First, what is a Google Sponsored Link? Essentially, it is another way of referring to what is also known as a Paid Google Advertisement. When working with Google AdWords on a PPC Advertising Campaign, all of the advertisements that are created in order to sell your product or promote your brand/service/business are Google Sponsored Links. They are the advertisements which appear to the right hand side of a Google Search Engine’s Results Pages (SERP) and sometimes above the natural “organic” listings too. The question is how to improve the quality of your Google Sponsored Links in order to increase ROI and decrease advertising costs. Before we share some great tips with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.

Take a look at the following tips…..

Google Sponsored Links will cost the PPC Advertiser less money as their advertising campaign becomes more effective. What a positive thought! Google rewards its PPC Advertisers for being good at what they do and so the better your PPC Advertising actually is, the less money it will cost you to run your advertising campaign. If only all things in life worked out like this!

Before a Google Sponsored Link for your company or product can appear on a SERP, PPC Advertisers must enter into a bidding auction in order to bid for their advertisement placement against other PPC Advertisers. The better your PPC campaign, the more chance you stand of being given the advertisement spot that you’re bidding for at a lower cost. So, how do you make your advertisement more desirable and thus convince Google to offer you the Sponsored Link position on their results page that you are bidding for?

The answer is….. improve your Quality Score.

The answer is very simple, but the actual achievement of this goal in practice takes a lot of time, energy, patience and expertise. Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers at Webrageous Studios study hard and continue to remain up to date about all new developments regarding Google Sponsored Links and Quality Score improvement in order to run PPC campaigns of top quality. They train very hard and devote every working day to keeping up with these developments. That is why, if wanting to begin working on a PPC Advertising Campaign in the near future, you should avoid the mistake of thinking that it is a good idea to independently manage your own PPC campaign. It is not. Click here to listen to client testimonials that recommend Webrageous Studios as a top quality PPC Management Firm and get in touch today to find out more about how we can support you on the road to Google Sponsored Links success.

Having said all that, as a little insight into what is needed to raise Quality Score and thus create effective, cost-friendly Google Sponsored Links, the following short list is a good place for new PPC Advertisers to begin. PPC Advertising is a complex process and the improvement of Quality Score is perhaps one of the most difficult to get right as the factors in play are not your average 2+2=4 equation. Read on…

Raising Quality Score Helps to Lower the Costs of Google Sponsored Links

Quality Score is affected by the following factors (however, this list is by no means exhaustive):

  1. The relevance of your advertisement to the search query
  2. The relevance of the keyword to your ad group
  3. The relevance of your advertisement to its landing page
  4. The historical PPC click-through rate (CTR) of the advertisement and its ad group
  5. Overall historical account performance

There are many different tools and features on the market, ordinarily free to download too, in addition to the features that Google AdWords itself already provides; tools that can help improve Quality Score. For example, the Google AdWords Editor is an excellent way of tracking keyword activity and the Google Keyword Tool is a very simple program to use which will help find new keywords and keyword phrases without very little difficulty. Using these tools can make Google Sponsored Links immediately more effective. They are vital tools for any PPC campaign.

Keyword choice (considering the five bullet points marked above) is such an important factor in terms of improving Quality Score and of thus reducing advertising costs too, that many companies on the Internet develop new features for PPC Advertisers to utilize in order to further optimize their accounts and keep advertising costs to a minimum. For instance, if your keywords are arranged poorly in ad groups that are far too broad, it is incredibly difficult to write effective, Quality Score friendly, advertisement text. If your company happens to sell hats and you have one ad group that covers all hats for women, the Quality Score of that ad group is not going to be very high. Imagine if someone were to be looking for a female winter hat or a hat to go to the races in or a hat to accompany that important wedding outfit next month. “Female Hats” is too broad a category to then be able to write effective and relevant advertisement text for. Therefore, your Google Sponsored Link is likely to have a poor Quality Score and will therefore cost you more money to run.

In addition, if the advertisement text cannot be written effectively, how can a landing page be chosen effectively?

A woman looking for a winter hat will need to be directed to the landing page showing winter hats. She is more likely to click on the Google Sponsored Link with advertisement text relevant to winter hats for example, than the Google Sponsored Link that is for female hats in general. Then, once she has clicked on that Sponsored Link, if she arrives at a landing page full of winter hats, she is more likely to make a conversion and buy one. However, if she is instead directed to a general hat page with lots of hat styles, she may well leave the site immediately and go elsewhere. She is a very busy lady and does not have the time nor inclination to search through your site for what she wants.

This is why using Google AdWords Editor could be a good idea. They might help to better arrange keywords into ad groups, which in turn would help to hone in on advertising text and landing page relevance. This in turn would help to raise Quality Score and ensure that the Google Sponsored Link you were paying for would be more effective overall.

More on Google Sponsored Links

It is impossible to cover every angle of Google Sponsored Links in this article. In fact, Webrageous Studios has hardly scratched the surface in terms of how to best manage them. The management of Google Sponsored Links is a tricky subject, particularly in some ways because Google AdWords is such a highly developed and complex program that has been running successfully for a number of years. However, Google Sponsored Links Experts, such as Webrageous Studios, are well trained and well experienced in all PPC matters. Should you wish to make contact with Webrageous Studios to discuss your needs in person, you can fill out our contact form below and a Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Manager will be in touch with you shortly.