According to xAD 2012 year-in-review report almost 95% of advertisers are now using location targeting with their advertisements. The year-in-review presented interesting statistics as follows:

  • Place-based targeting was the most popular form of audience targeting, leveraged in 67% of campaigns.

  • Only 20% of advertisers use behavioral targeting although it grew 212% between Q1 and Q4, faster than any other form.

  • Advertisers’ use of standard geo-targeting (zip, city, DMA) dropped from 64% in Q1 to just 13% in Q4.

  • Advertisers using geo-fencing and geo-specific behavior targeting tripled from 27% to 81%.

Google AdWords is very much aware of these changes with the user behavior and the need for advertisers to have more options when designing local-mobile campaigns. With this, Google launched its AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.


With AdWords Enhanced Campaigns advertisers are given four main advantages for mobile advertisements: Broader Geo-targeting options, Offer extensions, Click to Call in-app Ads and Location Extension Targeting.

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Broader Geo-targeting Options

Broader Geo-targeting options allow advertisers to balance impressions and quality easier than before. AdWords Enhanced Campaigns give advertisers the option to use the broad location target feature covering all areas with prospective market while refining bids in specified areas.


Prior to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, the only option available to advertisers was radial bidding. Radial bidding trims down the number of times that advertisements show up in a site. It lessens the possible impressions that advertisements can get. Although radial bidding is proven to widen the targeted users, radial bidding results to unqualified traffic and invalid clicks for advertisements.


Now, marketers are allowed to increase bids limited to specific radiuses.


Offer Extensions

Online advertisements are not limited to targeting online shoppers in the same way as online campaigns are not limited in promoting online stores. Establishments and storefronts are also promoting their products and services on the internet. Advertisers who are running campaigns for such can benefit with Google AdWords’ Offer Extensions.


Offer Extensions allow advertisers to endorse coupons, discounts and packages strategically alongside their text advertisements. Offer Extensions are specially targeted to smartphone users. Advertisements with Offer Extensions appear on as a simple blue line of text. When users search on Google and discover special deals, they can go to the store and redeem these deals after buying products or signing up for services from that particular store or establishment.


Offer Extensions convert online advertisements to customers who are actually coming to the store.


Click to Call in-app Ads

Click to Call in-app Ads is an option available for advertisers to create their mobile advertisements with click-to-call buttons and phone numbers. Click to Call in-app Ads are done by replacing the display URLs of text advertisements and instead click-to-call buttons are placed.


This feature is especially advantageous because customers who are most likely to call are already qualified leads. Google does not charge extra if an advertiser opts to include an in-app with a click-to-call button and phone number to his or her mobile advertisement.


Click-to-call buttons in mobile advertisements appear on the Google Display Network.


Location Extensions

Location Extensions offer ways in which advertisers can create mobile advertisements with business phone numbers, clickable directions to the store locations and which publish figures related to radius which show how near or far the users are from the location. Location extensions can be created with multiple addresses of all the store locations selling products or offering services being promoted.


Mobile advertisements with Google AdWords’ Location Extensions provide detailed information about a particular business so that when a user reads the advertisement, there is already a 59% possibility that he or she will visit the store and a 40% possibility that this user will make a purchase.


Advertisements with Location Extension appear on the Google Display Network.


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