If you are a finance firm specialized in personal loans for people with bad credit, the keyword list below will bring you many clients if you are already using AdWords or thinking of advertising with it. They have brought conversions in the last 2 months for a finance firm that one of our optimizers is working with.

Keyword Conversions
+bad +credit +loans 231
+loans with +no +credit +check 119
+loans with +no +credit 84
+loans for +poor +credit 38
+no +credit +check +loans 27
[loans for people on benefits] 27
+loans for +unemployed 24
+no +credit +loans 22
[no credit check loans 22
+lenders for +bad +credit 21
+loans for +people on +benefits 20
+bad +credit +lenders 13
+short +term +loans +bad +credit 11
[bad credit loans] 11
+bad +credit +finance 10
+direct +loans for +bad +credit 10
+bad +credit +borrowing 9
+loans for +people with +poor +credit 9
+loans for +unemployed with +bad +credit 9
+small +loans +bad +credit 8
[loans for unemployed] 8
[loans with no credit check] 8
+cash +loans for +unemployed 7
+bad +credit +personal +loans 6
+need a +loan +bad +credit 6
+loan for +unemployed +uk 5
+bad +credit +cash +loans 4
+cash +loans +no +credit +check 4
+loans for +terrible +credit 4
+poor +credit +loans 4
+very +bad +credit +loans 4
+guaranteed +loans for +unemployed 3
+loans for +unemployed +people 3
+loans on +benefits +no +credit +checks 3
+loans with +no +job 3
[unemployed loans] 3
+bad +credit +loan +companies 2
+easy +loans for +bad +credit 2
+finance for +poor +credit 2
+get a +loan with +bad +credit 2
+loans for +people with +bad +credit 2
+poor +credit +score +loans 2
+short +term +loans for +unemployed 2
[small loans bad credit] 2
+low +credit +loans +uk 2
+bad +credit +lenders +uk 1
+bad +credit +loans +guaranteed +approval 1
+bad +credit +loans +online 1
+best +loans for +bad +credit 1
+how to +get a +loan with +no +credit 1
+loan +lenders +bad +credit 1
+poor +credit +loan +lenders 1
+small +loans for +unemployed 1
+unemployed +loans 1
+unemployment +loans 1
i +need a +loan with +poor +credit 1
“loans for bad credit” 1
“loans for people on benefits direct lenders” 1
[loans for unemployed people] 1
[loans on benefits no credit checks] 1
+bad +credit +loans +online +instant +decision 1
+instant +loans for +bad +credit 1
+instant +loans for +unemployed 1
+quick +loans for +unemployed 1
[bad credit loans online instant decision] 1
+payday +loans for +people with +bad +credit
+payday +loans for +poor +credit
+payday +loans for +bad +credit
+no +credit +check +payday +loans
+payday +loans for +unemployed

Keywords: performance analysis and negatives

Different keywords have different cost per conversion as you can see in the list. After a while it is recommended to only let the high performing ones run and not the ones who cost a lot of money and bring only a low return on investment. However you shouldn’t rush to do that and you should double check before pausing any keyword that it doesn’t bring a lot of indirect conversions. Some keywords may not bring direct conversions but they still may play a crucial role in assisting conversions and if you do pause them, you will see the number of conversions decrease dramatically. As you can see in the screenshot below, the UK finance account brought 848 conversions during the last 2 months, but there were also 363 impressions assisted conversions and 72 clicks assisted conversions… that’s 51% of direct conversions, which is a significant number…

Top AdWords Keywords For Bad Credit Loans – Free

Another crucial point is to add negative keywords so you don’t waste money on irrelevant clicks. The UK account we are working with contains the following ones among others: door to door, bank loans, peer to peer, text loans, mortgage, gamble, paypal, free, top up, training, money from bank, doorstep.

It is crucial to add keywords that triggered irrelevant searches as negatives on a regular basis, by downloading the search query report. It is easy to have access to that report in AdWords, you just need to click on the “Keywords” tab and then on the “Search terms” one under it, as shown in the screenshot below. You can then download an excel file by clicking on the arrow down, so you can easily apply filters:

Top AdWords Keywords For Bad Credit Loans – Free

Organizing ad groups by themes

Having good keywords is not all, you also need to organize them by different themes and ideally create a different ad group for each theme.

For instance we have created the following ad groups for the UK finance firm: bad credit, benefits, fair credit, low income, no credit, poor credit, terrible credit, unemployed…
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Writing catchy ads that don’t violate Google policy

Financial services is a sensitive subject to advertise and Google AdWords needs you to respect certain rules and specific information should be stated on your landing page if you want Google to accept your ads.

More information about that policy can be found here:


We are used to specific Google policy so if you are struggling to get your ads accepted, contact us and we will make the necessary changes to your ads so they comply with Google AdWords financial services policy.

You should also take advantage of AdWords extensions as they allow you to give extra information about your services to potential clients. Call extensions, sitelinks, call out and review extensions would be highly recommended extensions to add for financial services. To simply add one of these, just click on the “Ad extensions” tab, select in the drop down menu which extension you want to add and then click on the red box “+ EXTENSION” as shown below:

Top AdWords Keywords For Bad Credit Loans – Free

Management and optimization

AdWords is not only about initial set up, it is a long term commitment and you will need to analyze things and tweak campaigns on a regular basis to stay ahead of your competitors.

Search query reports downloads, keywords performance analysis and bid adjustments (by devices, locations, days of the week and hours of the days) should be part of your weekly routine.

So if this all seems too complicated and you just want to focus on running your finance services company and not on managing AdWords then give us a call at 866-720-5172!

It is very important to get things right in AdWords and you might end up losing a lot of money if you are not sure of what you are doing.