Attorney online marketing is more than just knocking a few online campaigns together.

It is a whole approach that should cover all aspects of an attorney’s presence online, from the attorney’s website to natural search results to advertisements.
So when looking for someone to manage your attorney online marketing, it is important to find someone who understands everything about running an online marketing strategy that specifically caters to attorneys.
There are a number of things that you should look for when searching for an attorney online marketing specialist.
We have prepared this easy guide to finding an attorney online marketing specialist that is right for your law firm’s marketing needs:

Look for Attorney Online Marketing Qualifications

The first thing to do is check out their website and see what qualifications the attorney online marketing specialist lists. They should have a list of areas that they specialize in and special services that they offer if they have been in the business for a while.
Look for pay per click qualifications as this is an important part of an attorney’s online marketing strategy. Check for certifications in Google AdWords and Microsoft adExcellence. It is also a good idea to check if all the attorney online marketing specialists at the firm are trained in Google AdWords or just some of them. You can also see which areas of Google AdWords the attorney online marketing specialists are qualified in through a page that lists their Google Certification Status.
Find out what Attorney Online Marketing Experience they have
Experience isn’t everything but if you are going to trust your attorney online marketing in the hands of an outside company, you want to know that they have the knowledge and understanding of attorney online marketing to handle your campaigns.
Online marketing and pay per click have not been around for a very long time but they have rapidly evolved so even a short history in attorney online marketing could say a lot. Therefore, it is important to see what range of services their attorney online marketing specialists provide as this should be commensurate with their amount of experience. The attorney online marketing specialists at Webrageous, for example, have been around for 10 years, nearly as long as pay per click itself.

Have a Look at their Attorney Online Marketing Testimonials

Any good attorney online marketing firm should have a page or two of client testimonials. An online marketing company that says it specializes in management of attorneys’ campaigns should definitely have a number of testimonials from their attorney clients and they should be glowing.
Check for the attorney online marketing specialist’s testimonials and look for specific comments about the services that the attorney online marketing specialist offered them and how they were able to significantly improve their campaigns. Webrageous has a number of testimonials from its attorney clients that are both written and in video form.

Ring them up and Find out What They Know about Attorney Online Marketing

If you really want to ensure that your attorney online marketing specialist knows about online marketing and what it takes to achieve results from attorney campaigns, give them a call. Talk to one of their attorney online marketing specialists directly and find out what they are going to do to improve your attorney online marketing strategy.
Talk to an attorney online marketing specialist directly at pay per click management firm Webrageous and we will tell you exactly how we are going to turn your law firm’s attorney online marketing strategy around. We have confidence in our abilities and are only too happy to receive your call.
For more information on the attorney online marketing specialists at Webrageous, have a read of this article about Unbeatable Attorney Online Marketing.

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