White Label PPC Agency

Ready to make money offering pay-per-click services, but would rather not bring it in-house? With Webrageous’ white label PPC solutions, you can provide high-quality campaign creation, execution, and management services without dealing with interviews and payroll from hiring a paid search experts.

As a leading PPC management firm, we have the resources to help you deliver an outstanding customer experience that drives a return for you and your customers. Our white label AdWords service gives you a team of qualified, results-focused specialists that work behind the scenes to supercharge your clients’ campaigns. The best part? Your agency gets all the credit for good performance.

What is white label PPC?

White label PPC is where you outsource your clients’ PPC work to a pay-per-click specialist, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. It lets you offer pay per-click-services under your own brand, but you don’t need to get involved in the fulfillment process. Your white label partner sets up and optimizes campaigns for your clients, whereas you focus on sales and long-term objectives of your business.

White label PPC also saves you from having to worry about the moving parts of Google advertising. If best practices change or a new ad algorithm gets released, you can count on your white label pay-per-click agency to adjust your clients’ campaigns. If clients ask questions, you can forward them to your provider and get all the answers. With the expertise of a white label PPC service provider, you can be assured you’re in good hands.

Why use a white label pay-per-click?

We touched on a couple of reasons briefly – white label PPC can help you expand your service offerings and stay on top of the latest search trends. Beyond that, here are several reasons why partnering with a white label PPC provide makes good sense:

Quick turnaround

It can take weeks to design and optimize a PPC strategy. However, you can get things done faster by hiring a white label PPC firm. These specialist firms usually have tested, vetted, and ready-to-integrate strategies, meaning they can get your clients up and running quickly. Fast turnaround times are likely to impress clients, which could result in more recommendations and new retainers for your business.

Better communication

One of the most prominent advantages of using a white-label PPC service is clear communication with your clients. From the website audit to campaign implementation and analysis, a good white label partner will keep stakeholders in the loop through all stages of PPC advertising. Moreover, they will share a well-defined process that you can follow to improve communication on the agency front, ensuring that your clients are well satisfied with your customer experience.

Expert PPC talent

The goal of PPC is to yield fast results (sales, email sign-ups, etc.). You want someone who has their own battle-tested strategies to get higher ad positions, knows what converts, has the experience to tackle any complex situation, and can drive costs down for your business. When you contract a white label PPC service, you tap into a pool of talent that can deliver on all these fronts and also suggest better tactics to your clients.

Flexible PPC service

With an in-house PPC team, there is a huge cost involved in talent acquisition, onboarding, and training. Plus, any specialist you hire gets added to your payroll, meaning you pay them even when there are no clients in the books. This isn’t the case with white labeling, where you pay until campaigns are being managed and not throughout the year, as in the case of doing PPC in-house.

Specialized PPC tools

Not only do reputable white label PPC firms have top-tier experts as members of their teams, but they also have access to the latest and greatest PPC tools and technologies. Using keyword research, ad creation, bid management, custom reporting, and budget optimization tools, they can provide your clients with a higher level of service. Compared to buying PPC tools on your own, outsourcing campaigns to a white label service provider gets you access to sophisticated PPC software at small business prices.

More profit

Leading white label PPC firms offer Google Ads management services for agencies at a special price point. This means you’ll get to keep a higher margin when you resell the service to your clients. The best kinds of white label PPC firms constantly look for ways to improve their clients’ margins, because they know margins always have to make sense.

Consistent PPC quality

When it comes to retaining existing clients, you need to maintain a certain level of quality and consistency. Managing PPC in-house with overworked staff or farming it out to various freelancers results in inconsistencies that might reflect poorly on your agency. Hiring a team of white label PPC experts, on the other hand, will ensure consistent quality that helps keep clients around and makes their campaign run smoothly and efficiently.

Valuable PPC insights

The average PPC user may not realize that they can generate a significant amount of insight into their prospect—if they have the expertise to interpret data. PPC platforms like Google Ads offer a wealth of information on user behavior and demographics. The best white label PPC service helps you and your clients understand and interpret this information to maximize your campaigns and inform other digital marketing initiatives (SEO, social media marketing, etc.).

Greater PPC accountability

When subcontracting services from a white label AdWords firm, you’re paying one fee but getting several experts analyzing and reviewing your clients’ accounts. This provides several benefits, but it also ensures your clients meet their goals quicker since their campaigns have built-in accountability. Having multiple people running their accounts also means they can get different perspectives to improve their paid search performance.

Customer success

When you work with a white label provider, you usually have access to an account manager and customer success specialist who will be there to help you thrive. Working internally with a team of Google Ads specialists, they will help you report to your clients while identifying opportunities to improve conversions and scale. The right alignment ensures there is a mutually beneficial relationship that helps all parties achieve their goals.

White label PPC vs. Reseller PPC

The term “PPC reseller” is often used interchangeably with white label PPC services. However, there are a few subtle differences between the pair. The former allows you to choose specific PPC services for your clients and deliver them as a customized package under your brand logo.

For instance, if your client needs retargeting and bid optimization services, you can source these services from a PPC reseller and deliver them to your clients.

White label PPC services, on the other hand, offer a complete package with more strategy support. They also provide education in terms of deliverables, PPC strategies, etc. than reseller services. Need to prepare monthly reports for your clients? Providing regular reporting on your PPC progress is a key part of a white label agency’s service.

Although white label PPC is definitely an upgrade to reseller PPC, the latter has its own benefits. These include higher margins, lower price plans, and the ease of selling pre-designed packages to your clients. As a digital agency, you would naturally want to reap the benefits of both services. Good news: you can! With Webrageous’ white label PPC solution, you can sell pre-packaged services or offer a full, custom-built suite comprising all kinds of PPC strategies, based on your client’s requirements.

What do you get with our white label PPC services?

Keyword research and mapping

Our white label management service begins with comprehensive keyword research to ensure your clients target the right terms based on search intent. We suggest the best keywords to bid on for their business niche based on a number of factors such as keyword volume, frequency, and existing competition. Our goal is to ensure they get found more often by people whose interests align with their business offerings.

PPC audits

We carry out comprehensive PPC audits to highlight areas of concern and identify opportunities to improve ROI. Our team goes beyond the basics to find gaps in ad copy, keywords, campaign structure, target audience, bid adjustments, etc. This high-value audit helps ensure client understanding and buy-in—clients get an exhaustive picture of their standing and the needed next steps for outdoing competitors in paid Google Ads results.

PPC Campaign Setup & monitoring

Our PPC specialists set up the campaign after the client’s approval, taking into account site links, location, scheduling, and budgeting requirements. Then they activate the campaign and monitor its performance, adjusting it for the myriad variables that affect conversions and ROI. As a bonus, our white label monitoring includes checks that protect advertisers from sabotage by click fraud (the deliberate depletion of their ad budget by fraudulent clickers).

Pay-per-click Conversion tracking

We set up complete pay-per-click tracking for your client’s Google Ads campaigns, so they can see which keywords, ads, ad groups, and landing pages are converting best. This knowledge empowers them to make better-informed decisions for their upcoming campaigns. Knowing which campaign elements are doing a good job of driving traffic and sales where the efforts should be focused for continued growth.

Google Ads optimization

Optimization is at the heart of our white label pay-per-click service. Our specialists frequently split test keywords, ad copy, location, bids, audiences, and more. The results empower them to make changes that constantly raise campaign ROI. Advanced testing tools and strategies allow us to optimize ad spend before the campaign takes off. By choosing us as your white label PPC partner, you impress clients without dealing with the nitty-gritty of Google Ads optimization.


Have clients who wish to reconnect with previous visitors? Our white label pay-per-click team can help. We will design a remarketing campaign featuring keywords and ads tailored to their audience’s needs. We also suggest incentives to convince hesitant visitors to pay a second visit or even buy from their website. The brand recall value generated by such strategically designed advertisements will prompt the audience to click through and check out your client’s business.

White label PPC reports

Webrageous will run a performance analysis each month for your clients to get a report that keeps them informed about their campaign’s progress. These reports are fully branded with your agency identity and have all the high-quality services you expect from us. This helps to improve your agency’s reputation and creates a satisfactory experience for all.

Best White Label PPC Agency?

Why choose us?

White label proposals

Our team can quickly generate white label PPC proposals to help you close more deals. We take the time to research your clients to truly understand which approach is best to improve their bottom line. The granular insights we share make it easier for agencies to pull customers in.

Bespoke packages

Chances are, you and your agency have a diverse base of customers from different industries. This means a one-size-fits-all package won’t cut it. With our white-label PPC service, you can offer bespoke packages tailored to your clients’ needs and build recognition across sectors.

Certified agency

We are a certified Google Partner and AdWords agency with 15 years of experience in PPC management. We can help your clients show up where their customers are searching—on their mobile devices. Check out our reviews and case studies to learn why companies love us.

White label PPC FAQs

Yes. We offer our white label PPC services at a price that works for digital marketing agencies and PPC wholesalers. Get in touch with our sales team for more information on our agency and volume order pricing.

PPC audits, keyword research, campaign setup, bid optimization, AdWords management, conversion tracking, landing page optimization and reporting. As a full-service Google Ads management agency, we can white label any of our services.

You can offer white label PPC services to law firms, dentists, rehab clinics, insurance agencies, and more.

White labeled PPC is when a third-party agency provides PPC services to your clients on your behalf and presents them under your company’s logo and branding. You can think of it as managed digital advertising services that you can resell under your own brand.

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