Would you believe that donkeys and carrots, and mice and cheese are actually related to the connection between a PPC advertiser and client?
What have the PPC Advertiser and client have to do with donkeys and carrots and mice and cheese?

The Donkey and the Carrot

advertiser and clientWhat do donkeys love to eat? Carrots. The effective PPC Advertiser, like the donkey owner, knows exactly what the potential PPC customer finds attractive too and uses it to his/her advantage.
A tired donkey that’s been walking for days carrying whatever heavy cargo on its back from point A to B, might at some point decide that it can’t go any further. It needs to stop, rest and refuel.
Tired internet searchers, looking for the perfect product or service, sometimes become so baffled by what they should choose that they also become tired eventually, just like the donkey.
But the donkey’s owner needs to keep going. He is on a deadline, carrying goods to sell at the next town. If he misses the early morning crowds at the market, he’ll lose out on a lot of money. So, he dangles a carrot in front of the donkey’s nose and the donkey suddenly has more strength to carry on.
One thing that affects the advertiser and client connection is price. If the PPC Advertiser knows that the target audience is driven by price, they will throw online bonuses and deals at each PPC customer to keep them trudging forward until conversion time. This is one way to start an advertiser and client connection.
The good donkey owner will give the dangling carrot to the mule at the end of the journey and the ass will feel like it was all worth it and will work hard to do the same the next time. If the owner is bad and mean, he won’t give his donkey the promised carrot. From that moment on, the owner will find things more and more difficult because the donkey will remember the trick and won’t fall for it again.
The owner made a very bad move that has scarred his reputation for life.
If you dangle impossible to beat financial deals to your PPC customer because you know they are driven by price, what do you think you must deliver?

The Mouse and the Cheese

Mice love cheese. Everyone thinks that one of the best ways to catch a mouse is to put a piece of cheese on a metal trap and wait for hunger to do its thing.
Or is it?
Mice are clever. A lot cleverer than donkeys in fact, and they can recognize a trap when they see one. If a trap is laid with a piece of cheese on it, one mouse might be caught under the spring one day, but it is doubtful that many will be caught in the same way afterwards.
Mice learn and mice remember. What the mouse wants is the cheese. If it sees that every mouse that goes for the cheese only ends up being snapped in two by a heavy piece of metal and that they never get to even taste a little bit of the cheese on offer, that mouse is not going to allow itself to be just another mouse that falls for the same trap.
If the cheese cannot be eaten, then the mouse is not going to even attempt to get at it. It’s as simple as that.

The Advertiser and Client

Can your PPC customer get the cheese that you promised them?
Both the donkey and the owner and the mouse and the cheese are moral metaphors for the PPC Advertiser and client. It tells advertisers to take its online audience into consideration when marketing something. The strange thing is that even though they are very simple morals to abide by and take no effort at all to implement and maintain, many advertisers end up being the mean, old donkey owner when it comes to how they treat their online clients. This is where the advertiser and client connection is sacrificed.
If you advertise something for half price, deliver the goods at that price without any hidden charges that weren’t put into the advertisement.
If your advertisement text highlights hairdryers, but you sell lots of different electrical products on your website, make sure you direct the potential customer to the page about hairdryers.
If you say that all deliveries can be made to other countries, ensure that you follow through to the letter on your promise.
PPC Clients are just like donkeys following carrots or mice sniffing out cheese. They might fall for the promise of goods that are never delivered once or maybe even twice by your company, but they won’t do it forever. They will work out what you’re doing and will feel very dissatisfied with your services. From here, the advertiser and client connection will be gone.
Be upfront and honest, deliver what you promise and don’t promise what you know you cannot or don’t want to provide. If you follow this simple rule, loyal PPC Clients can be created and held on to. You will keep that advertiser and client connection strong and alive.

Take heed.

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