A Beginner’s Guide to Criminal Defense Advertising

For any business, there comes a time when traditional means of getting new clients simply fail. This goes for all forms of traditional advertising since most people have now shifted towards modern media to receive content. Therefore, newspapers, magazines, flyers and even park benches are no longer feasible spaces to advertise and the only place that offers unlimited space is the digital marketplace.

However, not all lawyers fully understand how digital marketing works and that where criminal defense attorney advertising comes in. Unlike other businesses however, criminal defense marketing doesn’t require influencers and the main content moderator is the attorney and in most cases they also create their own content without the need for an ad company.

How to use Criminal Defense marketing to Grow Your Business

Simply knowing how criminal defense marketing works, does not guarantee you a stream of new clients. This is because criminal defense advertising is not like other businesses which rely on repeat customers. The business model is entirely built on the need to attract new customers and therefore the initial messaging and should not change even if you change other content. This is the first tip when building your website and social media channels. You should always focus on marketing yourself as the attorney first and then advertising your skills and those of your firm partners.

The key is to keep your website looking fresh without changing the main items. One page should focus on the partners and others can focus on the specific areas of practice. However with digital technology and analytical tools you can shift different pages and areas of practice to reflect what certain demographics need. An area that has higher DUI crimes should receive higher DUI legal content. Similarly, an area with higher financial crimes should receive equally higher financial crime content. Only digital marketing and analytical tools can offer such.

How To Promote Your Content And Social Pages

Now that you have built a robust website and social media pages, you should aggressively market them using the tools available. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best tool to use to increase your search rankings. By generating content with the necessary keywords, you can improve your search ranking and outpace your competition. The trick is simply to generate a lot more content and always keep optimizing your search engines.

The initial investment on digital marketing may seem steep, but this only goes towards creating the website and social media pages. Ensure you also sign up to yearly subscriptions of Google Adwords and Adsense to make more out of your website. These tools use highly specialized analytical tools to generate traffic and in doing so, you will be able to attract new clients. The key point to note is that clients seeking legal services expect a higher threshold of integrity and professionalism and therefore you should keep your advertising formal and concise.

In conclusion, marketing for criminal defense attorney is not difficult and your job as the attorney should be to generate content and let the digital tools to work out the rest.