The following bullet point list contains the six most common types of internet searchers that browse the internet everyday either looking for information or carrying out specific tasks. The internet searcher types are:

  • The navigational searcher
  • The known item searcher
  • The named page searcher
  • The informational searcher
  • The ad-hoc searcher
  • The transactional searcher

To find out what these different internet searcher labels actually refer to, read the full length article on the subject via the Webrageous Studios website. The material included in the article is really useful in terms of thinking about the principals of search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword development.

Matching Keywords for Different Types of Internet Searchers

Different kinds of keywords need to be generated in order to hone in on the pursuits and styles of the searches adopted by these six varying internet searcher types. Once those keywords have been developed, evaluated and refined, the targeting of the six different internet searchers in turn will improve and the SEO of your website will improve too. Keyword relevancy and keyword optimization is essential to generating and driving traffic from search engine searches. Therefore, if more can be understood about the pursuits and actions of internet searchers across the globe, more can be done to make a website the success it has the potential to be.

For example, navigational searchers are perhaps the less focused of all the internet searchers. They are more open to what they might stumble across on the internet and for this reason must be approached using a different set of keywords. Transactional searchers, on the other end of the spectrum, are ready to buy. These searchers have found a product and are about to convert. They know what they are looking for and therefore keywords that are full of calls-to-action are incredibly important to a website in this matter.

To study the topic about internet searchers in depth, click here and read the full article on the Webrageous Studios website.

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