The Most Popular Keyword Searches for Divorce Attorneys

We have managed Google AdWords campaigns for family law attorneys for close to 10 years. So we have unique insight into the top keywords for divorce law firms. Since there is so much more that goes into creating a Google AdWords campaign other than just keywords we don’t mind sharing the secret sauce! Here are the most popular keyword searches on Google for one of our divorce attorney clients based on a 30 day period in late winter 2016 (we just updated this article in April 2016):

  • divorce lawyer
  • child custody lawyer
  • divorce attorney
  • custody lawyers
  • [state name] fathers rights
  • [ city name ] divorces
  • how to get a divorce [State name]
  • fathers rights
  • local divorce attorney
  • Child custody attorney

We encourage you to compare your results to the results you see in the screenshot at the bottom of this article. the top keywords vary from client to client. Another client in their list of top keywords had divorce lawyers, family law attorney, and  [state name]  uncontested divorce. I would also include all variations of child custody, divorce, custody and possibly separation paired with attorney, lawyer and law firm. And then you can pair all of those with city and state names. And try broad match, phrase match and exact match keywords for each of those. Fathers rights keywords are cheaper but beware that they may drive slightly lower lead quality. Fathers rights attorney/lawyer/law firm would be worthwhile keywords to target. if this sounds like a lot of work it is! If you would prefer to hire someone to manage your Google AdWords account please visit our page geared towards PPC management for family law attorneys.

but wait…. You’re not done yet! You still need to brainstorm negative keywords and optimize your landing page for conversions and write text ads! And then after you created the perfect Google AdWords account you need to measure the results, monitor which keywords result in calls or form completions and then continue to make changes to your account. Sound complicated? It is! That’s why we offer Google AdWords management. If you want more information about what we do then we encourage you to visit our homepage, 60 day risk-free trial offer, results page, and visit our page geared towards family law firms to see our testimonials from two family law attorneys.

Back to the task at hand-choosing keywords for family law attorneys to target clients on Google AdWords. The best place to begin when thinking about marketing for Divorce Attorneys is to put ourselves in the position of the divorce client and imagine what would be important to us when searching for a family law firm.

the best place to start if you want to manage paid search yourself in-house or do an audit of your agency is really to take a look at the keywords listed above and then pair them with city and state names. that should get you about 90% of traffic that is worthwhile targeting without driving yourself crazy creating a monstrous and unwieldy campaign for the do-it-yourselfer. If you really want to take it to the next level and discover more keywords then here are some more ideas to explore. Two themes which are likely to dominate the search queries for divorce attorneys are going to be location and type.


Location is essential when someone is searching the Internet for a divorce lawyer because divorce clients are generally going to want a divorce lawyer who is close to them geographically.

It makes appointments with their divorce lawyer a lot easier during the busy life that everyone leads in this day and age. Secondly, however, there may be different local laws that need to be abided by or followed or laws that apply to specific states that might affect a divorce law case. In this case, the divorce client is going to want someone who has experience in the law of the place where they live.

Therefore, using location specific keywords in your advertisements and in your ad groups is essential to PPC Campaigns for divorce attorneys on the Search Network.


Finally, as divorce attorneys you are likely to focus on a particular specialty of divorce law. This specialty could be Child Custody or Uncontested Divorce, for example.

Internet searchers do search for divorce lawyers by type because sometimes one area that they want to focus on during their divorce proceedings may be very important to them.

For instance, a frightened mother, who thinks that the courts are going to take her daughter away from her because she has not worked for nearly 10 years and has no means as of yet of supporting her and her child financially, will most likely opt for your divorce law firm above others if you suggest in your keywords and advertisements that you specialize in Child Custody.

Here’s an example of what your results should look like when you build an AdWords campaign based on these keyword ideas. These results are from 2015/2016 with a $2000 monthly budget. We didn’t track all the calls perfectly in this example. When we made a more careful study of calls versus contact form submissions a few years ago we found that there were three calls for every contact form submission for family law attorneys. If you apply that formula to these statistics then you would see a cost per lead of about $70. In our experience the cost to retain one family law client is about $1000 including click charges and management fees for the clients we work with. divorce-attorney-AdWords-results

In conclusion, focus on location, quality and type based keywords when optimizing the keywords for your PPC Search Network Campaign as a divorce attorney. They are the three main areas of interest for the majority of interested divorce clients and in this way you are using your online advertising budget to the best of your ability. if you would like see how we can save you the trouble of coming up with not just a comprehensive keyword list but ads and campaign settings and negative keywords and day-to-day management please fill out the form at the top right of this page or all the way at the bottom or call us at the phone number at the top of the page. we also encourage you to watch the testimonial video and results video below.