If you are a realtor trying to find potential buyers and sellers of real estate then this keyword list of the top keywords will help you supercharge your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account. You can also use this for natural search/SEO research.

home for sale
homes for sale
house for sale
condos for sale
condominiums for sale
Buy real estate
Sell real estate
buy a home
buy a house
buy a condo
buy a condominium
sell my condo
sell my condominium
buy a lot
sell a lot
sell land
buy land
list my home
list my house
list my condominium
list my condo
home prices
condo prices
condominium prices
local realtor
realtor near me
hire a realtor
real estate broker
real estate agency
real estate agent

This list is geared towards buying and selling homes. Of course you can replace buy with rent if your real estate agency handles rentals.


You should also add variations of these terms where you add in city names, county names, and subdivisions and possibly even building names and development names. For example, take the keyword buy a condo. Let’s say you service Manhattan. You might include a number of variations on buy a condo including:

buy a condo Manhattan
buy a condo in New York City
buy a condo at Trump Tower
buy a Wall Street condo
buy a condo near Wall Street
buy a condo near Central Park
buy a Greenwich Village condo

And in many areas the terminology is different, so you will need to do some find and replace depending on your location. For example, in New York City you would want to add Co-op terms like buy a co-op.


And don’t forget to add the different keyword match types: broad, phrase and exact as well as a comprehensive negative keywords list.


Do you have at least 25% market share in your area? If so, you might be tempted to find a way to show your listings first on your website. But as you know, the MLS in many areas doesn’t allow this. We figured out a great solution to this for one of our clients. We suggested that they have PPC landing pages with just their listings and a link below saying “Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Search the MLS.” And then we were able to bring up just home listings in that city if the person had clicked on an ad for homes. This way, clients were more likely to purchase one of their current listings thus securing a 6% commission instead of just a 3% commission.


There are many tricks to making paid search work successfully in real estate. Ads need to be well written, think about which ad extensions you will be using, your landing pages need to convert well, you need to make sure that your settings on Google Ads are correct, and that your conversion tracking code is properly installed on the right page. And this is just the set up phase. Then comes the second part, which is ongoing optimization. It is in this phase when we find issues and solve them, and also see opportunities for growth and test them for you.


We started managing our first Google AdWords (as it was previously called) campaign in real estate in 2004. That was a little over 3 years after Google AdWords started. Not only we are pioneers and have many years of experience, we are also an A+ Rated by the BBB PPC agency and we know how to help you and your real estate firm succeed and grow! If you want us to take a no obligation look at your Google Ads account, or just talk about your situation, please call us at 855-945-1596. The typical client who comes to us is already spending at least $2000 per month on paid search.


We also encourage you to watch both the testimonial and results videos below!