Attorney Online Marketing Tips

The attorney online marketing specialists who work for Webrageous have a lot of experience and expertise to share concerning the various ways in which to improve your attorney online marketing campaigns without further delay.
Essentially, three of the easiest and most effective tips to take note of concerning attorney online marketing are as follows:

attorney online marketingDeveloping and Improving Advertisement Text

Sometimes the biggest factor needed to achieve ultimate improvement to attorney online marketing lies in some simple changes to advertisement text.
Once you begin to target your clients better through the use of keywords in advertisement text and you begin to make a better use of call-to-action words within those advertisements, your online marketing campaigns will show extensive improvement.

Combining Image and Text Based Advertisements for Different Purposes

If you are looking to improve the brand image of your law firm, you should think about working with image based advertisements and placing them on websites where people are going to be searching for information related to the subject and your law firm.
Google AdWords is an online marketing network which has its own image based network for advertisements called the Google Display Network that works really well for attorney online marketing campaigns that focus on developing the brand image of your law firm.
Text based advertisements on the Internet work great for increasing client base as quickly as possible and they work in completely different ways. It is really useful to try and improve the SEO of your law firm’s website when using text based advertisements as the primary source of your attorney online marketing campaign.

Developing a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign via Google AdWords

What is undeniably true is that all attorney online marketing really benefits from pay per click advertising campaigns that use Google AdWords to market the legal services of that law firm. Google is the largest search engine in the world and the opportunities for any clients to find new clients is huge.
This is why the attorney online marketing experts at Webrageous choose to run their pay per click advertising campaigns through Google AdWords at all times and we would be happy to explain how Google AdWords could help improve your attorney online marketing as a whole at any time.

What to Do Next

One of the best ways for attorneys to improve online marketing as quickly and as effectively as possible is to outsource their online marketing to the attorney online marketing specialists who work for Webrageous as soon as possible.
The online marketing experts at Webrageous have been working for attorneys, developing their online marketing campaigns, for many years now and they know exactly what is needed to get any attorney online marketing campaign off to a flying start.
Read the attached article entitled, Attorney Online Advertising Experts without further delay and find out why Webrageous and its team of attorney online marketing specialists is the right kind of team to take your law firm marketing to the next level today.
We know that you will find the article interesting reassuring. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Successfully Managing Drug Liability Pay Per Click Management

The Drug Liability Pay Per Click Management Experts

We have managed numerous pharmaceutical liability campaigns on Bing and AdWords for several different law firms dating back to a certain pain pill causing heart problems back in 2004. Since then we’ve helped a law firm become the lead plaintiff on a birth control case (we delivered well over 1000 leads), and managed diabetes drug cases, and many more.

It’s critical to have great landing pages, strong calls to action, and the right keyword list.

To start, we will look over your drug liability pay per click campaign with no obligation to use our services. And we will likely extend an offer to manage your AdWords campaign at no charge.

Please call or fill out our contact form for more information.

Effective Google Remarketing to Improve Pay Per Click for US Law Firms

If you know anything about pay per click advertising and if you have had experience in running pay per click advertising campaigns, it is probable that you have also heard of Google Remarketing and how it can be used to improve pay per click advertising in a number of ways.

Webrageous, pay per click management expert for US law firms, was able to begin using Google Remarketing even when it was still part of the BETA testing stage at Google thanks to the superb relationship that Webrageous has with Google AdWords.

Google Remarketing Tips for US Law FirmsTherefore, our knowledge of Google Remarketing and the way in which it can be used to improve pay per click for US law firms is extensive and difficult to beat.

However, perhaps you have not yet found success via Google Remarketing and you are wondering why.

You hear lots of other US lawyers talking about how their pay per click campaigns are soaring thanks to Google Remarketing and you just don’t seem to be able to achieve the same kind of success. What are you doing wrong? (more…)

The Best Pharmaceutical Injury Marketing

We can help get your pharmaceutical injury advertisements accepted with pay per click search engines if you are having trouble activating your pharmaceutical injury campaigns.

Pharmaceutical injury marketing via the various important pay per click advertising networks is becoming tougher and tougher by the day and this is why Webrageous provides specialist marketing management support in pharmaceutical injury marketing for a number of US law firms on a daily basis.

If you work for a US law firm which takes on pharmaceutical injury claims and which works in pharmaceutical injury law, you will perhaps already be aware of the fact that advertising your pharmaceutical injury legal services is not the easiest of tasks by any means.

Indeed, the ability to generate successful pharmaceutical injury marketing campaigns via pay per click networks is something that you need to dedicate your entire working day to if you want to be able to get it right. (more…)

We are Experts in Law Firm Google AdWords Management

What makes a pay per click manager an expert in law firm Google AdWords management? What makes Webrageous the Google AdWords management company that all law firms looking to improve their online marketing should contact?

Law Firm Google AdWords Management ExpertsThe contents of this post and the attached article outline the main advantages from working with the experts in law firm Google AdWords management at Webrageous. We hope that the information we provide is enough to convince you to contact us about your law firm Google AdWords advertising needs today.

The following qualities set Webrageous apart from all the other Google AdWords management companies when it comes to law firm Google AdWords management. The following qualities are what make Webrageous the experienced and effective expert in law firm Google AdWords management that so many law firms know it to be… (more…)

Improve Your Law Firm Pay Per Click Management

There are three quick things you can do to improve your law firm pay per click management.
If you are looking to improve your online marketing quickly, but you want to make sure that the improvements you make are long-lasting and forever effective, follow our law firm pay per click management tips below:

Improve Law Firm Pay Per Click Management1. Readjust advertisement text and landing pages

If your law firm pay per click advertising is not doing as well as you had hoped it would, you probably need to readjust the way in which you approach the development of your law firm pay per click management in terms of landing page and advertisement text design.
To increase the amount of times someone clicks on your advertisement or converts on your landing page, you need to go direct to the source. Your law firm pay per click management will improve greatly when you make definitive changes to the advertisement text that you use and when you include a better use of call-to-action phrases. (more…)

Expert Attorney Pay Per Click Management

There are lots of pay per click management companies in operation today, full of pay per click management experts ready and waiting to help you with your online advertising needs.
But what happens if you need an expert in pay per click management for attorneys?
Attorney Pay Per Click ManagementPay per click management experts with lots of experience in the management of pay per click campaigns for attorneys are not so common and this is why the expert service provided by the pay per click managers at Webrageous is so invaluable.

Expert Attorney Pay Per Click Management by Webrageous

Webrageous is an expert pay per click management company for attorneys and we have dedicated the past six years to developing skills in this area. So much so that we are confident that you will not find a pay per click management company more adept than Webrageous to manage your attorney pay per click campaigns anywhere. This is particularly true if you are interested in finding an expert in attorney pay per click management via Google AdWords. (more…)

What is the Best Form of Lawyer Online Marketing?

The best form of lawyer online marketing is, without a doubt, Google AdWords. Webrageous is the most experienced and best equipped Google AdWords management company to lead U.S. lawyers to online marketing success in as short a time as possible.
Find out why Google AdWords is the best form of lawyer online marketing and why Webrageous is the best Google AdWords management company to lead you through to marketing success by reading the attached article, entitled Google AdWords is the Best Form of Lawyer Online Marketing today.
Google AdWords Attorney MarketingOnce you have read through the contents of this article, contact Webrageous about your lawyer online marketing needs directly and start enjoying the positive effects of your Google AdWords campaigns with our help as soon as possible.
Webrageous is the best in lawyer online marketing via Google AdWords for the following reasons: (more…)

The Best in Attorney Google AdWords PPC Management

Is Google AdWords a successful way for attorneys to advertise themselves online and market the legal services that they can provide?

The short answer is “yes.” The long answer is “Google AdWords for attorneys is only successful when you find an effective Google AdWords management company, experienced and trained in attorney Google AdWords management.”

So where do you find attorney Google AdWords management like this? Where do you find Google AdWords management for attorneys that will definitely be successful? Who is the best in attorney Google AdWords management?

The answer, both long and short, always leads back to the same, single word… “Webrageous.”

Since about 2004, Webrageous has specialized in Google AdWords management for law firms. During that time we have helped many law firms succeed online.

the best thing to do is visit our individual pages geared towards your practice area. On these pages we detail the cost per lead you can expect and gives several case studies. Here is our bankruptcy page, our family law page, and a personal injury page.

Webrageous excels by increasing conversions

One of the many ways in which Webrageous will be able to help you expand your business and client base through effective attorney Google AdWords management is by increasing the number of conversions that you achieve ever single month. and that’s ultimately what you want to pay someone for, right? More leads and more clients who retain you!

A conversion can be anything from a direct phone call to someone filling out a contact form. Whatever the form that your conversion takes on, increasing those conversions is made easy by Webrageous.

In recent weeks, Webrageous has made some notable improvements in terms of conversion increase for one of its attorney Google AdWords clients and we would like to share those results with you here today in this post. The particular campaign that we refer to created 50% more conversions for our attorney client than last month.

Webrageous excels in attorney Google AdWords management through decrease in cost per click

For one of our present attorney Google AdWords clients, Webrageous managed to reduce the cost per click of every single lead for that client by 67% in comparison with the previous month’s figures.

Top Google AdWords management for attorneys

For more information on how to succeed online fill out our contact form today below.


We Provide Lawyer Pay Per Click Management

Webrageous is a Google AdWords pay per click management company which focuses on and specializes in lawyer pay per click management.

We have been working on lawyer pay per click management since 2001 with huge success that grows by the day and we can guarantee to make improvements to the Google AdWords advertising campaigns for your law firm within a few days.

Lawyer Pay Per Click ManagementWhy choose Webrageous to if you are looking for lawyer pay per click management?

There are a number of reasons why lawyers who are looking to improve their pay per click management should choose Webrageous to lead the way, but the main reasons that we wish to highlight are listed and explained below:

We always have a new pay per click management deal for lawyers to take advantage of

Webrageous is a pay per click management company which offer pay per click management for a variety of clients from a variety of backgrounds. However, our speciality lies in lawyer pay per click management and for this reason we always try to find different ways of further supporting our pay per click lawyer clients.

At any given moment, the lawyer pay per click management experts at Webrageous have an attractive offer to share. (more…)

4 Tips about Lawyer Google AdWords Management

If you are a law firm and you are outsourcing your lawyer Google AdWords management to an expert pay per click management company, how do you know that the Google AdWords management that you are receiving from the company is the best Google AdWords management that exists today?

Best Google AdWords for LawyersThe best way to find out if your lawyer pay per click management is just what it should be is to read the following blog post in full and evaluate the lawyer ppc management your are receiving against the tops tips that this post shares.

Webrageous is an expert in attorney Google AdWords management and has been working on developing that expertise since 2001. Therefore, we know what we are talking about. We know what the main areas of focus should be for the best attorney pay per click management to thrive.

If you would like us to look over your lawyer ppc campaigns at any time, contact us without delay. But for now, take advantage of the tips in this post. We are confident that they will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your lawyer Google AdWords management in no time at all. (more…)

How Do You Get the Best Law Firm Online Marketing?

If you are a U.S. law firm hoping to apply the best law firm online marketing, what kind of approach should you take? What is going to give you the best results from your online marketing? What would be the most optimum choice of online marketing for you as a law firm in the U.S.?
best law firm online marketingThe answer is Google AdWords online marketing.
Google AdWords gives you the best law firm online marketing, a fact that Webrageous is able to attest to thanks to our years of experience in managing Google AdWords online marketing campaigns for a number of U.S. law firms since Google AdWords first began.
Even though the best law firm online marketing specialists who work for Webrageous have experience in website design, SEO and social network marketing via popular sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, we know that Google AdWords remains to be the best law firm online marketing partner you can have because we have the results from many years of experience to prove it.

How Google AdWords Gives You the Best Law Firm Online Marketing

First hand experience has revealed that Google AdWords is the most successful and the best law firm online marketing in the U.S. for the following basic reasons:

1. Google AdWords operates via the largest and most dominant search engine in the world.

This means that you can be sure that your advertisements have the best possible chance of being seen by the largest target possible that you are trying to target via your online marketing. If getting the best law firm online marketing truly is something that you are serious about achieving, you really must choose do market your legal services online via the search engine that is most commonly used.
The common sense behind this important advantage to law firm online marketing is unarguable and the results that you will achieve when marketing your law firm online via Google AdWords will make all your efforts in this area worthwhile within just a few days.

2. U.S. law firms can target their online marketing campaigns with impressively detailed geographical precision when advertising via Google AdWords.

If you are a U.S. law firm looking to market your legal services online locally, statewide, nationwide or even internationally, you will be able to do so at the touch of a button if you are using the best law firm online marketing via Google AdWords.
This is because the super brains working behind the scenes at Google AdWords never tire of developing a number of programs, tools and features for Google AdWords online marketers to use so that they can really focus in on reaching out to the potential clients in the geographical areas that they serve.

3. U.S. law firms who are marketing their legal services online via Google AdWords can spend as little or as much as they choose on their online marketing.

Perhaps the best thing about law firm online marketing via Google AdWords is the fact that it is a financially viable option for any law firm with any online marketing budget.
If you are a large, corporate U.S. law firm with big bucks to spend, you can end up dominating the Google Search and Google Display Networks with both text-based and image/video based advertisements that help to develop the brand name of your law firm within record time.
If you are a small, independent U.S. law firm with only a few dollars to spare on your online marketing campaign, Google AdWords is still the best option for you. You can set a limit on your daily budget spend to ensure that you never end up spending more than you can afford.
You can then also optimize your online marketing campaign to ensure that your advertisements are shown at the best possible time of day and to the right audience to make your online marketing expenditure pay off for you in terms of increasing client base.

What to do next?

Therefore, if you are interested in seeing what the options might be for you and your law firm for you to finally have the best law firm online marketing through Google AdWords, contact Webrageous directly as soon as possible.
Webrageous is a specialist Google AdWords management company for U.S. law firms and we have been managing the online marketing campaigns for U.S. law firms with huge success since 2001.
Contact Webrageous today to arrange a no obligation appointment with one of our Google AdWords experts in the best law firm online marketing practices. We will discuss your needs, help to make suggestions and begin to put things in place should you wish to continue working with us towards online marketing success.
In addition, read the attached article that discusses why Google AdWords is the best law firm online marketing tool without delay. The article explains in more detail why Google AdWords should be the first choice of online marketing for law firms and why Webrageous is the Google AdWords management company best equipped to manage the online marketing campaigns of any U.S. law firm looking to take their company to the next level.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope that we can help you achieve the best law firm online marketing soon.

Why Should You Choose Law Firm Online Marketing?

There are many ways a law firm can market their services. They could put an advertisement on television. They could send out emails and e-newsletters. They could rely on word of mouth. They could put up a billboard. They could shout from the top of their rooftop.
Each of these might have some degree of success. Shouting from the tops of buildings might at least land you a feature in the local newspaper about that nut on the rooftop.
But no form of marketing for law firms is more successful than online marketing.

Why Law Firm Online Marketing is the Right Choice

law firm online marketingThe great thing about online marketing is that the techniques for marketing online are now so sophisticated that your law firm can choose to target as few or as many people as you want to in as large or as specific an area as you wish.
This is a particularly important marketing tool for law firms. Your law firm is likely to deal with a range of cases that involve people in one particular city or state or across the U.S. With online marketing your law firm can target people specifically within the geographical area that applies to that particular case. (more…)

Who Delivers the Best Attorney Online Marketing Services?

Webrageous offers the best attorney online marketing services in the U.S. and this short post, along with the attached article, is designed to explain the many reasons why in detail.

Why You Need the Best Attorney Online Marketing Services

best attorney online marketingEssentially, if you are an attorney in the U.S. looking for improvement on your online marketing, you need to find an online marketing manager who already has vast experience in attorney online marketing.
If you make the mistake of outsourcing your online marketing campaign to a management company without experience in attorney online marketing, your marketing manager might unknowingly break one of the attorney advertising rules by your state bar that all attorneys must abide by when marketing their attorney services online.
If, however, you ensure that the management company you outsource your online marketing to is already familiar with attorney online marketing, you are not going to be running any risks in terms of online marketing violations. Experience is everything in attorney online marketing and Webrageous Studios offers the best attorney online marketing because we have been managing online advertising campaigns for attorneys since 2001.

What Webrageous Offers

The experience that Webrageous Studios has in attorney online marketing is what makes the company so incredibly successful at what it does.
In addition to experience, Webrageous Studios believes it to be essential for every U.S. attorney to market their legal services via Google AdWords, the biggest online advertising network in the world. If you want your law firm to be seen and heard and if you want your law firm to benefit from online marketing, you have to get nothing but the best attorney online marketing via Google AdWords.
Webrageous Studios is an expert in Google AdWords Management and an even bigger expert in Google AdWords for attorneys. The company is thoroughly qualified in Google AdWords Management and updates its qualifications every single year.
We know that we offer the best attorney online marketing for all law firms practicing in the U.S. because we have the results to prove it. We employ specific strategies to constantly strive towards a set of better results and because we have years of experience that we have devoted solely to this area of attorney online marketing.
Read the attached article, Webrageous: The Best in Online Marketing for Attorneys. This article highlights exactly why we are the best attorney online marketing managers in the U.S. and we know that once you have taken the time to read it through, you will want to contact us and outsource your online advertising needs to our company without delay.

The Best Divorce Attorney Advertising in 2 Easy Steps

It is easy to get great results for family law attorneys if you follow these simple steps. If you want to skip ahead please take a look at the results we have achieved for other divorce attorneys.

Divorce Attorney Advertising in 2 Steps

Step 1:

You call Webrageous Studios – Google AdWords Expert in the management of divorce attorney marketing.

Step 2:

You agree to spend $2000 on your divorce attorney60 day free trial of AdWords PPC management advertising every month in order to give your Google AdWords campaign a fair chance. (Please remember that there will be pay per click management fees that we will charge you for too. Contact us about our fees at any time. We also have 60 day risk-free trial so you can see if we can deliver results for your firm without any obligation or commitment for management fees).
The best divorce attorney advertising has to be online advertising in this day and age. Long gone are the days when divorce attorney firms can survive without a website, without a Google AdWords campaign or even without a Twitter account. (Just to prove this idea to anyone thinking about revamping their divorce attorney advertising whilst reading this post… even WHEN IN SPACE people are now advertising online via Twitter. Check out the image below)…

Tweeting from Outer Space

If astronauts in outer space feel it imperative that they tweet whilst not even on the planet, divorce attorney advertising is definitely not worth the effort unless you go online.

So, get your divorce attorney advertising online today with Webrageous, Google AdWords and our fantastic pay per click management and website package outlined above!

Contact us now by clicking on the top right contact tab on this page now.


Webrageous Studios: The Best Divorce Attorney Marketing

What are the facts?

There’sno doubt about it. If you’re interested in Divorce Attorney Marketing via Google AdWords, then your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign must be managed by specialists.

This is where Webrageous Studios comes in. Webrageous offers the best divorce attorney marketing services around, a true specialist when it comes to Google AdWords Family Law Marketing.

Where’s the proof?

Looking around for proof? Webrageous Studios manages the Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns of a number of US Divorce Lawyers around. These Divorce Lawyer Clients have nothing but praise for Webrageous’ PPC Management Services, and none of them would think twice about saying that Webrageous delivers nothing but the best divorce attorney marketing.

What makes them say this? Well, family lawyers increase their conversions and CTRs thanks to Webrageous Studios’ PPC Management Services each and every time. Now that’s definitely proof enough that Webrageous truly is the best divorce attorney marketing provider around.

best divorce attorney marketing

The Best Divorce Attorney Marketing: Services Offered

  • Complete Pay Per Click (PPC) Management of all family law advertising campaigns, including the analysis and optimization of those campaigns on a daily basis.
  • Google AdWords Qualified Pay Per Click (PPC) Managers.
  • Access to Google AdWords BETA Pay Per Click (PPC) features and tools.

Now that you’ve heard the reasons why Webrageous is the best divorce attorney marketing providers around, do you find yourself finally getting interested?

You should be, or you’d be passing up a pretty awesome chance to work with the best.

Read The Best PPC Management for Divorce Attorney Marketing, an article which gives a thorough insight into the reasons why Webrageous Studios is the best of the best. If this will not convince you how good our services are, then nothing else will.

How Can You Get the Best Marketing for Lawyers?

What is the best way for lawyers to market their services? What is the most effective way for them to draw in more clients and build their businesses?

Is word of mouth the best marketing for lawyers?

Word of Mouth is one option that comes into mind when going after the best marketing for lawyers. When someone is looking for a lawyer and they receive a recommendation from a friend or colleague, the effect is substantial and it is normally enough to make that potential client contact the lawyer in question.

best Marketing for Lawyers

However, the problem with Word of Mouth Marketing for Lawyers is the fact that it doesn’t happen very often. How many times is that person going to naturally recommend your legal services? Probably not very many and therefore this form of Marketing for Lawyers is not really that effective when you begin to consider the overall perspective.

Are emails and newsletters the best marketing for lawyers?

Some law firms rely on marketing via the use of emails and e-newsletters. This kind of marketing allows law firms to concentrate their efforts on their desired target audience, as they can ensure that their marketing lands in their potential clients’ inboxes. However, is Marketing for Lawyers via emails and e-newsletters very productive? Not really.
This kind of legal marketing doesn’t work because if someone needs a lawyer they are going to go looking for one. If a bunch of marketing emails lands in the inboxes of random but possible future clients, little is likely to be done about the matter. It’s more likely that your lawyer marketing email would be sent straight into the online trash can.

The Best Marketing for Lawyers

So, what kind of lawyer marketing does work? What kind of marketing for law firms is the kind of marketing worth investing into all year round? Can marketing for lawyers be successful and is it worth the manpower that it takes to get going and keep going for years to come? What is the best marketing for lawyers?
Marketing for Lawyers can be very productive if you are advertising via Google AdWords Pay Per Click, and you are simultaneously taking advantage of Paid Search conditions as well as the Display Network arena.
If you want to find out more about why Pay Per Click via Google AdWords is the best marketing for lawyers, you can read the article Marketing for Lawyers with Pay Per Click, which is displayed on the Webrageous website.
Webrageous Studios is a specialist in law firm marketing via Google AdWords and it offers a series of different Pay Per Click Management services that are very difficult to beat. Our company knows how to optimize AdWords Campaigns in order to do the best we possibly can for any lawyer who needs to better market his/her business.
Read the article, find out what Webrageous Studios can offer and appreciate on a much deeper level why you get the best marketing for lawyers when using Pay Per Click Advertising. If you own a US law firm and have been having very little luck from your marketing campaign, it might be that you need to give Pay Per Click Advertising a try.
Webrageous, law firm marketing specialist, is waiting to hear from you today.

Personal Injury Advertising with Webrageous and Google AdWords

Webrageous is an experienced Pay Per Click Management Company that has worked with a number of Personal Injury Law Firms for years. we currently manage tens of thousands of dollars each month in personal injury campaigns. as of March 2016 in one account in particular we are driving dozens of phone calls every week at a cost per lead of just over $200 per call. By early 2017 this has dropped to under $200. You can see the results here. In some areas of the country personal-injury leads can cost 50% to 100% more. The good news is that a great lead can be worth $400,000 or more in revenues to a law firm when the case settles.

The trick in 2016 and beyond is to know how to target mobile leads and calls. Google AdWords has gotten a lot trickier over the last few years and keeping down the cost per click and cost per lead requires a skilled hand.

As any Personal Injury Attorney knows, there are specific rules that lawyers must abide by when advertising online and not every Pay Per Click Management Company is aware of these rules. Personal Injury Advertising can become complicated for Pay Per Click Management Companies who have no expertise in the area and your advertising budget could not only be squandered but you could run into major problems with your State Bar.

Webrageous is aware of the advertising rules in place for law firms because it has over ten years of experience managing the Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns of U.S. Law Firms. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page and results page in the navigation at the top. Many of the testimonials and case studies are about law firms. We also encourage you to visit the risk-free trial page in the navigation. This is a great way to give us a test drive. Many clients who come to us have been burned by several PPC management firms and that’s why we like to put our money where our mouth is and earn your business and trust.

Law Firms and Click to Call Google AdWords Advertisements

It is a well known fact that law firm pay per click via Google AdWords benefits businesses the most when campaign landing pages clearly display telephone numbers to all their interested online customers.

An internet user looking for a lawyer is more likely to convert via the telephone than they are by filling in a contact form online. Webrageous Studios knows this to be a fact having worked so diligently on law firm pay per click over the past 13+ years on their pay per click advertising campaigns.

Therefore, in the growing climate of mobile networks and people browsing the Internet via their cell phones whilst on the bus to and from work, one thing that law firm pay per click should always be taking advantage of without a doubt is Click to Call Google AdWords advertisements.

What is Click to Call?

The idea of Click to Call for law firm pay per click is fairly simple.

Click to Call Google AdWords advertisements are special types of pay per click advertisements offered by Google to advertisers promoting via the mobile internet network.

Instead of a URL at the bottom of the advertisement, which takes the internet user to a landing page on a website, the law firm pay per click advertiser places a telephone number at the bottom of their advertisement. Google AdWords will charge you every time someone clicks on the number, just like any other pay per click advertisement.

The internet user clicks on the telephone number and their mobile phone calls your office in order to speak with you and, hopefully, convert.

Understanding the Benefits of Click to Call Google AdWords Advertising

Click to Call is a superb feature for law firm pay per click because people looking for lawyers want to talk to their potential lawyer.

Added to this fact, we know that more and more people are doing their internet browsing via cell phones in today’s world. This internet browsing includes the search for an appropriate lawyer. Click to Call Google AdWords advertising then becomes the perfect feature for law firm pay per click.

Therefore, cash in on this gradually expanding target audience. Give people looking for legal support exactly what they need at the touch of a button and start using Click to Call Google AdWords advertising as part of your law firm pay per click campaign.

Contact Webrageous Studios, pay per click specialist for law firms in the US, to discuss the use of Click to Call Google AdWords advertisements in more detail.

Family Law Firm Advertisement Text: Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important things in Pay Per Click Management is the writing of advertisement text and the construction of advertisements in general.
family law firm advertisement text
If your family law firm website design or the advertisements that are created for your pay per click campaign are flawed in any way, your pay per click manager must make improvements immediately. If your pay per click manager doesn’t know how to make the necessary improvements to your family law website design, you have two options:

  1. Write your own advertisements, optimize your own family law firm website design and manage your own pay per click campaigns.
  2. Find another pay per click management company that knows what it’s doing regarding family law firm advertisement text and website construction, like Webrageous Studios, for example.

The second option, even for a small family law firm with little advertising needs, is by far the better option all round. However, if you do feel like trying things out on your own, Webrageous is happy to provide a little bit of advice about family law website design and the managing of advertisements via Google AdWords Pay Per Click today.
Contact Webrageous Studios to discuss your family law firm website design issues and read the rest of this article to become better acquainted with the creation of effective family law firm advertisement text.

Creating Effective Family Law Firm Advertisement Text

Overall, there are probably five areas of major concern when it comes to improving the quality of your family law firm advertisement text and advertisement optimization. The following five areas of concern represent the basic and unforgivable errors that a pay per click advertiser might make without proper guidance or under the pay per click management leadership of a PPC company that is clearly inexperienced in family law firm advertisement text:

  • Poor Broad Match Search Use in Advertisement Optimization
  • Spealling Errors in Advertisement Text…(Get it?)
  • Advertisement Text that Doesn’t Make Sense
  • Poor Format: Headlines Running into Text Bodies
  • Passive Voice Advertisement Text

In order to appreciate the difficulties in the above areas and the effects that they have on your marketing success via pay per click advertising, please read the full article entitled Poor Google Advertisement Text for Family Law Firms by clicking on this link.