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If you offer laser hair removal then you will definitely want to use these keywords (see below) with your paid search campaign or SEO. We have been managing campaigns in this space for years. If we can help you improve your account please call us at 855-945-1596.

Top Laser Hair Removal Keywords For AdWords and SEOFYI  please see these results we saw in early 2017.  If your results are not as good or you are starting from scratch then  I definitely encourage you to reach out to us.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal – $643 spent for 43 conversions at $15 cost-per-conversion.
  • Laser Hair Removal – $4,557 spent for 49 conversions at $93 cost-per-conversion.
  • SculpSure – $2,222 spent for 38 conversions at $58 cost-per-conversion.
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation – $60 spent for 2 conversions at $30 cost-per-conversion.
  • plus over 100 more keywords we can setup if you hire us to manage your AdWords account!

These are results for just targeting  mobile users where you have the advantage of  a lower cost per conversion for calls.  You can see by the total number of leads and cost per conversion above that our client received some desktop conversions as well at a higher cost per conversion.

Keyword report (Dec 1, 2016-Apr 3, 2017)
Keyword Conversions Cost per conversion
laser hair removal 5  $                        92.53
CITY NAME laser hair removal 5  $                        60.03
laser hair remover 4  $                        45.60
prices for laser hair removal 3  $                        51.41
laser hair removal cost 3  $                        66.82
laser hair removal CITY NAME 3  $                        50.90
cost of laser hair removal 3  $                        54.89
[laser hair removal CITY NAME] 2  $                        48.43
laser facial 1  $                        53.68
“laser hair removal” 1  $                        87.03
laser hair removal CITY NAME 1  $                        51.25
laser hair removal CITY NAME 1  $                           3.71
 +laser +hair +removal 1  $                      127.92
[laser hair removal CITY NAME] 1  $                        42.39
[CITY NAME laser hair removal] 1  $                           2.65
laser hair removal reviews 1  $                        24.57
best laser hair removal 1  $                        23.80
Total 37  $                        84.54

This total here includes  the cost on keywords that have not converted  so by simply turning off  many of the unconverted keywords  we could immediately achieve  a lower cost per conversion.  this campaign is fairly new  for this client so  overtime we expect this cost per conversion to drop.  and once we turn off some of the new  keywords we are testing  the cost per conversion will drop further.

We also encourage you to watch both the testimonial and results videos below!