Review of iSpionage – A Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

Pay per click software program iSpionage is the latest offering in keyword research and analysis of the competition.

It offers a range of features designed to help lowe60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementr pay per click costs and optimize search engine results. Pay per click management company Webrageous decided to review the tool to see just how easy it is to navigate.

The first feature on iSpionage allows advertisers to search for a domain name or keyword in order to check out the competition. With the keyword research tool, iSpionage shows you the search volume and cost per click for the particular keyword phrase that you searched. It then offers up hundreds of related keywords to the phrase you searched along with the search volume and level of advertiser competition.

This feature is extremely useful to anyone wanting to advertise online. It also helps with search engine optimization by showing you the keywords that have the most hits and what the competition is on those keywords. (more…)