The Best Personal Injury Ads – Attorney Text Ads for Google Ads PPC Advertising

The following are the best personal injury attorney text ads based performance of multiple AdWords accounts for a 30 day period in the spring of 2016. We recommend you take time to review your competitors’ text ad copy before creating your own ads, you want to make sure your ad copy stands out from your competitors. Look for ways to to make your personal injury attorney text ads stand out! Here is a link to the results for personal injury we have been seeing using these text ads for our clients. For most clients were able to achieve a cost per lead or cost per call under $200.

Text Ads with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

The best personal injury ads - attorney text ad with CTA
This text ad uses a strong CTA, which encourages the reader to complete the conversion action. Text ad copy with strong CTAs include:

  • Talk to a {KeyWord:Personal Injury Attorney}.
  • Call an {KeyWord:Auto Accident Attorney} Now.
  • Contact Our Accident Attorneys.
  • Speak with an Accident Attorney.

If you also have other practice areas  you should take a look at our page geared towards  bankruptcy attorneys.  Often we can generate leads for bankruptcy lawyers at or under $50 per lead. And the cost per lead we see for family law attorneys is usually around $30-$80 per lead.

Note the use of Keyword Insertion in the above ad copy examples. This is a very useful AdWords and Bing Ads feature, but it must be used properly, otherwise you can end up with errors. For example: if you have both ‘personal injury attorney’ and ‘personal injury attorneys’ as keywords in an ad group, Talk to a {KeyWord:Personal Injury Attorney} could easily result in an ad that reads “Talk to a Personal Injury Attorneys.”

“No Fee” Text Ads

personal injury attorney text ad with No Fee
Your potential clients may be concerned regarding the cost of hiring an attorney, if you handle cases on a contingency basis include a variation of the following in your ad copy:

  • No Fee Unless You Win.
  • No Fee Unless We Win.
  • No Fee Unless Our Attorneys Win

I think that one of the best ads ever for personal injury is “Millions in Settlements-No Fee Unless We Win.” Of course, you need millions in settlements before you can use this ad. But it is very effective and makes it clear that you are a winner and potential clients should choose you.


“Free” Advice, Consultation, or Case Evaluation Text Ads

personal injury attorney text ad with Free
Just like with “No Fee” ads, offering Free advice or a Free case evaluation/consultation will alleviate potential client’s fears of needing to spend a lot of money on their case. Here are a few examples:

  • Call Now for a Free Case Evaluation.
  • Contact Today Us for Free Advice.
  • Free Consultation – Call Now!

The Best Ad We’ve Ever Used

We saved the best for last. This one gets attention:

  • Millions in Settlements

Of course, you can only use this if you really have millions in settlements. But most personal injury attorneys who had been practicing for a short while can claim this. This ad is better yet if you can combine this with one of the others above as follows:

  • Millions in Settlements-No Fee Unless You Win!

Need Help Writing Great Personal Injury Text Ad Copy for Your PPC Campaigns?

Writing great AdWords text ad copy is an art. You need to say what you have to say in less than 100 characters of text, with a limited number of characters per line. Your ads should be accurate and enticing, plus ideally include your keyword. Small tweaks, such as changes in punctuation, or the order of words, can result in sometimes surprising differences in performance. On top of that, other factors such as keywords, campaign structure, site links, landing page, how quickly you pick up the phone, your rapport with potential clients, how good your receptionist is, strategy, and targeting can greatly affect ad performance.

The Best Personal Injury Ads You Can Get Anywhere

Here at Webrageous we are happy to share most of the secret sauce with you and you have hopefully learned a lot reading this article. We have certainly shared some of the tricks we know for ad text– but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Want to see incredible search results we’ve gotten for real clients? Check out the results we have achieved for other personal injury attorneys with Google AdWords. And if you can’t match our results please reach out to us and we may be able to set you up with a 60 day risk-free trial.

Remember that we specialize in lawyer ads, and know how to get you results. Webrageous will be a huge asset to any marketing strategies you already have as a part of your marketing campaigns, and you won’t get a better conversion rate anywhere.

We know the ins and outs of writing great ad copy for personal injury law firms, as well as how to optimize not only ads, but keywords and landing pages, in order to maximize results. Learn more about our 60-day risk-free trial, or give us a call at 855-945-1596 to discuss improving your personal injury PPC advertising campaigns!

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