The basics of creating PPC ads isn’t hard to learn. But developing AdWords campaigns that make the most of your ad spend can require practice and a little ingenuity. Experimenting with creative ways to make your ads resonate better with your audience can increase conversions and help your AdWords campaigns make a bigger splash. Here at Webrageous, we constantly strive to find fresh ways to boost campaign performance. Here are 9 techniques that you can test out in order to give your PPC campaigns a unique twist to boost performance.

1. Leverage Emotion

When crafting the perfect PPC ads, it can be easy to become so focused on technical details such as keyword choice and ad length that ad copy ends up sounding stilted and unrealistic. Lighten up your language and experiment with funny or emotional copy for your PPC ads. Using wordplay or clever references can help catch your audience’s eyes and make your brand more memorable. But be tread lightly — what one person might find hilarious might be offensive to others, so err on the side of being good-natured and .  

2. Use Color to Tell Your Story

Colors have powerful emotional connections to certain ideas and feelings. Many marketers experiment with color theory to increase conversion rates and convey ideas to their audience more effectively. For example, blue tends to evoke a sense of loyalty, trust, and dependability, which is why it is a favorite logo color for financial institutions and enterprise software developers. By contrast, shades of red evoke excitement and boldness, making them an effective choice for brands that want to impress a sense of action, adventure or playfulness — such as Coca-Cola and Nintendo. Try switching up the color of your CTA buttons or links to see if some colors resonate more with your audience than others.

3. Create Images that Pop

Display ads often use boring stock photos, but many consumers have seen these kinds of run-of-the-mill images so frequently that they glaze right over them. Splurge for higher end stock photos, or, depending on your product, take your own photos to make your display ads stand out from the crowd. You can leverage color here as well, by choosing images that predominantly use colors that correspond with the emotion you want to convey.

4. Pose Hypothetical Examples

Subtle clues that show that you understand the point of view of your customers can be an effective way to click with your audience. These might touch on their pain points, such as “Struggling to find the perfect fit?” or “Tired of searching for new car?” They could also be aspirational, like “Your dream home is waiting.” Using concrete examples helps your audience recognize their pain points and realize what success can look like more readily These cues can push them towards exploring your business as a solution.

5. Use Countdown Timers to Inspire Action

There’s nothing like a little pressure to spur a prospect who’s on the fence to take action. Putting a time limit on your PPC ads creates a customized “discount” for viewers. Fortunately, Google offers an AdWords widget that lets you easily add countdown timers to your ads. The timer displays an expiration date for the offer, creating a sense of urgency to compel prospects to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. The timer also defaults to the time zone of the viewer, so you can customize ads to feel completely current and relevant.

6. Use Data-Driven Qualifiers

Use concrete numbers and examples help quantify the value you’ll bring to your customers. Giving real data points will give your business’ ROI more weight and credibility. There are a number of metrics you can play with, from the number of years you’ve been in business, to the number of units you’ve sold, or the turnaround time for your services.

7. Go Hyper-Local

While you might want to target a relatively large geographic area overall, tailoring your ads to smaller regions can be an effective way to connect with your audience. Many A/B tests have proven that consumers prefer ads with more customization, and geographic customization is a relatively easy way to craft ads that resonate with your audience.

8. Leverage Awards and Honors

Shopping online requires a bit of faith on the buyer’s part and a little credibility on the seller’s. Try highlighting any industry awards, honors or distinctions that your business has received in your PPC ads. Calling these out can go a long way to assuring prospects that your business is worth their time and money, especially for goods or services where quality and recommendations are traditionally significant factors in making a purchase.

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9. Reduce Perceived Risk

Sometimes, prospective buyers are simply looking for reassurance that your business is a “safe” investment. This is especially true with high-dollar goods and services, such as realtors and lawyers. As with calling out any public recognition your business has received, making offers in your PPC ads that can help build trust with potential clients. Offer a money-back guaranteed trial or a free trial of your services can draw more conversions, as users will see such an offer as a way to reduce risk.

Finding More Creative Solutions for PPC Ads 

To truly get the most out of your AdWords campaigns, your best bet is to A/B test a variety of techniques and discover what works best for your audience. If you’re looking to develop stronger, more creative PPC campaigns that perform more effectively, Webrageous can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about the results we’ve delivered for other companies, and to discover what we can do for your business.

Image Source: Pixabay