How to Target Mobile PPC in Google Adwords

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If you had any doubts about the value of advertising to mobile device users, it’s time to start believing in mobile PPC. Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices have become indispensable assets for both businesses and consumers. Traffic through mobile devices is taking up a larger and larger market share of PPC traffic. Mobile has now surpassed total desktop traffic, inching up to 51% of total media consumption in the US in 2015.

Savvy Advertisers are Adopting Mobile-First PPC Strategies

For some industries, focusing in on mobile PPC can help them tap a customer base more effectively. Desktop PPC ads can be prohibitively expensive, with some highly-sought after keywords costing over $100 per click. Additionally, with such a high amount of total online traffic going through mobile devices this year, advertisers who only use desktop PPC to promote their business can miss out on as much as half of potential customers. Many of our customers, especially law firms, are finding that their mobile PPC campaigns have a higher conversion rate and a lower CPC than desktop ads. By focusing on mobile PPC campaigns, they can avoid paying high prices to reach their marketing goals faster and more cheaply.

Targeting Mobile Users with Google AdWords

Because mobile advertising is a relatively new space, building a game plan to target mobile devices users can seem like a daunting endeavor. Here are a few tips for targeting mobile PPC users effectively with Google AdWords.

Focus Your Bidding Strategy on Mobile PPC

Unfortunately there’s no “all-in on mobile PPC” button on your AdWords dashboard. That doesn’t mean you can’t focus your ad spend on mobile devices, however. By using Bid Modifier, you can effectively push your ads towards mobile traffic and away from desktop viewers.

Use Bid Modifier to push your mobile bids close to the maximum limit of 300% to increase the amount of airtime your campaigns get on mobile PPC. You may also want to consider increasing your bid for location-specific ads, as mobile device users are likely to make location-based queries.

Optimize Ads for Mobile User Habits

In addition to adjusting your AdWords settings to serve more mobile ads, you should also adjust your new and existing ad copy and layout to work better for mobile users. While there are many ways to optimize your campaigns for a mobile format, here are key three things that you will absolutely need to consider.

Using Ad Extensions for more effective mobile ads.

Google has a wide range of AdWords extensions available. From “call now” buttons to built-in maps to your location, these plugins are the ideal way to pack valuable information into a small space. Using ad extensions can help you improve your conversion rate on mobile ads, and are customizable enough to work in a variety of situations. For more how to leverage this powerful mobile advertising tool, check out our article on how to use AdWords ad extensions effectively.

Optimize Your landing page layout for mobile.

Unless you’re relying solely on the “click to call” ad extension, your ads most likely link to landing pages. But if you’re simply directly mobile users to desktop-ready landing pages, you may not see great results from your mobile ads. The best mobile landing pages are short and cleanly designed, so they look great on smaller mobile screens. Any links or buttons on these pages should be clear and big enough to easily press with a finger. As with desktop landing pages, you may have to A/B test a few different layouts before you find one that works well for your customer base.

Edit your CTA for mobile-optimization.

Mobile users often conduct web searches in a different context than desktop users do. They may be searching on the go, in a loud environment. They are more likely to be looking for location-specific results. Mobile users also have the advantage of being able to call businesses without switching devices.  Adapt your CTA to anticipate their actions and react to their circumstances. You may want to test location specific CTAs (e.g. “Download your guide to Boston landmarks”) or device-specific CTAs (“Call us now to get your quote.”) to find out what works best for mobile audiences in your industry.

Cut down your landing page copy.

Additionally, laptop and desktop screens can handle lengthier landing pages, mobile screens are smaller and require shorter messaging. While you might be able to get away with a few extra sentences here and there on a desktop landing page, lengthy copy won’t increase your conversion rate for mobile PPC. If you’re converting existing campaigns for mobile PPC, be sure to cut down and rewrite copy to get your message across quickly and succinctly.

Taking on Mobile PPC with Webrageous

Developing a mobile-focused strategy can be a winning move for improving your PPC campaign returns. By working with Webrageous, you can make sure you’re getting the most you can from your mobile PPC campaigns. Our team of PPC managers has extensive experience working with mobile PPC campaigns, and can help you tap into the mobile-facing potential of your advertisements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you target mobile with Google AdWords.

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The minds behind Google AdWords now give you Google X

Google never disappoints. If you want to find something on the Internet, you go to the best online search engine in the world (Google) and you type in a keyword phrase and you are given the best of the best in terms of search results.

If you want to advertise online with success, you create a Google AdWords pay per click advertising campaign and you market your business with the help of Google AdWords Experts, online Google AdWords advertising tools and Google AdWords Support.

Google AdWords ConsultantsIf you want to be a part of the forever developing world of technology, you keep up to date with what is happening at Google and you take full advantage of their discoveries and inventions as and when possible. At present, all eyes and ears are on Google´s most recent, undercover project, known as Google X.

What is Google X? (more…)

A Look at the Google AdWords Suspension Consequences

Anyone who is either involved in Google AdWords or who is looking into it will know that the consequences for being banned or suspended are high.

The reasons for AdWords suspension can range from inappropriate content to running a similar promotion in another of your accounts.

Unfortunately for many, the reasons for receiving an AdWords ban or suspension stem from ignorance of the system or common human error. Of course, the reasons for these AdWords suspension consequences are always justified. So for those people obeying the rules, there is nothing to fear.

With this in mind, it means that it is all the more easier to avoid these common mistakes that would lead to the various AdWords suspension consequences.

Mistakes that Lead to AdWords Suspension Consequences

Here are some common mistakes that might lead to you experiencing the AdWords suspension consequences:

  • Content on your landing page that is not permitted by Google AdWords. Content that might lead to an AdWords ban include:
    –   Pornographic content
    –   Hacking or code cracking material
    –   Gambling or casino-related content
    –   Illegal download material
  • Pop-ups or emails that include Google search boxes or advertisements
  • Ad spamming techniques such as business models designed to create artificial traffic
  • Google AdWords advertisements leading to a landing page where the sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Misleading or inaccurate claims. Some examples are:
    –   Weight-loss products that promise huge weight losses in very short periods of time or without dieting
    –   Penis enlargement products that don’t require surgery
    –   Cars that can run on water

The consequences of violating Google AdWords’ landing page and site policy guidelines include:

  • Disapproval of your Google AdWords advertisements
  • Account suspension
  • Disabling of all advertisement traffic to your domain
  • Automated AdWords Suspension when setting up new accounts

To learn more about some of the things that might lead to these AdWords suspension consequences, contact Webrageous Studios.

Google AdWords Qualified Manager: Why Choose one?

Are you running a Google AdWords campaign that isn’t quite meeting your expectations? Or maybe you are just thinking about expanding into the world of Pay Per Click Advertising? Then perhaps it is time to enlist the help of a Google AdWords Qualified company.
Google AdWords Qualified


I know, why bother paying someone else to help with your Google AdWords campaigns when you can launch straight into Google AdWords without any qualifications? Choosing a certified member of the world’s top search engine guarantees that you will be getting top quality advice from a certified expert in Google AdWords. There are a lot of Online Advertising Specialists out there now and you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re paying for.


How Do You Become a Google AdWords Qualified?


Being Google AdWords Qualified means that an Online Advertising Specialist has the in-depth knowledge required to run a Google AdWords campaign and manage it successfully. They will know exactly what to do if something goes wrong. They will also know how to optimize your Google AdWords campaigns and ensure that you have the highest Quality Scores across all your advertisements.


The one thing that you can be absolutely certain of is that being Google AdWords Qualified is by no means an easy feat. The Google AdWords Certification process is incredibly lengthy and involved. Webrageous Studios knows this more than anyone as it ensures that all of its Pay Per Click Advertising Managers take and pass the Google AdWords Certified Exam.


Webrageous Studios is Google AdWords Qualified


Find out just what Webrageous Studios employees have to do to become Google AdWords Qualified.


Webrageous Studios knows that to become Google AdWords Qualified requires weeks of studying all the ins and outs of Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising. Our company knows that to become Google AdWords Qualified you need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the advanced exams – Reporting and Analysis, Search Advertising, and Display Advertising.


This means that your Google AdWords Qualified Manager may have specialties across three advanced disciplines or only one. It is worth finding out what specialities your Google AdWords Expert is trained in before you lock into a working partnership and hand your online advertising needs over to them.


Webrageous Studios is Google AdWords Qualified in all disciplines because we believe that all three areas need to be covered so that we can offer a first class Pay Per Click Management Service to all our clients. To find out exactly what Webrageous Studios is certified in, click on the Webrageous badge. This badge proves that we are certified. All Google AdWords Qualified Companies should display this badge on their website and other locations to let clients know that they are Google AdWords Qualified.


What does it mean for you?


There is no denying that the exams required to become a certified member of Google AdWords are incredibly demanding. So keep comfort in the fact that a Google AdWords Qualified Manager is going to have the greatest knowledge about optimizing your campaigns and successfully managing your account.


It also means that not just anyone can be Google AdWords Qualified. They must first go through a very lengthy exam process that requires very high pass rates. The AdWords Fundamentals exam alone requires a pass rate of 85%. So when you choose an Online Advertising Specialist with the Google AdWords logo on their website, you know that they have earned it. Webrageous Studios has earned its AdWords Certification and the quality of our Pay Per Click Advertising Services speak for themselves.


We recommend choosing a Google AdWords Qualified Company that is certified in all three specialty areas. This will ensure that they will have the capabilities required to make the best use of the reporting tools, and will be familiar with optimization techniques on the Search and Display Networks. The expert that you choose, even if it is not Webrageous Studios, will then be able to run the best possible Google AdWords campaign for your company, helping to lower your cost per click and increase conversions.


For more information about Google AdWords and the Certification Program, go to the Google AdWords Help Center or contact Webrageous Studios, Google AdWords Qualified Company, for more information about the kind of services we could provide for you and your business.


Using Pay Per Click To Conquer The Unexpected

No matter how well you may rank on a search engine, it doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the unexpected. Somewhere along the line, you may have to turn to Pay Per Click Advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising Conquers UnexpectedHere are the reasons why:
A loss assessor, for example, may have its search engine optimization techniques down pat. It may always rank on the first page of search engine results for all of its specialties. It probably even has great success through Google Places and the firm’s office details are consistently showing up in results.
But what happens when a huge weather event happens that is totally unexpected and hundreds or even thousands of potential clients are seeking help? They are not necessarily going to land on your website as they may not be actively seeking the search terms that cover your relevant specialties. Instead they might enter a description of the event in their search term. (more…)

Hit The Bull’s Eye By Google Adwords Topic Targeting

If you are a Google AdWords user and want to strike the Google Display Network right where you’re aiming, a few keyword arrows would usually do the trick.

But if you want to select the topic field without going too specific, Google AdWords is ensuring that your aim will meet its target. It is now allowing you to specify topics in order to contextually target your AdWords advertisements to pages within the Google Display Network through Google AdWords Topic Targeting.

What is Google AdWords Topic Targeting?

The Google AdWords topic targeting option allows users to choose from more than 1,750 topics and sub-topics to target your ads. This is a great option for a Pay Per Click Advertiser who is focused on brand awareness, generating sales and reaching a broad audience already seeking their product. (more…)

What the Right Google AdWords Manager Can Do for You

Google AdWords ManagerWhen the idea of a Google AdWords Manager is proposed to many small businesses, they are often left with just one question.
Why have your Google AdWords account professionally managed when you can do it yourself?

Getting a Google AdWords Manager versus Doing It Yourself

The idea of a Google AdWords Manager charging a fee while claiming to save the business money by generating conversions on their website seems a little ridiculous to most. How is this more cost-effective than just doing it yourself?
For those in the business of managing Google AdWords Campaigns, it will be very clear. Understanding how to identify keywords, optimize, set up targeting and take advantage of reporting tools in order to increase cost-effectiveness is not easy by any means.
Even a few poorly-targeted keywords could be costing your business no matter how well other keywords are doing. You could also find that your company is bringing in potential customers but that they are not making conversions. Or you might only just be making even on your advertising spend.
These are things that only a Google AdWords Manager can fix. With a Google AdWords Manager you will also find that you are achieving results quicker. It is certainly not expected that a Google AdWords Campaign will achieve instant results. Optimizing a campaign so that it is achieving maximum returns takes time. But with a Google AdWords Manager you should start to see those results much quicker.
You only have to take a look at some of the success stories to see just how effective a Google AdWords Manager can be. For example, a client was achieving 188 conversions in a one-month period. After enlisting the help of a Google AdWords Manager through Webrageous Studios, that client was seeing 729 conversions in the same one-month period. Their cost per conversion had also decreased by 71%. So they were achieving four times as many conversions for about the same cost.
So if you are finding that you are not quite achieving the results you had hoped for on Google AdWords, or are only just making even, or are just starting to think about starting a Google AdWords Campaign, try using a Google AdWords Manager and watch as your business thrives.
For some tips on how to find a Google AdWords Manager that meets your business needs, take a look at this article on How to Choose a Google AdWords Manager.

Developments in Google AdWords Reporting Features

In late June, it was announced that there are some important changes to the Google AdWords reporting features.

Since then, Google has been listening to the feedback given by PPC Account Managers and PPC Advertisers who have either been happy with the changes on these Google AdWords reporting features or who have been finding the changes difficult to operate.

For example, Google AdWords has been gradually moving the reports out of the Report Center entirely. This means that account, campaign and ad group reports can no longer be created from the Reports Tab.

If you have been finding all of these changes in Google AdWords reporting features more than a little difficult to adjust to, the good news is that Google has been listening and they have finally responded. Google AdWords has developed a number of new resource materials to ensure that their Google AdWords users are able to create reports and analyze their PPC Campaigns without difficulty. (more…)

Google is still more loved than Yahoo

google adwords is the bestJust because Webrageous Studios thinks you should know…

Google has been voted 4th in the best global brands report of 2010 run by Interbrand. In fact, Google has managed to increase their ranking from 6th to 4th; yet more proof of that fact that PPC Advertisers should still be seeing Google as their best avenue for PPC Advertising success.

Yahoo is ranked 66th, down from its 64th position last year. Sad faces at Yahoo and happy faces at Google.

Coca Cola, IBM and Microsoft beat Google this year for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectfully, but the top search engine, the search engine that is still favored by the majority of internet users, is Google.

Google is the PPC Advertiser’s best hope.

Google AdWords ACE Tool Now Available to PPC Advertisers

Google recently announced that the new tool called “AdWords Campaign Experiments” (ACE) is now out of the beta testing stage. Seeing how a lot of other Google tools meant for PPC Management such as the Google Remarketing tool have also passed their stringent beta testing, it is not surprising that the Google AdWords ACE tool will be something that would contribute significantly to the industry.

Why make use of Google AdWords ACE? What is it all about? What can it help you do?

The ACE tool from Google allows advertisers to execute faster and more accurate tests across their campaigns by running an additional experimental campaign alongside the already functioning original. This means that PPC Advertisers take less of a risk each time they make a change to their original campaign.

There is less of a risk involved through the use of the Google AdWords ACE tool because the PPC Advertiser can see the different effects that a new campaign is going to have. The tool allows them to immediately measure the different results achieved between the new campaign and the old campaign that they have already worked hard on to create.

The Google AdWords ACE tool also gives the PPC Advertiser more confidence when it comes to making changes. This means that they are more likely to try new approaches and to optimize their campaigns further. In this way, the PPC Advertiser is also more likely to generate more effective campaigns in general.

Over the next few weeks, most US PPC Advertisers will automatically see an option for selecting the Google ACE tool under “Campaign Settings” when they sign in to Google AdWords. So, keep an eye out for this new tab selection and put the tool into practice on your campaign.

Facebook or Google: Social Advertisements versus PPC

Facebook is one of the fastest growing sites online and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Interestingly enough, the 35 – 54 demographic of its huge following is the age range growing at the fastest rate, proving that Facebook is no longer a simple social forum where young people spend hours upon hours chatting with their friends after a long, hard day at school. Facebook and its social advertisements is becoming one of the best ways of promoting a business, drawing attention to a campaign, raising money for a worthy cause, or selling products online.

It’s for this reason that the business savvy 35 – 54 demographic is at present making extra efforts to catch up fast; to learn about what their children have been plugging into for the past few years. Facebook and its Social Advertisements is an advertiser’s dream.

Or is it?

Facebook or Google?

The question is whether Facebook and its Social Advertisements has the potential to outrun the advertising power of search engines like Google and its advertising arm AdWords, managed by PPC Management Companies such as Webrageous Studios. Webrageous Studios believes that there are many positive reasons for using Social Advertisements on Facebook as a means of online marketing and it is willing to provide a detailed explanation of what those advantages are.

However, as the highly experienced PPC Management Company that it is, Webrageous Studios has also spent a lot of time carefully analyzing the differences between Social Advertisements on Facebook and PPC Advertising through Google Adwords to have a better understanding of what works better: Facebook or Google?

As a result of these studies, it has concluded that despite Facebook’s social pulling power, the more established form of PPC Advertising through Google Adwords, for example, still continues to be the better form of online advertising overall for a number of reasons. Webrageous Studios also believes that, despite its huge growth recently, Facebook Social Advertising does not have the power to take over from the likes of Google Adwords PPC Advertising. what our clients have told us is that Facebook leads cost less but the lead quality is also much less. Imagine getting 10 times as many leads for the same budget with Google AdWords. it sounds very enticing. But what if your sales team only closes just as many leads and they have to sort through 10 times as much junk? At that point you are much better off just sticking with Google AdWords. Remember with Google AdWords if you stick with the search network people are actively searching for your products and services when they see your ad. On Facebook they are not actively searching for what you sell. They just happened to see your ad and say “oh that’s nice.” So maybe they buy and maybe they just run up a high advertising spend. Google AdWords sounds like a much better deal!