Measuring and Maximizing your Pay Per Click Profits

One of the great things about pay per click advertising is the flexibility it offers – you can keep on assessing and making alterations to your budget, key words and advert text and layout until you get the results you want.

You can also measure results in a lot more detail than in most forms of advertising, which means you really can tailor your advertising and also your website, making informed adjustments to continuously optimise your returns.

What can you measure?

  • Which adverts get most clicks
  • Which keywords are most popular
  • What percentage of clicks convert to purchases
  • How long customers spend on your website
  • Which pages they visit

What next?

Obviously once you know which adverts and keywords are the most productive, you can focus your campaign around these. But what can you do if your click to purchase ratio still isn’t high enough?

First impressions

The first thing to get right is your landing page. What do customers see when they arrive at your site? Continuity is vital here. Remember, they’ve entered those particular keywords and clicked on that particular advert for a reason. If what they see doesn’t immediately match up with these two things, they’re unlikely to stick around. (more…)