Google Display Network Campaigns: Successful Online Marketing

Do you want to try running Google Display Network Campaigns but you don´t have sufficient knowledge of how you can make it extremely successful? Let the Google Display Network experts at Webrageous help and advise you in your quest by reading the rest of this post…

Successfully Managing Google Display Network Campaigns

Google Display Network CampaignsThe first and most important thing to understand about managing Google Display Network campaigns is that campaigns on the Display Network are very different from those on the Paid Search Network in a number of ways. However, the most significant difference is that the Google Display Network is much more sensitive than the Paid Search Network.
Any changes that you make to Google Display Network campaigns could have serious consequences as even the smallest of changes can have huge effects. (more…)

How is Placement Targeting like Baking a Cake?

Placement Targeting is a method of PPC Advertising which Google AdWords Advertisers can make use of if working within the Content or Display Network as opposed to Paid Search.

Placement Targeting is like baking a cake because:

  • you personally select you ingredients (the websites you are going to advertise on)
  • you put these ingredients into your bowl (your PPC Advertising Campaign)
  • mix everything together (you do this by creating advertisement text that will attract people who are going to enjoy eating your PPC Advertising Cake)
  • set the oven to the right temperature (you choose the right heat and length of cooking time for your cake)
  • you wait for the perfect tasty result to come from all of your hard work (a conversion) (more…)

How to do Google Display Network Optimization

Google Display Network OptimizationWebrageous Studios believes that the Google Display Network is in fact overlooked by a number of PPC Advertisers in many different situations with most PPC Advertisers preferring to stick with the more traditional form of pay per click advertising on the Search Network.
While the Search Network is still definitely an area of PPC Advertising that works for many advertisers and for many different types of campaigns, including branding campaigns and Google Remarketing campaigns too, the Google Display Network is definitely more creative, thanks to the availability of image-based and video-based advertisements, and is also in some ways a more targeted form of advertising.

Attracting Success through Google Display Network Optimization

The internet users who see your advertisements on the Google Display Network have definite interests in the types of products or services that you are offering. This is where Google Display Network optimization comes in. aying close attention to Google Display Network optimization Can help you reel in users who are already interested in what you have to offer. (more…)

Why You Need to Create an AdWords Content Campaign

Create an AdWords Content CampaignPicture the following situation… Maybe it is familiar to you…
A well-versed PPC Advertiser continues to work on optimizing his or her PPC Campaign through the help, support and advice of a trusted PPC Manager that has done wonders for the online marketing of the business.
Concentrating on search engine plain text advertisements, the dynamic duo have taken advantage of tools such as the Google Remarketing Tool, Google Sitelinks and Google Analytics in order to better reach the intended audience, to better serve that audience with a choice of relevant landing pages and to better understand which elements of the campaign are working or not. In this way, they have been able to make executive decisions and changes to the campaign which have been profitable over time.
But, never have they entered the realm of the Display (Content) Network.
Why not?
Because of a simple lack of knowledge in how the process works and a lack of appreciation for the success of the Display Network in this present day and age.

Understanding the Need to Create an AdWords Content Campaign

When it was still new, the Display Network took some time to develop interest and prove that PPC Advertising on participating websites could be very successful. People were cautious to dip into the Display Network and these fears were totally unfounded. Some people still have not realized the benefits that you can enjoy when you create an AdWords content campaign and have still been unable to make the leap.
The Display Network is an excellent way of further marketing your business online and of further reaching potential converters. When you create an AdWords content campaign, advertisements can be more enticing thanks to the possibilities of using image, flash and video instead of the simple text-based advertisements that are available on the Search Network. The creation of ad groups and keywords can also be less time-consuming because you need to be more selective for a number of different reasons in the Display Network.
The point of this post is to highlight the fact that even if your PPC Advertising is going swimmingly on the Search Network, there is no reason to ignore the possible prospects that can be offered to you when you create an AdWords content campaign, too.
With that in mind, Webrageous Studios is going to make things even easier for you. Learn how to create a Display Network Campaign, step by step, from start to finish, thanks to an informative article that Webrageous has published recently on its website.
After reading the article you will be aware of just how simple it is to create an AdWords content campaign and what amazing results you can get from it.

Content Network Online Marketing: Effective and Efficient

Content Network Online MarketingOnline Marketing through the Content Network is an excellent way of improving the manner in which you reach the audience that you know are going to be interested in your product, business or service.
Sadly, many PPC Managers and Advertisers ignore the power of Content Network online marketing because they simply have not done enough research into the matter, or they do not make the most out of what it can actually do. When used at its optimum however, it can actually help work wonders on any campaign.

The Truth About Content Network Online Marketing

The Content Network has received a fair bit of negative press in the past. Rumors wander the Internet about the quality and effectiveness of Content Network online marketing. However, a lot of this information are sadly untrue and are mere misrepresentations of a form of online marketing that can generate excellent results for the PPC Advertiser.
Webrageous Studios, for instance, has generated a great deal of success for its clients through the Content Network and it has found this forum to be an excellent form of online marketing for clients from a number of different backgrounds. It is well worth doing a little more research into the notion of Content Network online marketing and for this reason, two detailed articles on the subject are listed below for further reading:

  • Online Marketing Through the Content Network
  • The Basics of the Content Network
    In addition, if you have additional questions about how you can make the most out of Content Network online marketing that have not been answered in either of the two articles above, be sure to contact Webrageous Studios directly. Webrageous has had a lot of successful experience in using the Content Network as a form of online marketing with a number of its clients. Therefore, any questions that you may have would be very welcome indeed.

    Three Forms of Online Marketing

    The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for anything and everything in today’s time-conscious world. If not utilizing the Internet in some way already to market a product, service or business, then you will most definitely be one of the very few yet to do so. Maybe you believe that online marketing isn’t really for you; that you really don’t need to make any use of online marketing; that you do just fine without it?

    Perhaps this is true. However, maybe you haven’t considered all the facts? Maybe you haven’t realized that there are many forms of online marketing to take advantage of?

    Below are three of the most popular forms of online marketing, each serving a different purpose and requiring a different approach in order to achieve success.

    1. Online Marketing in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
    2. Online Marketing through Social Media Networking
    3. Online Marketing through Content Network (via websites, blogs, social media networks, etc.)

    Click on each of the links above to read about each form of online marketing in more depth and learn how each form could be useful to both you and your business, service or product.

    Online Marketing has a lot to offer and if you are still not making use of its incredible reach, you really are missing out, despite how good business may appear to be to you on the surface.

    7 Ways to Measure the Success of Branding Campaigns

    There are a number of different ways in which to better measure the effectiveness of any Branding Campaign that you are running on the Content Network. Many of these metrics are often overlooked by PPC Managers who are Content Network novices and therefore this article aims to highlight the important factors to take into consideration when measuring the success of Branding Campaigns in the future.

    Most PPC Managers already know that measuring reach and frequency is a useful way of analyzing the impact of Branding Campaigns at any given time. However, this article hopes to explain how these two factors cannot possibly form the overall picture of a Branding Campaign’s effectiveness.

    There are many techniques that should be employed in order to analyze the complete effect of your Branding Campaigns on a much deeper level. The understanding generated by looking at a Branding Campaign from the perspectives listed below is the kind of understanding you need in order to know whether your Branding Campaign is really having a positive effect or not.

    Effectively Measuring the Effectiveness of Branding Campaigns

    Instead of only measuring the reach and frequency of your Branding Campaigns, try these different approaches. Take note of the changes that occur within the following and you may find that you are managing a much higher quality campaign than you had previously thought.

    Webrageous Studios suggests that you measure the following:

    1. Changes in brand searches
    2. Changes in the amount of visitors to your website overall
    3. The length of time that an internet user remains on your website
    4. How many pages an internet user visits when they are on your site
    5. An increase in traffic from specific geographical areas
    6. Changes in the CTR and conversions on Search Network campaigns
    7. Information gathered using Google’s View-Through Tracking Feature

    For more insight into the seven ideas for measuring the success of brand campaigns above, read the full article on the Webrageous Studios Website.

    Enhanced Campaigns and Basic Content Network Campaigns Working Together?

    Every single PPC campaign that is managed is different and it is important that all PPC Managers remember this fact in order to remain successful in what they do. The Content Network, despite popular and misinformed belief, is an excellent PPC forum for creating enhanced campaigns that really focus in on the target audience of a particular campaign.

    When using the Content Network to run a PPC campaign there are three basic ways in which your advertisement can be triggered to appear on any website that is part of the Content Network. These three basic ways are as follows: (more…)

    Use Placement Reports to Manage Content Network Campaigns

    One of the tools that is available for all PPC Managers and Advertisers to use when working on developing and optimizing PPC campaigns within the Content Network is the Placement Reports Tool. This tool essentially enables you to see which websites your advertisements were placed on and in which categories Google AdWords decided to place those advertisements too.

    Why is this important? (more…)

    Why the Content Network Should Not Be Ignored

    Overall, about 5% of the page views that happen on the Internet are search page views. That means that only 5% of internet users at any given time are actually looking at a search listings page generated by a search engine like Google, for example. Therefore, basic math proves that 95% of the time internet users are actually looking at internet sites. They are looking at content sites.

    If this is the case, why is it that so many PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers alike continue to ignore the benefits and possibilities of working with the Content Network and its ready made forum for successful PPC?

    To ignore the Content Network simply makes no sense.

    What the Content Network Is

    The Content Network is an area that most people tend to shy away from, however not because it doesn’t work. This is the most common idea attributed to the reason behind the fact that the Content Network is not utilized as much as the Search Network, but it is a misinformed idea that has somehow developed over time.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Content Network does work and the only reason why a lot of PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers shy away from using it is because they know very little about it. Less people write and blog about the Content Network too and so the focus in PPC Management for a long time has been on Search Network SEO and how to increase Google Search Rankings. This has meant that the powers of the Content Network have simply passed many people by.

    Webrageous Studios Stands By the Content Network

    Webrageous Studios is writing today in order to ensure that the Content Network is ignored no more. The Content Network does wonders for a number of Webrageous Studios’ PPC clients and the effective qualities of the Content Network are not that difficult to tap into after receiving a little bit of sound advice.

    Therefore, Webrageous Studios has created a full length article on the subject of the Content Network for PPC and how it can be utilized alongside an effective Search Network campaign to optimize PPC results and improve the overall effects of any PPC campaign you happen to be managing at this time.

    By focusing on distinctive areas and approaching your campaign from a slightly different perspective, the Content Network could prove to be a strong element in developing the success of your business. Also, by utilizing various different tools in order to measure the progress and data of your Content Network campaign correctly, your PPC efforts can be even further optimized and focused. This will then in turn reveal visibly improved results and will hopefully lead to a larger ROI at the same time.

    Read the full length article on how to manage a PPC campaign on the Content Network effectively by clicking on this link now.