The Google AdWords Advertisement Auction and Bidding Management is perhaps one of the most confusing elements to grasp and one of the most difficult elements to explain. Because of this, a lot of people fail to understand its huge importance as well.

What is the AdWords Advertisement Auction?

The Google AdWords Advertisement Auction is one of the most critical processes in any PPC advertiser’s campaign. It basically decides which ads should show up with every kind of search done by Google users. Understanding this process would help PPC advertisers and managers create better strategies so that their ads would be prioritized over everyone else’s.

AdWords Expert Explains It All through Video

Because of the level of difficulty that the AdWords Advertisement Auction has, coming across some PPC Management materials that have the potential to suddenly make the whole process a whole lot easier would make anybody feel how important it is to share such information with the rest of the world. And that’s what Webrageous Studios is doing now.
The video above is perhaps the best AdWords Advertisement Auction explainer video to date available for general use directly via Google AdWords.
Considering that the video is only about nine minutes long, it covers quite a lot of ground and effectively explains the importance of the AdWords Advertisement Auction. It explains the reasons as to why certain PPC advertisements are ranked higher than the others and why some PPC advertisers pay much less for a higher placed advertisement on the SERP.
This video also explains the ways in which Google AdWords calculates those prices and calculates elements of a PPC Management Campaign, including Quality Score, for example.
The information is clear, and diagrams and visual aids were used all throughout to make things even clearer. The language used by the Google AdWords Expert in the video is also very understandable, making it a video designed for all, experienced PPC Managers and beginners included.

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