaign.

Between time spent in court, filing paperwork and talking to clients, when are you supposed to manage your firm’s Marketing Needs of Family Law Attorneysonline marketing?

If you are a family law attorney who is just starting out or working alone, you are probably not going to have the resources to manage your marketing online. But you still need to find clients and you can’t ignore one of the most successful advertising methods.

That’s why you want to think about outsourcing your online marketing management needs to a company that knows about marketing for family law attorneys. (more…)

Get Help with Cosmetic Surgeon Online Marketing

When people are searching for a cosmetic surgeon, many of them choose to go online. However the amount of information available online about cosmetic surgery is incredibly extensive.
Cosmetic Surgeon Online MarketingSo how is your cosmetic surgeon business supposed to stick out from the rest of the cosmetic surgeons marketing their services online?
Pay per click management firm Webrageous can help with that through a successful cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaign. Online marketing is a great way of allowing potential clients to search for a cosmetic surgeon that best meets their needs.

Why Do Cosmetic Surgeon Online Marketing?

Pay per click marketing goes one step further. Through pay per click marketing, cosmetic surgeons can target people who are specifically searching for their services. Through targeted keyword campaigns, optimized advertisements and landing pages you have a better chance of having your advertisements shown to people who are seeking what your cosmetic surgeon business offers. This is the power that goes with cosmetic surgeon online marketing.
From there, you can run different campaigns that target specific clients seeking specific surgeries. Cosmetic surgery covers a range of services, including those relating to an accident or those designed for aesthetic reasons. So it is crucial that every cosmetic surgeon’s campaign is distinct depending on who they are targeting. There is no point, for example, in cosmetic surgeon online marketing to target patients who require cosmetic surgery after an accident to a landing page that discusses face lifts. That will be a big turn off for those potential clients.

Get the Best Professional Cosmetic Surgeon Online Marketing Services

Pay per click marketing can be quite complex at the best of times. However, with expert help, it can be very successful, particularly for cosmetic surgeons.
Webrageous provides pay per click marketing services specifically for cosmetic surgeons. You can walk through all the requirements of your cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaign with one of our pay per click marketing managers so that it meets your cosmetic surgeon practice’s specific needs.
Here is a look at how Webrageous provides pay per click marketing services that are particularly helpful to the needs of cosmetic surgeons:

We are experts in specialized pay per click marketing campaigns.

Webrageous has extensive experience in its 10 years in the business of managing specialized pay per click marketing campaigns. We are the experts in designing campaigns for specialized businesses, such as cosmetic surgeons. We understand that every business has specific marketing needs and that cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaigns need to be managed distinctly.

We have a phone call tracking service.

Webrageous offers cosmetic surgeons a pay per click call tracking service. This is designed to help those businesses where people are more likely to phone the business rather than make an online conversion, such as with cosmetic surgeons. There are few potential cosmetic surgery clients who are going to sign up for a surgery online. It is an important procedure and they want to speak to someone in person. Our call tracking feature offers this. It is able to monitor the success of the cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaigns where there is a tendency to receive a lot of offline conversions.

Webrageous has special access to online marketing tools.

Thanks to its flawless reputation in the pay per click marketing industry, Webrageous is often given special access to the latest pay per click marketing tools. These tools are of great benefit to specialized industries such as cosmetic surgery. For example, Webrageous is often invited to test out the latest Google AdWords online marketing tools before they come on the market. All of our marketing managers are qualified in Google AdWords and the Microsoft adExcellence program and know everything there is to know about the tools available through these programs for our cosmetic surgeon clients’ pay per click marketing campaigns.

Webrageous’ pay per click managers design campaigns to your needs.

As we are aware that the needs of cosmetic surgeons may be very specific and could be very complex we make sure their pay per click marketing campaigns are designed specifically to their needs. Things like age, gender and geographical location targeting can be important. Keywords and advertisement text are also crucial for any cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaign so we go through this with you and provide advice. We also make sure we stick to your budget, whatever that is. This will be used to determine specific keyword bids, which we will also discuss with you. We always provide advice on these specific aspects of a pay per click marketing campaign so it is often just a case of agreeing.
Our pay per click managers will also discuss with you in detail what you are hoping to gain from your cosmetic surgeon online marketing. From here, we will be able to determine what type of conversions you are seeking in order to better focus your cosmetic surgeon online marketing campaign.
There is not much more we can say to convince you that pay per click marketing really is the best way to go for cosmetic surgeons. And Webrageous offers expert help that continues to provide excellent returns to its clients – both cosmetic surgeons and the like.
So whatever your cosmetic surgeon online marketing needs may be, consider Webrageous to run your pay per click marketing campaigns. We have keyword lists and advertisements already created for specific procedures such as breast enhancements, butt lifts, face lifts and liposuction. If you are going to outsource pay per click marketing, then you may as well enlist the help of the experts.
For more information on Webrageous and the specialized pay per click cosmetic surgeon online marketing services that we provide, contact us today.

3 Causes of Unsuccessful and Bad Online Advertising

Help! How do I get out of the unsuccessful, bad online advertising pit that I am in?

Bad Online AdvertisingWe hear you screaming. All of you out there, suffering from the pains of unsuccessful online advertising, bad online advertising, terrible online advertising, online advertising that even makes your competitors want to cry and write you a note full of condolences for your sad situation.

Good news! Webrageous has the answers to your bad online advertising problems and they are EASY to fix.

Bad Online Advertising Scenario 1: No Traffic

Bad online advertising management usually results in a lack of traffic. So, what are you doing wrong?
Maybe you’re selecting your keywords poorly. Bad online advertising always occurs when keywords are selected without research and know-how.
What to do? Contact an online advertising expert and get some advice. Learn from the specialists and find the root cause of your bad online advertising techniques in record time so that you can put your disastrous online advertising efforts behind you.

Bad Online Advertising Scenario 2: No Conversions

Unsuccessful online advertising management also results in a poor conversion rate, or worse, no conversions at all. How can you turn your bad online advertising into effective online advertising?
Improve the design and usability of your landing pages. If an internet user gets to your landing page and then makes a swift exit, the problem with your bad online advertising lies with your landing pages.
Contact Webrageous Studios, expert in the management of pay per click advertising, as we will be able to prevent you from continuing down this road of unsuccessful online advertising immediately. We have experience and qualifications in web design as well as Google AdWords advertising, which makes us doubly useful to you if your bad online advertising is a result of poor landing page optimization.

Bad Online Advertising Scenario 3: High Online Advertising Costs

Spending so much on your bad online advertising? Sucks, doesn’t it?
Then stop! Stop today, right now, immediately. Contact Webrageous Studios and let us take a look at your bidding and budget management. Perhaps your unsuccessful online advertising is a direct result of the way in which you spend and distribute your advertising budget.
Many people think that if their online advertising is bad, they need to invest more money into it. This makes NO sense whatsoever. If you’re spending money already and not getting any of that money back through sales and advertising success, don’t put more money into it and, effectively, down the bad online advertising drain.
Contact Webrageous Studios and let us show you HOW to better manage your budget and bid better on your keywords to ensure that your bad online advertising disaster turns beautifully into the most successful online advertising campaign your have ever had the pleasure of being in charge of.
What’s the worst online advertising error you could now commit?
Not contacting Webrageous Studios, that’s what.
Make the best online advertising decision you have ever made right now. Call us. Your advertising future is fruitful with Webrageous.

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No More Posts about the Secrets of FREE Online Advertising!

Ok. Rant time! There are NO secrets about how to get good at so called FREE online advertising. NONE! NADA! NOTHING! RIEN! It is the same in any language. Free online advertising has NO secrets and I wish people would stop writing false information about the subject and unnecessarily building up the hopes of misinformed wannabe online advertisers.

Online Advertising FreeFirst off… NO form of advertising online or offline is ever FREE. Maybe you don’t have to write a cheque or fill out a credit card form for payment for search engine optimization, but that doesn’t mean that this form of online advertising doesn’t come at a cost.

If you want to get anything out of search engine optimization, the so-called FREE online advertising, where dreams come true for many businessmen and people make millions from just a few simple secrets, you have to spend HOURS and HOURS of your time advertising your business online and optimizing your website so that it is effective at creating interest online.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: (more…)

SEO is Rubbish! Pay Per Click Advertising is the ONLY way to Advertise Online

(Search Engine Optimization) SEO for most businesses that are aiming to advertise their products and services online is DEAD! It is a pile of nonsense that doesn’t work for the common advertiser; for the average businessman.

Pay Per Click Advertising is THE ONLY form of online advertising that works for the majority of people and I shall explain why…

Pay Per Click is Better than SEOPay Per Click Advertising Makes a Somebody out of a Nobody

1. Most people do not have a well known brand name. This takes years and years of time and effort to develop. If you want to sell products or services online and you need to do it NOW in order to survive financially, SEO (although a free form of online advertising) is NOT going to work. Nobody knows who you are? Why should they search for you? Why should they care who you are, what you sell, what you think??? Pay Per Click Advertising is the BEST in terms of online advertising because it allows small businesses and unknown brands to compete with people who have been advertising online since the beginning. (more…)

Thrive with Attorney Online Marketing

Attorney online marketing is more than just knocking a few online campaigns together.

Thrive with Attorney Online MarketingIt is a whole approach that should cover all aspects of an attorney’s presence online, from the attorney’s website to natural search results to advertisements.
So when looking for someone to manage your attorney online marketing, it is important to find someone who understands everything about running an online marketing strategy that specifically caters to attorneys.
There are a number of things that you should look for when searching for an attorney online marketing specialist. (more…)

Why Divorce Lawyer Online Marketing Needs to be Delicate

Going through a divorce can be a harrowing experience. Divorce clients might be dealing with child custody issues, fighting over property or assets, and dealing with the emotional stress of losing a partner.

That is why the needs of divorce lawyers choosing to market their services online are very different from other businesses.

The Sensitive Nature of Divorce Lawyer Online Marketing

Divorce Lawyer Online MarketingWhen it comes to divorce lawyer online marketing campaigns, there is a need to display their services in an interesting way while taking into account the sensitivities of the clients’ situations. The advertisements need to be professional and landing pages can’t be tacky. The client needs to know that they’ll be able to have a professional relationship with their divorce lawyer potentially over a long period of time.

This is why you want to hire an expert in online marketing who can deal with the sensitivities specific to the clients of divorce lawyers, the kind of divorce lawyer online marketing that will fit the needs of both the firm and the distraught client.

Pay per click management company Webrageous has the experience to be able to attract clients through online marketing – including websites, advertisements, keywords and linking articles – that appeal to divorce lawyers’ clients.

How Webrageous Does It

Using our skills in managing pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization and web design, we can achieve an online marketing campaign that brings in more business for divorce lawyers, no matter where they’re located.

We have made efficient divorce lawyer online marketing a specialty of ours and therefore we provide tailor-fit services for their special needs.

Wanting to take advantage of our company’s start in website design and offering an extra service for divorce lawyers, we will design a new website for all family lawyers who take on our online marketing services.

At Webrageous, we understand that different clients are going to be seeking a divorce lawyer with different and complicated reasons. These might be about child custody, property ownership, or for a couple seeking annulment.
Webrageous is also different from other online marketing firms because we are able to track pay per click calls. We are able to measure the success of every divorce lawyer online marketing campaign we handle by the calls you receive. That way we know which areas of your divorce lawyer online marketing campaign need improving and which areas are successful.

We can use this feature to increase or decrease bids on certain keywords and optimize particular aspects of your campaign.

Have a look at how Webrageous is able to provide the best quality online marketing for divorce lawyers and do it in a way that is sensitive to your clients’ individual situations.

For more information on Webrageous please contact us today.

The Importance of Natural Search Optimization on Google

If you are looking to boost your natural search results on Google then there is one easy way to do that. Hire an experienced content writer.

Optimization is very important to the natural search results. You can’t expect to achieve top rankings on Google Google Natural Search Optimizationwithout doing the hard work. Hiring a content writer is a simple of way of achieving interesting, new and highly optimized content full of hyperlinks that appeal to Google.

Here’s how it works:

Google’s web crawlers routinely scan websites searching for the ones that best match users’ search queries and that are interesting and relevant to their search. They want up-to-date content and they want content that is interesting. That’s why natural search optimization for Google is incredibly important.

Web crawlers then copy the websites’ hyperlinks to visit later. Those sites that have been more recently updated and that have a lot of activity will be searched first by the web crawlers. That’s why it is important to keep the content on your website fresh and interesting so it will receive a lot of hits and eventually be linked to other sites. The better you achieve this type of natural search optimization, the more likely you are to be ranked higher on Google. (more…)

Get Online Marketing for your Hotel or Resort

When people are choosing their next holiday destination they have loads to choose from. If they are looking for a hotel or resort the options are endless.

If you want to advertise your hotel online then you need to stick out in a crowd.

Hotel Online Marketing
Online marketing allows hotels to market what they have to offer using optimization techniques. Through taking advantage of Pay Per Click marketing, hotels can make sure they appear at the top of results pages, and have the best chance of being seen by visitors.
So what is the key to getting people to your hotel? How are you going to take advantage of online marketing? Here’s a brief look at how you can get people visiting your hotel through online marketing: (more…)

Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

Attorneys should know better than anyone how important search engine optimization is when advertising their firm online.

Attorney SEO
There are over one million attorneys practicing in the US. So when Americans are searching for an attorney specializing in any particular field, there are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from. When you think of how many of these attorneys are advertising online or showing up on natural search listings, the competition is huge.

This means that search engine optimization is incredibly important for attorneys. In every law specialty the choices are endless for clients scouring the search engines. The competition is fierce. (more…)

Hiring an SEO Writer is the Way To Go

The world of online advertising is incredibly vast. In fact, if you’re advertising online you could be up against competitors from all over the world. What if you are just a small business with a limited advertising budget?
Well, there are ways to boost your natural listing on the search engines through search engine optimization (SEO). And you can do it all for a fairly minimal cost.

Perhaps most successful of all in improving your natural ranking is by hiring an SEO writer.

Hire an SEO Writer
When the search engines’ web crawlers scour your website they are looking for a number of things. They are looking for a means of providing the most up-to-date data to their searchers. They are looking for websites with interesting content.
Web crawlers also copy all the hyperlinks listed on a page and add them to a list of URLs to visit at a later date. As you can imagine, it is impossible for web crawlers to get through every site listed on the Internet so they prioritize their downloads, visiting those sites with the most recent updates and large amount of activity. (more…)

What is the Secret to Ranking High on Google?

What is the best and quickest way to improve your Google ranking? What do you need to do to monopolize the number one spot on the natural search engine results page and increase your Google ranking? What is the best kept optimization secret about natural search advertising that will help you to begin ranking high on Google every single day?

The answer to all three questions is: Pay Per Click Advertising.

Secrets to Ranking High on GoogleFirstly, if you are really unsure about what Pay Per Click Advertising is, you can read an article about the basics in Pay Per Click Advertising here.
Secondly, you should also be fully aware of the fact that it is possible to get someone else to manage your Pay Per Click Advertising for you and help you in your quest towards ranking high on Google and in record time.
On that note, Webrageous Studios is a Pay Per Click Management Company which specializes in running the Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns of many clients with great success. We know how to manage Pay Per Click Advertising with our eyes closed and we also know how to use this form of advertising to rank high on Google as part of the natural search results on Google’s search results page too. (more…)

Blogging Tips for Those Who Want to Stand Out

An effective blog can help you reach targets and expand your name or your brand’s reach. With that said, it is best that you follow these tried and tested blogging tips that would pull you all the way up to the top. these blogging tips are not just there to make your content better; these blogging tips will actually get more people to see your amazing content.

5 Blogging Tips

Blogging TipsIt’s not until one’s blog gets noticed by a major news outlet or media source, that they feel they “have made it.” For some, it’s just the rush they get from all the extra publicity and traffic to their blog. For others, it puts a smile on their face just to receive a backlink from a high PR site, which in turns helps to boost their rankings and PR.
Whatever your reason may be for wanting to “make it,” these blogging tips will help you get started in that direction.

1. Become a Source

Most blogging tips will tell you that you have to become a good source for your blog to make it. But how is that done?
All of the sites listed below serve as a resource for reporters and as a free PR tool for bloggers. HARO, the most popular of the list, stands for “Help a Reporter Out;” the title says it all. Reporters and journalists are constantly looking for sources for their news stories. Becoming a source means that everyday you’ll have the chance for exposure because you can suggest your own blog if it relates to what a reporter or journalist is looking for. At a psd to html company I advise to we managed to be a source of design and HTML news for reports.
The other sites listed are all places where you can register as a source and receive emails regarding sources that journalists are looking for. All you have to do is respond promptly and of course be knowledgeable of the subject matter. Whenever a journalist cites you, you’ll then get a backlink to your site – which also helps to greatly improve your rankings. What better way to get your blog noticed then by having it picked up by a mainstream media source such as a reporter or journalist? Best of all, these sites are all free – no need to spend thousands of dollars on PR that might just get you nowhere.
Here are some sites you have to become familiar with:

2. Use Social Media

This is probably one of the most common blogging tips you’ll ever hear. Facebook, Twitter, and even Google’s newest social network Google+ are the best online Internet marketing tools – and they’re free.
In order for people to know about your blog, you have to tell them about it. Though it may be a little harder to get noticed with all of the competition out there, all blogging tips you’ll see will tell you that social media is still one of the best ways to share your blog with the world and get it noticed by mainstream sources.
There are plenty of ways to integrate social sites into your blog as well so that readers can share your content on them. If you’re writing quality content, other users will then re-share your content and it will help to increase your reach on the web. Many mainstream outlets, reporters, and journalists are now keeping a close eye on these 3 social networking sites; so you never know who may come across your content.

3. Search Engines

It’s important to work on SEO so that you can boost the ranking of your blog and have it appear as high as possible in search engines. You always want to strive for pages 1 or 2 of any search engine, since people do not look past the second page. How do we know this?
If you understand how journalists work, then you’ll understand why this is an important part of our blogging tips. Journalists search through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (along with a few other social media engines) in order to find sources for their articles. If your blog is a match, it could just be your big break.

4. Social Bookmarking Sites

While social bookmarking doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was a few years ago, it still ranks as part of the most important blogging tips you’ll ever find. It’s still a great way to share your blog and increase its popularity. If you get enough bookmarks, shares, votes, diggs, etc, you may just end up on the front page of that site.
Being on the front page of a popular social bookmarking site like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, or Diigo can do wonders for your blog and even possibly get you noticed by mainstream news outlets.

5. Check Local Sources

The last of these blogging tips, it also proves to be very effective and relevant.
Most towns have their own local newspapers, shopping guides, newsletters, and even magazines. Whatever type might be available, they’re sure to be looking for local stories or sources. You may also want to try your local radio station if you have one and see if they’re looking for news or stories. Local company blogs are also great because they’re usually only looking for local stories; so you’ll have a big advantage if you’re in their area and have what they’re looking for.
Once you get all of your sources and contacts together, start taking action. Knowing who to contact is one thing, but knowing how to interact with those media contacts is another. Be completely prepared beforehand and have a game-plan. You don’t want to make yourself look bad or say the wrong thing. Since things could go either good or bad, you should be prepared to react to either type of correspondence you receive back.
Most importantly though, don’t give up and have patience because things like this don’t come easy. With much perseverance and dedication, you’ll definitely be well on your way to being noticed by mainstream media.
This post was written by Lior Levin who works as an advisor to ecommerce companies from all over the world, such as 123 neon signs and others.