AdWords Management: how to tell if your PPC manager can be trusted

If you are using an external agency to manage your Google AdWords account, chances are your knowledge of AdWords is limited. Therefore, how can you know that your PPC manager is doing a great job?

Of course you can have a glimpse at your account performance with the following metrics: CTR, traffic generated (impressions and clicks), number of leads or sales, cost per conversion and ROI. If you are still using the same agency to manage your account, I am sure you must be happy enough with the work and the leads you are getting, and maybe the number of leads you are getting even exceeds the number of leads you had planned to reach in the initial goal you set up with the agency. But how do you know that you couldn’t get any more leads? Or that you could get the same amount for a lower spend?

If you have been using the same account manager for a while and you are happy with the results, there might be a chance that this person is just letting the account running and not looking for ways to improve it anymore. In other terms, your account manager might just prepare a report at the end of each month (or maybe he doesn’t even do that?) and charge you a high fee for that. It also depends on the type of PPC management fee you decided to use with the agency. If you are using a fixed monthly management fee, you should definitely try and find out if the fee you are paying is fair in regards to the amount of work performed. If you are using a percentage of spend fee, you might not experience that problem, although your PPC manager could still just bid on untargeted keywords in order for you to spend more money and him to bill you more (ending with a lot of money wasted on your side for no reason).

I am not saying here that all PPC agencies can’t be trusted and that they are all only interested in making more money. But some will only do the minimum after a while. And the others will be the ones constantly looking to improve your account and going the extra mile to get the most of it like if it was their own account. Those are the ones you want to work with. And if your current agency is not part of them, then it is better to realize it now and stop paying high fees for a minimum job, and instead find the right trustable PPC manager that you will be happy to give your money to as it will bring you so much more return on investment.

Luckily there is a quick way to check the amount of work your current agency is doing. As Google is always keen to track down everything, AdWords is no exception and any change applied in your account is recorded in the change history.

To have a quick look at how often changes are applied and the number of changes that are performed during a period of time, the best is to add a column related to change history:


As you can see in the screenshot above, you can either decide to get the number related to all changes in a single column, or you can use different columns for budget, bids, keywords or ads changes.
Once you have set that column up, it will show you the number of changes applied during the period of time selected, as shown in the screenshot below:


Usually it is recommended to analyze an AdWords account at least once a week to keep it healthy, so I would advise you to initially choose the last 7 days’ time frame (as shown in the screenshot above).

Regarding the number of changes that should be applied, there is no golden rule (the 3547 changes you see in the screenshot above are quite exceptional, it is explained by the fact that there is a lot of testing going on in this account at the moment) and it really depends on how large the account is and the current optimization phase (of course there will be more changes and testing at the beginning of the management).

If you want to go behind the numbers and actually check which changes were applied, you need to go in the “Tools” tab in the AdWords interface and select “Change History”:


Then you will have a window opening with all the changes applied during the period selected, along with the date, the time and even the details of the user that applied them:


If you then click on “Show details”, you will get the full details on a particular change.

Having a look at that will quickly help you understand if your agency is doing everything in its hand to get the best out of your account, or if it is just doing the minimum (or not even?). If not a single change has been applied in the last month, there is definitely a problem. Please also be wise not to let your agency know that you are spying on them, as they could easily apply a few small changes that wouldn’t have any impact on the account performance (like for example increasing all bids by 1%) but that would easily regain your trust.

There are also two other parameters that you can quickly check to know straight away if your PPC agency is doing a great work.

The first one is the landing page. If the ads that your agency created all direct to your homepage although you have a wonderful website with different landing pages for each product, then I can tell you that your agency is not interested in improving your account. Every PPC manager knows that the key to get a better performance is relevancy and your manager should split your account by themed ad groups leading to different landing pages.

The second one is mobile optimization. There are now more searches on mobiles than on desktops, so if your agency has never mentioned or discussed a mobile strategy with you, I can assure you that they are not going the extra mile to improve your account. They should be concerned if your website is not mobile friendly and they should use specific mobile innovations like click to call ads.

Of course one last parameter that you could add is transparency. If your agency is trying to hide things from you, it is usually not a good sign.

If after reading this post you have a doubt about your AdWords management agency work, do not hesitate to contact us as you could benefit from our 60 day risk free trial. You could even still use your agency in the meantime and see who does the best work after a few weeks. Why don’t you contact us today to learn more about this option?



The Real Key to a Strong AdWords Campaign

Strong AdWords CampaignIf you are reading this article then you are probably already aware that Google AdWords is one of the best methods of boosting conversions for your business. What you might be less aware of is the importance of combining this with top quality Google AdWords management.

How do you produce a strong AdWords campaign?

Here are a few reasons why Google AdWords management should be at the top of your list in terms of running a successful AdWords campaign.

Google AdWords management means constant support.

With Google AdWords management, you never have to go through it alone. There are many nuances to running a strong AdWords campaign and your management team will ensure that these are taken care of and perfected. Google AdWords requires a high degree of knowledge and training and without expert support you could find that achieving success is limited. But with Google AdWords management you will have support all the way through.

Google AdWords management means sticking to a budget.

There is no reason why you should have to go over your budget if you have a strong AdWords campaign run by a great management team. The great thing about Google AdWords is that it can work with any budget as long as the managers of the campaigns know what they are doing. By outsourcing Google AdWords management you will have a team of experts who can deliver your business’ desired results without going over budget.

Google AdWords management will make sure your campaign is highly targeted.

Advertisers that choose to manage their own campaigns often find themselves being outbid by larger competitors. Google AdWords management will make sure your campaigns are highly targeted using the relevant tools on Google AdWords. This will increase your chances of marketing your products or services directly to those people who are seeking them and significantly reduce spending that is not resulting in conversions.

Google AdWords management will allow you to concentrate on running your business.

Google AdWords management is time consuming and requires a great deal of training and experience. By outsourcing Google AdWords management you are not only freeing yourself up from time spent researching and managing strong AdWords campaigns, but you are also able to get back to what you are good at – running your business. There is no point in having an unbelievably strong AdWords campaign if your business suffers in the meantime.
Therefore, you have to make sure you seek out the experts in Google AdWords management to run your business’ advertising campaigns. Google AdWords management specialist Webrageous is more than happy to have a look over your business’ advertising needs and give you a strong AdWords campaign.
Give us a call today at 866-720-5172 to find out how we can turn around your struggling advertising measures into a strong AdWords campaign. We can provide you with a free quote.
You might also want to read this article on how Webrageous continues to excel at providing top quality Google AdWords management to businesses in need of an advertising facelift. The article is entitled The Best in Google AdWords Management.

The Google AdWords Campaign Management Advantage

If you had an old relic, an antique worth a lot of money, you would do anything you could to keep it in mint condition, right? Well, the same thing applies with Google AdWords. Google AdWords campaign management, that is, good Google AdWords campaign management, aims to keep your Google AdWords campaigns in mint condition.
Google AdWords Campaign ManagementThat is why, just like when you seek the right expert to clean and polish your antiques, you must also find the right kind of Google AdWords management. This is important as management by people who don’t know what they’re doing or who don’t have adequate experience or qualifications risk damaging your Google AdWords campaigns and losing you a lot of money, just like a mistreated antique could render it worthless.

The Advantage of Using Google AdWords Campaign Management

Any of this could happen in as short a time period as a day so it is very important to find the best Google AdWords campaign management with years of experience handling AdWords campaigns and up-to-date Google AdWords qualifications.
Here are a few more reasons why you should be seeking the top Google AdWords management in the market:

Think of Google AdWords as a prized artifact that everyone is bidding on.

Google continues to be the most widely accessed Internet search engine in the world, with hundreds of millions of people searching online for any number of things on Google every day. With the huge number of people accessing the popular search engine, it is only logical that Google AdWords is the biggest paid search marketing tool.
With this in mind, it also makes sense that Google AdWords is going to be very competitive. In order to get a spot on the top of the list you will need a Google AdWords management expert to handle exactly how you handle your bidding campaign as well as market what it is that you are selling. When it comes to any aspect of Google AdWords, the experts in Google AdWords management will have it covered.

Google AdWords campaign management will keep your relics well-maintained without costing you an arm and a leg.

The best Google AdWords management experts know how to keep your Google AdWords campaigns performing without charging you extra for it. In fact, they should be able to save you money, potentially a lot of money. Any great Google AdWords management company should have the experience to be able to stay within your budget and still see results.
By using a series of techniques to make the best of Google AdWords accounts, your manager should be able to keep your campaigns in great shape without you having to put in extra money. In the long run, Google AdWords campaign management not only increases the value of your campaigns, it also costs you less in the long run. Therefore, when it comes to Google AdWords it is always better to outsource. It is then just a matter of finding the best Google AdWords management company to meet your online advertising needs.

Google AdWords management will keep you in the bidding war.

It shouldn’t matter how small or large your company is when it comes to Google AdWords. Anyone can make Google AdWords work with the right management. So if you are in a position where you are being outbid by larger companies then it is time to outsource Google AdWords management to an expert. Google AdWords was designed as a way of making Google accessible to all advertisers so achieving excellent results through your campaigns is achievable.
With Google AdWords management, the keyword bidding war should no longer be a concern as good management should work on a number of things across your campaigns so that your quality score is greatly improved. This could range from optimizing your advertisement text and making sure your advertisements are relevant to your landing pages to improving links and optimizing websites. Google AdWords ranks advertisements based on their quality score so this is an important point.

The best Google AdWords management will see your campaigns outperforming the rest.

With the right Google AdWords campaign management, you can sit back and watch as your campaigns achieve the success they deserve. Google AdWords managers use a number of techniques to optimize your campaigns and ensure they aren’t performing poorly while also focusing those campaigns on those people who you are aiming your product or service at.
That is the beauty of Google AdWords, you can target people who are directly seeking what you are offering and therefore are much more likely to make a conversion. Google AdWords campaign management works towards getting your advertisements into a spot where they will be seen, while also encouraging searchers to click on your advertisement and make a conversion while they’re there, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

Join the hunt for priceless valuables.

Google AdWords campaign management turns your old and dusty furniture into priceless valuables, metaphorically speaking. Poorly performing campaigns can be turned into online super sellers with the right help. It is simply a matter of finding the best Google AdWords campaign management out there.
We offer that at pay per click management firm Webrageous, a specialist in Google AdWords campaign management.
For more information on just how we can turn your campaigns around and make them into top sellers, feel free to give us a call at any time. We can also provide you with a free quote and a time to talk to one of our specialist Google AdWords managers.
Alternatively, you can read this article about the great success Webrageous has had in Google AdWords campaign management for our clients.

Google AdWords Research: What It Should Cover

When it comes to running a successful Google AdWords campaign, there is one thing that you absolutely must do to succeed – research.
google adwords research
Research is a crucial component of all aspects of a Google AdWords campaign, from keywords, advertisement text and calls to action to reporting tools and targeting. With Google AdWords, not only must you be well-read in terms of all the rules to be followed but it also helps if you are qualified, in order to ensure that you have done as much research as possible.
The best way of all, particularly if you do not have time to research, is to outsource the running of your campaigns to Google AdWords managers who have done the necessary research already.

Google AdWords Research Focus Areas

Either way, whether you are doing it on your own or you’ve hired an expert, here are critical areas where your Google AdWords research should focus on: (more…)

Good Pay Per Click Management Turns Heads

Bad pay per click management can be kind of like a bad hairdo. You’ve either got to wait until it grows out and hope for the best or find a better hairdresser who can fix it. Let it grow out and you risk being mocked by your friends, perhaps for months. It might even become an in-house joke, with the bad hairdo shown at parties for years to come.

When it comes to your pay per click campaigns, think of that “miracle worker” – the hairdresser who is able to fix your hairdo – as an expert pay per click manager such as those we offer at pay per click management firm Webrageous.

Pay Per Click ManagementIf your pay per click campaign is suffering, not only are we going to get it back on its feet, but we can almost guarantee that with our excellent pay per click management it will start achieving success. No more laughing friends, in fact just the opposite.
Even your competitors will be ringing to find out the name of your pay per click management team so they can have a look that achieves as much success as yours. To have a pay per click manager who can turn a disastrous campaign into a success story is a wonderful gift and we are lucky enough to be able to provide that at Webrageous.
Of course, if you start off by outsourcing pay per click management to Webrageous, it will be like when you leave the hairdresser with a stunning hairdo that literally turns heads as you walk down the street. People will be stopping you in the street to find out where you got your new “do”. (more…)

Google AdWords Management Service: What They Can Do

Google AdWords is the Ferrari of the sports cars and like any quality sports car it needs a specialist mechanic and regular servicing. Google AdWords management is like the mechanic of your Google AdWords campaign. Google AdWords Management Service
It needs to keep the campaign in good condition to avoid the chance of it running into any mechanical problems. If something does go wrong, the Google AdWords management service needs to be able to fix the problem and seek a fast solution to get the campaign running again.

Why should you get a Google AdWords management service?

Here’s why your Google AdWords management service needs to keep on top of clients’ campaigns:

Google AdWords is the racecar of pay per click.

Around 250 million people search Google every day. Considering this, it makes sense that Google AdWords is the leading provider of paid search marketing. It is also obvious that the competition on such a popular search engine is going to be very fierce. And so advertisements need to stick out above the competition.
If a client is going to win the Google AdWords race and have their advertisements appear first and win over their audience, they need to have a great management team behind them. Having a Google AdWords management service means you never have to get out on the track alone. You’ll have someone driving the campaign and support giving them advice all the way through the race and beyond.

With a Google AdWords management service, you won’t need to constantly fill up at the gas station.

A quality Google AdWords management service sticks to the budget that the clients request. While there is always room for advice on where certain increases might be worthwhile, there shouldn’t be any pressure to spend more money. Any good quality Google AdWords management service would understand that a healthy campaign doesn’t mean more money. After all, you won’t be requiring Google AdWords management if your business runs out of money.
With Google AdWords there is no minimum spend so you can spend as much or as little as you want. You are then able to set a budget and keyword bids that match your company’s online advertising budget. With pay per click, you only pay for clicks on your advertisements, not every time they appear on Google. So if you don’t receive clicks, you don’t pay.

You won’t get road rage with a Google AdWords management service.

Online marketing can be frustrating, particularly for smaller companies who are constantly outbid by large companies with a significant web presence. The idea of a Google AdWords management service is that Google is accessible to all advertisers, no matter how small or large. So a good Google AdWords manager should be able to achieve results with a highly targeted campaign no matter how small your budget is.
So there shouldn’t be any need to come up against larger companies in a fight for keywords with the help of a Google AdWords management service. They should be able to get optimize your campaign so that money isn’t the main issue anymore. After all, Google AdWords ranks advertisements based on quality scores, which are affected by a range of optimization aspects.

With a Google AdWords campaign that runs well, you can cruise the countryside.

Google AdWords determines how people use Google to access information. A Google AdWords manager uses Google to highly focus your campaigns by targeting exactly those people that you are marketing your products or services to. This means that you can sit back and relax as the hard work is taken away from you.
With Google AdWords, your advertisements are shown to people who are already seeking what you’re offering. It is your Google AdWords management service that gets those advertisements in a prominent position on search results, makes them attractive to potential clients, and encourages them to make a conversion.

Take the highway to success

If you are looking for a Google AdWords management service that meets all of these criteria, then check out pay per click management company and Google AdWords specialist Webrageous.
You can contact us on 866-720-5172 for a free quote and consult with one of our Google AdWords managers.
To find out how Webrageous excels in Google AdWords management, have a look at this article on how our Google AdWords management can keep your campaigns in tune.

We are The Pay Per Click Management Gurus

Webrageous Studios provides support, advice, instruction and shelter to all of its Pay Per Click Advertising Clients and that is why it is The Pay Per Click Management Guru you need to put yourself in contact with if what you so desire is to improve your Google AdWords Advertising Campaign.
Pay Per Click Management GuruWhy is Webrageous the Pay Per Click Management Guru? Why is it that this Google AdWords Management Company stands out above all the rest? What is it about Webrageous that ensures success for all of its advertising clients? (more…)

Google AdWords Management – Taking the Leap from Small to Large Campaigns

If you are handling the Google AdWords Management of a small campaign within your business, you might find that things have been running smoothly.

Google AdWords ManagementWhen your business is doing well thanks to your Google AdWords campaign, you might be thinking of setting up a larger campaign. If it was smooth sailing for the other campaign why shouldn’t it be the same for this one?

You might even have someone who is not a Google AdWords Management expert managing your campaign and are thinking of putting the larger campaign in their hands.

Be careful. The Google AdWords Management of large campaigns is not as easy as it might seem. Here’s why: (more…)

Taking the Leap from Small to Large AdWords Campaigns

Large AdWords CampaignsIf you are handling the Google AdWords Management of a small campaign within your business, you might find that things have been running smoothly.
When your business is doing well thanks to your Google AdWords campaign, you might be thinking of setting up a larger campaign. If it was smooth sailing for the other campaign why shouldn’t it be the same for this one?
You might even have someone who is not a Google AdWords Management expert managing your large AdWords campaign and are thinking of putting it in their hands.
Be careful. The Google AdWords Management of large AdWords campaigns is not as easy as it might seem. Here’s why:

One Small Step for Managing Small Google AdWords Campaigns

Managing small Google AdWords campaigns is fairly straightforward. While the best results always come from an expert in Google AdWords Management, the simpler campaigns can be handled by someone without experience and achieve satisfactory results.
In order to achieve successful Google AdWords Management of simple campaigns, you can follow the steps by reading Google AdWords’ handbook. Choose a few keywords, the right advertisement text, click all the buttons, optimize your landing page and you’re set.
Of course, you have to decide if you’re happy with satisfactory Google AdWords results or are after the best results. Even in small Google AdWords campaigns, you’re always better to choose a firm experienced in Google AdWords Management. They will ensure your advertisements achieve top rankings and clicks turn into conversions.
Webrageous Studios is an expert in Google AdWords Management and can achieve the best results for your Google AdWords campaigns.

One Giant Leap for Managing Large AdWords Campaigns

When it comes to managing large AdWords campaigns, the steps should be the same as for small campaigns, right? Wrong.
When managing small campaigns you can organize keywords into ad groups, separate the keyword themes, and focus on writing quality advertisement text.
But when it comes to managing of large AdWords campaigns, this is not going to work as there will be too much information to handle. You might have to look at using Google AdWords’ tool for managers of large campaigns – AdWords Editor.
To successfully manage a large AdWords campaign, you will need to start off by putting the information into groups of variables, such as campaign name, ad group name, and keyword. This will get you ready for the first step in Google AdWords Management of entering the data into AdWords Editor. You will then need to set your bids, your budget, and other settings.
To find out more about using AdWords Editor and why it might be better to use a Google AdWords Management expert to manage large AdWords campaigns, have a look at this article by Webrageous.
Creating and managing large AdWords campaigns is not an easy feat by any means. While AdWords Editor is there to help things easier for when you decide to attempt Google AdWords Management on large campaigns, it is also not an easy tool to use efficiently.
That’s where your Google AdWords Management expert comes in. Leave the stresses of managing large Google AdWords campaigns to Webrageous. Our account managers are Google AdWords qualified to provide the best results for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Our AdWords Management Success via #adwordsstory

Webrageous Studios is excited by the prospect of sharing its Google AdWords management success stories on the #adwordsstory Twitter stream over the next few weeks.
#adwordsstoryEvery day, Webrageous Studios has another Google AdWords management success story to share with the world, but most of the time we simply forget to tell people about them. The day goes past so quickly with our pay per click managers working like busy little Google AdWords management bees, that we never really share the wonderful things that we do for our advertising clients on a daily basis.
All of that is about to change.
Now, thanks to the #adwordsstory stream, developed on Twitter by the Google AdWords team, Webrageous has the opportunity to share its success stories in Google AdWords management quickly and with very little effort.

Sharing Our Story through #adwordsstory

Thank goodness! There’s already so much else to do, that promoting all the fantastic work we do in Google AdWords management through #adwordsstory is just not at the top of our list of priorities, even though it perhaps should be.
Incidentally, anyone can post an #adwordsstory to the stream on Twitter. Whatever it is you have to say about your experiences related to Google AdWords can be tweeted at any time and read by everyone. It is a great way of sharing your Google AdWords management moments because it is so quick and convenient, so do log in and get tweeting if you have something you would like the world to know about.
As for Webrageous and its Google AdWords management successes, the following stories are due to make their tweeting debut over the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled for the Webrageous Google AdWords management updates on the #adwordsstory stream and you’ll see just how fantastic we are at what we do.
Celebrate with us!

#adwordsstory Tweets You Should Look Forward To

Here are the Google AdWords management stories we are likely to tweet about on the #adwordsstory stream in the next few days:

1. Increase in Conversions

Thanks to Webrageous’ Google AdWords management skills, one advertising attorney client received 17 calls and 6 people filled out his contact form during one week when he spent only $650 on Google AdWords advertising.

2. Google AdWords Management Extras

All divorce attorney advertising clients at Webrageous are given a FREE website as part of our Google AdWords management services, because we know that these websites are optimized for optimum pay per click advertising success and they bring immediate results.

3. Doubling Client Base

One law firm in Texas has reported that its business has more than doubled since beginning to advertise via Google AdWords and that this has been down to the wonderful Google AdWords management skills of Webrageous Studios.

4. Loyal Clients

“Webrageous has been in charge of our Google AdWords management for the past five years and since that time our web advertising has gone crazy, ” reports another very satisfied and very loyal advertising client.

5. Click Fraud

Another client is keen to report the fact that Webrageous was quick to recognize some click fraud that was going on within his advertising campaign and that, because of Webrageous’ fast response, all of the monies lost were given back to the client. Webrageous protects your advertising campaign when in charge of your Google AdWords management and this means that you have little to worry about.
Keep an eye out for more of Webrageous Studios’ Google AdWords management success stories on the #adwordsstory Twitter stream from now on. Or, better yet, contact our company and start working with us to make some more Google AdWords success stories of your own to write about.

Pay Per Click Management helps businesses remain profitable during economic downturn, says web expert

***For Immediate Release***

money signs imageRENO, Nevada — The head of a local firm that manages pay per click campaigns for law firms, retailers, and service providers, says his clients are remaining profitable despite the economic downturn.

David Chapman, Director of Sales and Marketing of Reno-based Webrageous Studios, specializes in helping firms get the most out of their Internet advertising and marketing – specifically, he fine-tunes their “pay-per-click” advertising to bring in greater numbers of qualified clients and customers. (more…)