Webrageous has been managing Google AdWords campaigns for law firms since 2004. We hope that this keyword list helps you. Please let us know if we can be of further service to help supercharge your paid search and SEO results. The keyword list below has over 400 keywords that will help you if you’re looking to sign individuals charged with drug crimes. We have extensive keyword lists for many other areas of criminal defense law, family law, bankruptcy and personal injury law, among others.

If you also have other practice areas  you should take a look at our pages  geared towards  bankruptcy attorneys  , family law attorneys and personal injury attorneys.  Often we can generate leads for personal injury attorneys under $200 per lead and for bankruptcy  around $50 per lead. For family law we can generate leads somewhere between $30 and $80 per lead. A lead is typically either a contact form submission or a phone call.

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Most people usually look for people based in their area when they are looking for an attorney, so we would also recommend to use keywords multipliers and add your city or state in some of those top performing keywords: Ex: drug dealer attorney in new york

Keywords: don’t forget to add negatives

You should think about adding negatives as it is important to block irrelevant traffic so you don’t pay for it. For example, you don’t want to pay for “criminal defense attorney jobs”. The best way to find crucial negatives to add is to download the search query report and add queries that are not relevant as negatives.
Finding the search terms that triggered your ads is easy, you just need to define a period of time (ex: last 7 days), click on the “Keywords” tab and then on the “Search terms” one under it, as shown in the screenshot below. You can also download the report as an excel file by clicking on the arrow down, so it makes it easier for you to apply filters.
Search Query Report

Once you have analyzed that report and have highlighted queries that are irrelevant, you can simply add them as negatives by following those steps: click on the “Keywords” tab and then on the “Negative keywords” one under it. Then you can either add a negative at ad group (left) or campaign level (right) by clicking on the red box “+ KEYWORDS” as shown in the screenshot below:

Add Negatives

Gathering keywords by themes and creating ad groups

Having great keywords is not all, you now need to organize them by different themes and create a different ad group for each theme (ideally leading to a separate landing page), for high relevancy and quality score.

Creating ad groups in AdWords is very easy, you just have to click on the “Ad groups” tab and then click on the red box “+ AD GROUP” as shown below:

Create Ad Groups

Different themes can easily be found in the list of keywords above: cocaine distribution, cocaine trafficking, crack distribution, crack possesion, distribute drugs, drug dealer, drug dealing, drug, drug distribution, drug sales, drug trafficking, intent to distribute, meth lab, selling drugs.

Writing eye catching ads that match your landing page

A lot of people think that keywords are the most important thing in AdWords and they don’t spend enough time thinking about their ads. Your ad text and the message it conveys is actually what will make people click on it and land on your website. That’s why you should put a lot of effort into it and think of what makes your firm unique so you stand out from your competitors. People in need of attorneys are looking for someone to help them and represent them, your ability to solve their problems should therefore be highlighted more than anything else. If you are for example specialized in criminal defense, you should definitely mention it.

AdWords also allows advertisers to use ad extensions and you should take advantage of them as they are a great way to give more information about your services without exceeding the characters limit in the ads. You can for example add call out extensions (up to 25 characters each), sitelinks leading to other pages of your website, and of course call extensions (so that potential customers can call your firm directly by clicking a button on your ad) and location extensions (so that they find your firm easily). Adding extensions is easy, you just need to click on the “Ad extensions” tab, select in the drop down menu which extension you want to add and then click on the red box “+ EXTENSION” as shown below:

Ad Extensions

The landing page people land on is also very important. It is useless to write an eye-catching ad that stands out from your competitors if it sends people to a poor landing page that creates a bad user experience. Your landing page should highlight all the benefits mentioned in your ads, in fact it should mirror your ad text or closely match it.

Post set-up optimization

Adwords is not only about finding the right keywords, you will need post set-up optimization to stay ahead of your competitors.

It is a long term commitment and you will constantly need to tweak your campaigns to get the most of them: you will need to download search query reports on a regular basis, analyze keywords performance, pause performing ones and adjust bids.

It would be good for example to analyze performance by device after your campaigns have been running for a while. Your campaigns may perform totally differently on desktops, mobiles and tablets, that’s why AdWords allows users to adjust bids on each device separately. To check your AdWords performance by device and add a bid adjustment (from -100% to + 900%) on a specific device, just select a period of time, click on the “Settings” tab, then on the “Devices” one under it as shown in the screenshot below:

Performance by device


Another way to avoid spending too much money is to analyze the performance by day of the week or hour of day. Some campaigns perform totally differently at weekends, some perform better in mornings, while some other perform better in evenings. To check this, you just need to select a period of time, click on the “Dimensions” tab, select “Time” in the drop down menu and then select “Day of the week” or “Hour of day”:

Performance by Time

There are a lot of things to deal with in AdWords and law firms are a highly competitive industry, so if this seems too complicated for you just call us at 866-720-5172 and we will manage your Google AdWords account for you.

We also encourage you to watch both the testimonial and results videos below!