Best AdWords Text Ads for Divorce Attorneys

Writing the best text ads is an essential component to running any successful Google AdWords PPC campaign. Here are the best AdWords text ad descriptions on Google for our divorce lawyer clients based on a 30-day period in late winter 2016.

Best Divorce AdWords Text Ad Copy:

  • 30 Years Experience in Divorce Law.
  • Avoid Expensive Divorce Pitfalls.
  • Ready To Put The Past Behind You?
  • Don’t Face Divorce Alone – Call Us.
  • Experienced, Aggressive Law Firm
  • Call Now For a Free Consultation!

PPC management for divorce attorneys

Best Child Custody AdWords Text Ad Copy:

  • Aggressive Child Custody Attorney!
  • There’s Only 1 Shot To Get It Right
  • Protect Your Most Precious Asset!
  • Custody Lawyer Ends Surprises.
  • Call Now For a Free Consultation!

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementYou may be asking yourself, “Why share your top family law text ads?” We have been managing PPC campaigns for family law attorneys for close to 10 years now. During that time we have gained unique insight on how to build and manage pay per click campaigns in order to drive quality divorce and child custody leads to our family lawyer clients. We don’t mind sharing our best ads because there is so much more to managing a great divorce or child custody PPC campaign.

 And  instead of spending hours trying to create a family law AdWords campaign from scratch you could just call us. Most of our clients receive leads for somewhere between $30 and $80 per lead  plus a management fee.  Check out our family law attorney results page for more information.  We encourage you to also learn more about our 60-day risk free trial now!  And if you also  target  other kinds of cases please check out our personal injury results page and  bankruptcy attorney results page.

If you want to improve your family law PPC campaigns on your own, continue reading.

Writing the Best AdWords Text Ads for Your Family Law Pay per Click Campaigns

Looking at the examples of the best AdWords text ads above, we can easily see a few themes that stand out. These elements are most important if you want to create an ad that grabs your audience’s attention and prompts them to take action.

Highlight Your Experience

You may have studied all the ins and outs of the business in law school, but book smarts alone won’t get you anywhere in this field. Experience still proves to be one of the important ingredients that makes a lawyer effective, and that’s one factor you should flaunt on your ad.


Be Aggressive

A lot of things are at stake in any family court proceeding — material wealth, emotions, custody and more. Be aggressive and you can give your client what they deserve.

This is why clients will always look for a divorce lawyer who is aggressive enough to fight for them and their rights, and this is one attribute you can prove to have through your ads.

Tap Into Emotion

Everything that happens in family court is emotional. Again, remember that this is more than just the money — there is so much more at stake for people who go through a divorce.  This high level of emotion is something you have to use on your ads, as it effectively shows how well you understand every potential client’s plight. It shows them that you are not just someone who will represent them in court, but someone who will fight for their cause until the very end. It also shows that you are just another human being who goes through the same motions of life — and that you can stand by them through all the pain and suffering they are going through right now. Nothing else can be more important to potential clients than knowing that someone out there understands, and this someone is just a click away. This is doubly true with child custody ads.

Free Consultation

PPC ADWORDS MANAGEMENT RESULTS WEBRAGEOUSEvery potential client in this field is already at risk of losing so much, it is understandable how wary they are of additional costs. This is why you have to show them that they risk nothing by clicking on your ad and contacting you.

When writing ad copy for your law firm’s pay per click campaigns consider your unique selling points and what makes your firm special. If you maximize the use of any of these points above, you can attract more clients to click on your ads and contact you.

Family Law Call Tracking Example

This information will serve as a good comparison so that you can see if you are on the right track when you set up your campaign. For one of our  divorce attorney clients here is a summary of the calls they received in 1 week in the early 2017 when they spent $500 (plus a management fee).  They also likely received several contact form submissions this week also. This particular client does have a lower cost per lead than our average family law client.  Please note 3 points below:

  1. Note the strong number of calls for only spending $500
  2. Notice that there are some repeat callers which is a good sign
  3. Look at the average call duration of five minutes. That’s a really good sign – obviously the higher the average call length the better the call quality.

You might also be interested in our AdWords bankruptcy results page (about $45-$55 per lead) or our personal injury results page (under $200 per lead)

now let’s get back to talking about family law text ads….

Be Careful, Ads with Unsupported Claims Will Be Disapproved

You may be the best divorce attorney in your area, and if you are it’s a great idea to state this in your ads. Just be sure you have links to support your claim with third-party verification on the landing page.

The screen shot below is from AdWords Advertising Policies Help outlining their editorial and professional requirements for ads.


It is also important to adhere to Bar Association advertising and solicitation rules.

Results You Can Expect

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementHere are the results we achieved in our first month working with an attorney in Florida. To be honest, these are the best results we have ever seen for any of our family law attorneys. The website is highly optimized to drive conversions which can play a big role in your cost per lead (abbreviated CPL below). The cost per lead (CPL) is the cost to receive one contact form submission or phone call. For more detailed information please visit our family law results page where we have  name some of our clients. You may also be interested in seeing our  personal injury attorney AdWords results page and bankruptcy attorney AdWords results page.

click to view on a smartphone-Child Custody Attorney AdWords Results

Most clients don’t like to target child support leads and all of the other clients below show results for just child custody and divorce. Here are the results for another client – one we have worked with for well over five years now.

click to view on a smartphone-Family Law AdWords Results

And here are the results for a family law client  we recently started working with

click to view on a smartphone-Divorce AdWords Results
Below we will continue with some more ideas about family law ads. First you want to give you an opportunity to reach out to us for more information about our 60 day risk-free trial in case you don’t want to spend your valuable time setting up or improving an AdWords account.

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now back to discussing ads ….

A Great Divorce Ad Won’t Work If It’s Not Relevant

Relevant ads are important for two reasons.

1). Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. If you’re searching for a child custody attorney, you’re probably not going to click on an ad for a divorce lawyer. Hence, it’s very important to make sure your text ads are relevant to the keywords they will be displayed for.

2). Google AdWords considers ad relevance a key component in determining keyword quality score. Their algorithms look for terms related to your keywords in your ad copy. If your ad isn’t considered relevant your keywords will receive a lower quality score. Quality score directly affects the amount you have to pay for placement in the AdWords auction. In simple terms, the lower your score, the higher your cost-per-click.

Writing Great Ads Is Just One Part of the Process

Without a doubt, there is so much more to creating a high performing divorce pay per click campaign than just having the right ad copy. It has to be a combination of the right keywords, an extensive negative keyword list, and a well optimized landing page. Go beyond the actual ad. Measure your results. Continue to make changes to improve performance. With a solid follow through process like this, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your PPC campaigns.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is! This is why you have to take a look at our experience in managing paid search for family law firms and see the results we have delivered for our clients. We are so confident that we can improve your family law Google AdWords campaign performance, we even offer a 60-day risk-free trial!

We encourage you to watch the testimonial and results videos below.  If you want to find out more about how we can help you come up with great child custody and divorce AdWords text ads, build a comprehensive keyword list, fine-tune your campaign settings, brainstorm negative keywords, and handle day-to-day pay per click management, you can also fill out the form below or call us at 800-645-9521.

PPC management for divorce attorneys