When it comes to running a successful Google AdWords campaign, there is one thing that you absolutely must do to succeed – research.
google adwords research
Research is a crucial component of all aspects of a Google AdWords campaign, from keywords, advertisement text and calls to action to reporting tools and targeting. With Google AdWords, not only must you be well-read in terms of all the rules to be followed but it also helps if you are qualified, in order to ensure that you have done as much research as possible.
The best way of all, particularly if you do not have time to research, is to outsource the running of your campaigns to Google AdWords managers who have done the necessary research already.

Google AdWords Research Focus Areas

Either way, whether you are doing it on your own or you’ve hired an expert, here are critical areas where your Google AdWords research should focus on:

Google AdWords Keyword Research

Choosing keywords on Google AdWords involves much more than just picking the ones that are the most obvious and then bidding as high as possible to ensure you always win. After all, not every company is going to be able to afford to do that. Choosing keywords involves a lot of research, in terms of exactly what your potential customer is going to search for and what they aren’t going to search for.
Negative keywords are important. Learning about the different keyword tools available through Google AdWords is important too so extensive Google AdWords research by that means is also key. It may be that your campaign would work better with more specific keyword phrases or a broad match might make more sense.
Again, a Google AdWords manager will have spent years researching keyword combinations and studying what works best for certain campaigns so it is often your best option to outsource management to an expert.

Advertisement Text and Calls to Action

If you want potential customers to click on your advertisement on Google then you need to do some Google AdWords research as to what text is going to draw them in and entice them to click. It is more than just explaining what you offer or catching their attention. You need to write words that exactly meet what they are searching for and that make them want to click on your Google AdWords advertisement.
Also, in the case of text advertisements you only have a few words to get your message across. In these few words you must clearly explain what the product or service is and make it attractive so the searcher feels a need to click on the advertisement.
The call-to-action must describe the action that they should take if they were to click on your Google AdWords advertisement. “Call now”, “Download here” and “Sign up today” are just a few examples of a call-to-action you will want to include in your advertisement.
Another important Google Adwords research approach when it comes to advertisement text is trial and error. You need to be able to observe certain advertisements, assess their success rate, and change them if need be to see if the new text works better. It can be good to leave this job to a Google AdWords manager who has time to continually observe and monitor how successful an advertisement is and make changes as soon as they notice any ill-performing advertisements.
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