Google AdWords Negative Keywords

There are three main ways in which negative keywords are managed differently when comparing the Pay Per Click systems developed by Google and Microsoft. These differences clearly reveal that Google has the advantage over Microsoft and that it can provide its Pay Per Click Advertisers with a much better way of using and managing negative keywords in advertising campaigns in general.

The main differences between the two networks and their application of negative keywords are as follows:

  • Where the Negatives Apply
  • Negative Match Types
  • Hierarchical Application

Let us take each of these differences in turn in order to explain what they actually are and how they affect the Pay Per Click Advertiser. As a specialist in Pay Per Click Management for law firms, Webrageous Studios believes that attorney marketing is best addressed in the hands of Google AdWords and this comparative study on the use of negative keywords can lay proof to the claim.

Lawyer marketing is at its best with Pay Per Click via Google AdWords. Study what you can do with negative keywords in an AdWords Campaign that you can’t do on the Microsoft Network below and you’ll understand why.

Where the Negatives Apply

Google AdWords negative keywords can only be applied at the Campaign or Ad Group levels. Microsoft allows its Pay Per Click Advertisers to also apply negative keywords at keyword level, but it doesn’t make the process particularly simple. You are only allowed to use 1024 characters (including commas) for any one campaign and therefore the scope that you are given is not very useful.

Therefore, the question is, why even bother with negative keywords at the keyword level? Attorney marketing is better served if it sticks to Google AdWords for negative keyword application as its simplicity ensures that all Pay Per Click Campaigns are instantly compatible with other networks.

Should a law firm decide that it wants to increase the power of its law firm marketing by advertising on other Pay Per Click Networks, the Google AdWords negative keywords campaign structure makes that transition and application much simpler. Essentially, lawyer marketing via AdWords affords the advertiser a lot of freedom and a little hassle in the selection of its negative keywords.

Negative Match Types

Google, unlike Microsoft, also allows three different match types for negative keywords. Your Pay Per Click Campaigns for law firm online marketing can cover broad match, phrase match and exact match negative keywords which means that the optimization of your campaigns can be highly detailed.

You do not want to be charged lots due to high CTRs and low conversions because your negative keywords aren’t in place to cover broad, phrase and exact match negative keywords. Lawyer marketing may need to exclude internet searches for “medical implant legal services” but include internet searches for “medical recall legal services”. Therefore, the exact phrase match negative keyword is a vital tool to have in place to optimize to the max. Google provides this opportunity.

In addition, broad match on “medical recall” also covers “recall medical” internet searches too. Not all Pay Per Click Networks provide this kind of cover regarding negative keywords and therefore Google AdWords comes out shining once again.

Hierarchical Application

Perhaps one of the most important facts to highlight about law firm marketing and negative keyword use via Google AdWords is that, unlike other Pay Per Click Networks, Google AdWords ensures that your campaign and ad group negatives are cumulative and work in combination.

How Will Google Adwords Negative Keywords Affect Your PPC Campaign?

Essentially it means that if you have 30 campaign level negatives and 15 ad group level negatives then the ad group actually has 45 negative keywords which will prevent advertisements from showing. Whereas AdCenter’s negative keyword application decreases to the lowest level. Therefore, 30 campaign level negatives and 15 ad group level negatives only makes a total of 15 ad group level negatives protecting your advertisements from inappropriate impressions and clicks.

Therefore, law firm online marketing via Google protects the advertisements from appearing when a negative keyword has been placed into the search engine to a greater degree than the other networks.

Attorney marketing can only be made better and more explicit thanks to the services that Google provides, which is why Webrageous Studios chooses to manage all of its Law Firm Pay Per Click Campaigns via Google AdWords.

If you want to improve your law firm marketing, then you need to contact Webrageous Studios and have us manipulate the use of negative keywords within the Google AdWords Network to show you the kind of effects that could be made to your business thanks to a properly controlled online marketing plan.