PPC Advertising is one of the forms of Online Marketing that you have to pay for. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and refers directly to the fact that every time someone “clicks” on your online advertisement, you are charged for that “click.”

How much you are charged differs depending on factors that arise from what is known as “bidding,” which is a little too complicated to go into in this article, but which is basically a system that works rather like a auction where you bid for certain keywords against other PPC Advertisers who are looking to market themselves online in the same or a similar field to you.

PPC Advertising is offered by the big online marketing giants like Bing, Yahoo and Google. However, newer PPC networks have begun appearing on the scene through certain social networking sites too.

As the competition continues to rise between different PPC Networks, the complexity of the PPC Advertising also becomes that much more profound. Every day, new products, features and tools are developed for the PPC network of users in order to make PPC Advertising more effective. At the same time, these constant developments have turned PPC Advertising into a full time job with specialists qualified to work in the field.

For example, Webrageous Studios is a company made up of highly qualified Google AdWords PPC Account Managers who have all passed the Google AdWords Exam in PPC Management. Webrageous Studios employees are all thoroughly experienced and specially trained; they are simply waiting to do wonders for your online marketing efforts.

Most people who are really serious about their online marketing employ a PPC Account Manager to run their PPC Advertising Campaign for them and Webrageous Studios is always happy to hear from someone interested in starting up a PPC campaign through Google AdWords.

The main benefit of PPC Advertising is that you have so much control. You have the ability to control the following and more:

when, where and to whom your advertisements are shown
how much money you spend per “click” or per day
the text content of every advertisement you create
visual and video components of advertisements if working within the Content Network
which section of your website an interested internet user will be taken to if they click on your advertisement (known as landing pages)

Everything listed above is really just a general overview. The extent of the control that you have with online marketing as a PPC Advertiser is incredible. If used well and if you employ a trusted, well-experienced PPC Account Manager to manage your account for you, online marketing in the form of PPC can really help to improve the success of any business or organization.