How do you know whether or not you have created some of the best Google AdWords accounts around?
best google adwords accountsYou can read this post and check to see whether or not your Google AdWords account can boast the 5 positive signs of a healthy and effective Google AdWords account listed below.

Positive Signs That You Have the Best Google AdWords Accounts

1. Does your Google AdWords account have Conversion Tracking in place?

If you Google AdWords account does not have conversion tracking in place, it is never going to be one of the best Google AdWords accounts that you have the ability to create.
Conversion tracking is essential. If you want online advertising success, you need to know who converts, when they convert, what triggered the conversion and how many other people convert in the same way. With this information you can find the patterns in your Google AdWords account that benefit your advertising campaign the most.
Without conversion tracking and without this information, your Google AdWords account is always only ever going to be a mediocre version of what it could become.

2. Does your Google AdWords account make effective use of Extensions?

There is a broad range of extensions that Google AdWords advertisers can now use in their campaigns to better target the online audience that they wish to attract.
If your Google AdWords account does not use extensions of any kind, you are greatly missing out on advertising potential. A Google AdWords account without extensions cannot be the one of the best Google AdWords accounts that any advertiser has the power to develop.
Extensions can direct online users to specific pages on your website or can relate to specific locations which you serve too, for example. The options are broad and should be taken advantage of.

3. Does your Google AdWords account have Negative Keywords in place?

A Google AdWords account without negative keywords is a Google AdWords account that is attracting a lot of traffic which is ultimately not at all interested in what you are advertising or offering.
For example, if you are advertising flowers, but you do not do deliveries far from your local, you must place tha names of those areas where you don’t do delivery as negative keywords. This way, Google will help filter your traffic and better define which people in which locations will be subjected to your online advertisements.

4. Does your Google AdWords account have a clear Bidding Management Strategy?

If you are relying on default bidding strategies automatically run by Google, you are not a long way from having the best Google AdWords accounts.
If you are unsure about how to alter your bidding strategy for the best, contact the Google AdWords management experts at Webrageous and we will be able to help you, but never simply shy away from developing a bidding strategy just because you do not have the knowledge to be able to develop one.
Shying away from a bidding strategy is only ever going to give you a Google AdWords account which is way under par and which never achieves its full potential.

5. Does your Google AdWords account make good use of a variety of Broad and Phrase Match Keywords?

Finally, if your Google AdWords account is full of broad match keywords and nothing else, you are simply inviting online advertising failure to walk through your campaign doors.
You must carefully choose keywords that are going to be used as broad match and those that are going to be as phrase match keywords to ensure that you get the best Google AdWords accounts that you can possible create.
To do this, you need to study the data gathered from your Google AdWords account overtime via programs such as Google Analytics or contact the experts at Webrageous who will be able to set your Google AdWords account on the road to online advertising success for you.
Either way, all five factors listed above must be in place if you want to have any chance of developing the best Google AdWords accounts possible. Follow these five simple signs and get your online advertising off to a flying start.

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