When an internet user opens up a search engine browser, like Google for example, and attempts to search for something, be it information, a product, a business or an organization, that search engine sorts through all the information available on the Internet at tremendous speed and then presents that user with the information it deems to be most relevant. It sorts through this information in a number of ways and takes many factors into consideration, including keyword relevance and geographic location, for example.

However, the results that are listed for that internet user to make use of form two distinct sets of results: Google Sponsored Links and Google Organic Search Listings. Webrageous helps clients manage sponsored links.

The Google Organic Search Listings are featured on the left hand side of the screen in a long list and they usually show a little bit of text that has been taken from the landing page that the URL will take the user to if they choose to click on the link. The Google Sponsored Links, on the other hand, are featured on the right hand side of the screen. A few Sponsored Links are sometimes also listed above the Organic Search Listings too. The text that internet users see in a Google Sponsored Link has been specifically written for that particular advertisement and this text is known as Advertising Text.

The difference between Google Sponsored Links and Organic Search Listings is that Google Sponsored Links are a form of Paid Advertising. Organic Search Listings are free. Nobody is paying Google to display these organic listings, but PPC Advertisers are paying Google to display the Google Sponsored Links. This means that the Google Sponsored Links must be managed well if the advertiser wants to avoid unnecessary advertising costs, which they clearly would want to do. However, creating and maintaining effective Google Sponsored Links that use your money wisely to generate a steady flow of interested internet users to your website is a job best left to a Google AdWords Certified PPC Management Company, like Webrageous Studios.

In addition to the fact that Google Organic Search Listings are free and Google Sponsored Links are not, it is important to know that Google Sponsored Links are also selected by Google during a Google Search for different reasons to that of the Organic Search Listings. In Organic Search Listings, the most important thing is that the website landing page and its keywords match the search phrase entered into the browser by the internet user. While keyword optimization is still important for Google Sponsored Links, Google analyzes the data from a different perspective. For example, keyword optimization can indirectly help to increase the Quality Score of a PPC Advertising Campaign and with a higher Quality Score, Google will begin to charge advertisers less for the cost-per-click of their Google Sponsored Links. A higher Quality Score will also result in Google favoring the advertisement in question above other advertisements in the same or similar categories. Therefore, a high Quality Score advertisement will be listed in a better position on the SERP. This then also means that a higher position on the Google Search Results Page can be achieved at a lower cost.

Having said all that, please bear in mind that this is clearly the idea explained in a very quick and simplified nutshell. Webrageous Studios suggests that you take the time to read the in-depth article on Google Sponsored Links and Quality Score and why the two must work hand in hand in order to make a success of any PPC advertising campaign. The subject is highly complex and we haven’t even scratched the surface in this short blog post.

However, if you have any specific questions about Google Sponsored Links or Quality Score, click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website and speak with an AdWords Certified PPC Account Manager today. Webrageous Studios is confident that it can put an end to all your doubts and concerns.

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