A Pay Per Click Manager is also called a PPC Account Manager. This is someone you can hire either directly, or through a PPC Management Company.

PPC Account Managers handle online PPC Advertising Campaigns. These campaigns can be for different kinds of clients. They can be for independent business owners or non-profit organizations. They can also be professional firms, such as a law firm, for instance.

Webrageous Studios is a PPC Management Company with highly trained PPC Managers. All PPC managers are now Google AdWords Certified after successfully passing the Google AdWords Accreditation exam.

Responsibilities of a Pay Per Click Manager

The PPC Managers at Webrageous Studios are responsible for the following areas:

1. They work on the development of advertisements.
2. They apply their expertise in writing advertising text.
3. Each manager pays particular attention to the process of grouping advertisements into more specific ad groups.
4. Each manager monitors conversion activity.
5. All managers are aware of their advertising budgets and work on pulling down the cost per click of all conversions within a campaign.
6. They do research into keyword development and keyword optimization.
7. They perform in depth analysis of each advertising campaign they manage.
8. All managers experiment with advertisement scheduling to achieve higher click through rates.

The above list does not even cover all the duties of a PPC manager. The job is fairly intense and very detailed.

Managing any PPC advertising campaign through the use of Google AdWords is highly intense. It requires a large pool of knowledge and expertise that never ceases to grow and expand.

Basically, the above list outlines the main objectives of any PPC Manager hired to work on any PPC advertising campaign. This serves as a good starting point for understanding exactly what it is a PPC Manager can do for you.


Working as a Webrageous Studios Pay Per Click Manager

As mentioned above, the PPC Managers at Webrageous Studios are all Google AdWords Certified. This is a factor that the company, under the leadership of David Chapman, considers to be highly important.

Webrageous Studios prides itself on the quality of the services it never fails to deliver. This makes the extent of their expertise in PPC Management more apparent.

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Are you interested in becoming a Pay Per Click Manager for Webrageous Studios?

The company regularly provides opportunities to expand the PPC Management skills of every employee. Therefore, Webrageous thoroughly supports any employee building an impressive PPC Management CV.

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Webrageous Studios does not just work with independent business owners and large corporations. In fact, they are now working very closely with a non-profit organization. Here, they hope to increase the Google Grant of the non-profit organization to more than $40,000. The skills required here are different than the demands of commercial clients.

This is why there are a lot of development opportunities for Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous Studios. A career with this company can therefore expand to many directions.

Pay Per Click Management with Webrageous

Are you a PPC Advertiser looking for someone to manage your campaign? Read more about the extra pay per click advertising services you can expect from Webrageous Studios.

Webrageous Studios does not just offer the usual PPC advertising services. The company provides more than the expected norm. They make this possible through their extensive experience and qualifications.

For example, Webrageous gives its PPC Managers training on the use of relevant tools. The Google Remarketing Tool is one of them. This allows them to optimize campaigns further. Also, it helps them steadily increase both the rate and the number of conversions. Of course, this is done without increasing advertising costs.

Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous Studios also have access to Google AdWords Phone Support.

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