PPC: Science or ArtAdWords Management is a science, right?

Wait, no! AdWords Management is an art. Yes, it is an art. Or maybe it is a science? Mmmmm… What do you think?

The “AdWords Management: Science or Art” debate might actually be worthy of sitting alongside epic world debates including how the world was made (Big Bang Theory or Godly Creation) and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution versus anything remotely religious, for example. Well, OK, maybe not. Maybe that is going a little bit too far, even for those people who eat, sleep and dream AdWords Management. However, the point is still very clear.

Whether AdWords Management is a science or an art is similar to the chicken and the egg story. The crux of what it actually means to be PPC savvy lies in the notion of whether AdWords Management is scientific or creative.

There are many reasons to suggest that it is both, although what an easy conclusion to come to that would be. What a cop out, to be honest. No. In this post, there will be no such sweeping statements, no such get out of jail free cards thrown down on the table. Webrageous Studios believes that it does have a solid response to the question posed, but is equally as interested in hearing the ideas of other experienced PPC Managers or avid internet geeks who have stumbled across this post by chance and feel like contributing their ideas to the discussion in some way.

A clear and concise article which discusses in depth whether AdWords Management is an art or a science is available to read on the Webrageous Studios website. The debate is one of such interest that it is deserving of a full length analysis and cannot be covered effectively in this short blog post. Visit the website to read through the debate in full.

However, as a sneaky insider peek into the article, it is fair to say that the daily approach and requirements behind the work of a PPC Account Manager in AdWords Management is most definitely scientific. PPC Account Managers must work scientifically on a daily basis because the Internet and Google’s highly extensive AdWords System demands that this is what they do.

What is important in this debate though is the human element (which does exist!) behind a PPC campaign, and therefore behind anything AdWords Management related. It is this human element (read the article for more explanation) that forces the debate between science and art into action. Human interest is attracted to artistry and creative flair. Robots are scientific. People are not. In essence, this is one line of argument that the full article begins to explore and one which Webrageous Studios considers to be of interest.

Follow the links to the full length article found on the company’s website and take the time to find out whether AdWords Management, in the eyes of Webrageous Studios, is an art or a science. If you are then feeling particularly communicative (and we do hope that you are!) send us your thoughts on the matter.