Avoiding Pay Per Click Fraud

What can you do if pay per click fraud constantly weighs on your mind? The benefits of pay per click advertising are great but what happens if pay per click fraud was to rear its ugly head? What would you do?
Pay Per Click FraudThe good news is that pay per click fraud is not as big a deal as might be suggested. But it does still exist. And as any good business manager will tell you, avoiding the risk before it surfaces is always the best option.
So if you are concerned about pay per click fraud or think you might have already seen the beginnings of it in your pay per click campaigns, it might be time to follow these simple steps.
Pay per click management company Webrageous is an expert in click fraud prevention and we have come up with a few ways you can stop click fraud from appearing. We have spent years perfecting our click fraud prevention and detection tools and we want to help you avoid the risk of pay per click fraud. (more…)

Pay Per Click for SMBs

Which companies are the most likely to benefit from pay per click advertising? You’ve got it. SMBs. They have the most to gain, such as local clients, while working on a small budget not suited for most other forms of advertising apart from in the local newspaper or radio station.
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. have so much to gain from pay per click. There are very few advertising Pay Per Click for SMBsforms that allow companies to spend as much or as little as they want on their advertising campaigns and still have a chance of coming up against the big players.
Pay per click advertising does this. It allows any advertiser the chance to succeed if they have the right keywords, keywords bids, targeting, advertisement text and landing pages, for example. With great PPC management even advertisers with the smallest budgets can succeed.
However, it is also true that SMBs have the most to lose. Statistics show that most SMBs that go under fail to resurface. With pay per click advertising, the risks of damaging your reputation online or losing your company’s advertising dollars are real. A poorly managed campaign can have dire consequences on an SMB. (more…)

The Four Keys for Click Fraud Prevention

Click fraud is often hyped up in the world of pay per click advertising. There is no doubt that there are many advertisers who experience click fraud. But is it really as big a problem as it is made out to be? Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.
click fraud prevention
There are some changes that may be detected on your side that may not actually be click fraud at all. However, if you are experiencing click fraud in your pay per click campaigns, there is a way to prevent it. And it just requires the expertise of a pay per click manager experienced in click fraud prevention.
At pay per click management company Webrageous, a click fraud prevention specialist, we know a number of ways to make sure that click fraud is a thing of the past. Our click fraud prevention techniques are simple and easy to install. If you follow this basic guide to click fraud prevention, you will find that click fraud will never be a problem or concern for you again. (more…)

What Pay Per Click Management Services do we Offer?

What kind of services should you expect from a pay per click management company on a regular basis when you are outsourcing your pay per click advertising campaigns?

What can the pay per click management experts at Webrageous promise to provide you with when looking after your pay per click advertising needs?

Pay Per Click Management ServicesCompare what Webrageous offers on a regular basis to all of its clients as part of its pay per click management services and find out whether or not you might get a much better deal from outsourcing our pay per click advertising to our company instead of sticking with the management company you are already with.

We have a feeling that our pay per click management services will beat anything you are already paying for, particularly if you are a US lawyer looking to find the best pay per click management services around.

Good Pay Per Click Management Turns Heads

Bad pay per click management can be kind of like a bad hairdo. You’ve either got to wait until it grows out and hope for the best or find a better hairdresser who can fix it. Let it grow out and you risk being mocked by your friends, perhaps for months. It might even become an in-house joke, with the bad hairdo shown at parties for years to come.

When it comes to your pay per click campaigns, think of that “miracle worker” – the hairdresser who is able to fix your hairdo – as an expert pay per click manager such as those we offer at pay per click management firm Webrageous.

Pay Per Click ManagementIf your pay per click campaign is suffering, not only are we going to get it back on its feet, but we can almost guarantee that with our excellent pay per click management it will start achieving success. No more laughing friends, in fact just the opposite.
Even your competitors will be ringing to find out the name of your pay per click management team so they can have a look that achieves as much success as yours. To have a pay per click manager who can turn a disastrous campaign into a success story is a wonderful gift and we are lucky enough to be able to provide that at Webrageous.
Of course, if you start off by outsourcing pay per click management to Webrageous, it will be like when you leave the hairdresser with a stunning hairdo that literally turns heads as you walk down the street. People will be stopping you in the street to find out where you got your new “do”. (more…)

In Search of a Pay Per Click Manager

Searching for a good pay per click manager can sometimes feel like going on an archaeology expedition.

Wading through the masses of pay per click advice and information online can feel like hunting through the desert in Pay Per Click Managersearch of long lost artifacts.
When pay per click is involved, everyone wants to give their tips on the best tools to use, why search engine optimization is better, or not better, and how to go about it. Sometimes it is hard to tell which of this advice is sponsored and which is not.
So if you are looking for a pay per click manager who improves your advertising campaigns, how do you know where to search and who to choose? (more…)

Pay Per Click Managers Help Achieve Success

If long-running game show Jeopardy was to do a segment on achieving success in online advertising, the question (or should I say answer) would again and again be Pay Per Click advertising with a Pay Per Click manager.

Are you ready? Then let’s play Jeopardy!Pay Per Click Managers Achieve Success
A: The best form of online advertising. Q: What is Pay Per Click advertising?

If you are looking to advertise online and achieve as much success for as little cost as possible then there is no better way to go than Pay Per Click.
Pay Per Click allows advertisers to target the people that are most likely going to make conversions. Pay Per Click advertising means businesses can market their campaigns to any part of the world, even a very small and specific area, and choose targeting options. (more…)

We are The Pay Per Click Management Gurus

Webrageous Studios provides support, advice, instruction and shelter to all of its Pay Per Click Advertising Clients and that is why it is The Pay Per Click Management Guru you need to put yourself in contact with if what you so desire is to improve your Google AdWords Advertising Campaign.
Pay Per Click Management GuruWhy is Webrageous the Pay Per Click Management Guru? Why is it that this Google AdWords Management Company stands out above all the rest? What is it about Webrageous that ensures success for all of its advertising clients? (more…)

What Makes a Top Pay Per Click Manager?

What makes someone good at their job? What makes them stand out from the crowd? What makes clients loyal to their Pay Per Click Managers?

Top Pay Per Click ManagerWhen you’re looking for a good bank manager, you want someone who is fast, reliable and always contactable. When you’re looking for the best personal trainer, you want someone who will be encouraging and fair, but tough on you when you begin to slack. What makes a Pay Per Click Manager top in the online advertising business? How do you know when you have found the Best Pay Per Click Manager for your company, particularly if you are new to online advertising?
Well, the first thing you do is you continue to read this post and the linking article which discusses at length the reasons why Webrageous Studios is a Top Pay Per Click Management Provider.
For a brief overview, however, a Top Pay Per Click Manager really does need to have certain characteristics. They need to be: (more…)