Online Advertising is Better than Offline Advertising

If Offline Advertising were a cake, it would be a basic sponge that would go stale at the end of the day. It would only be available in a standard size which would be too large for one and not enough to share. But if Online Advertising were a cake, it would change as and when necessary to be the favorite cake of the person looking to buy it from the shop window.

Online Advertising would be a triple chocolate delight for those with a love of cocoa, it would be an open strawberry tart for those with a fruity taste in mind and it would be a nutty, organic flapjack for those looking to stay healthy when indulging in their treat.

Online Advertising is flexible, well targeted/optimized and highly effective at drawing in new clients for any business. Offline Advertising is, by comparison, the poor man’s stale sponge which will still be in the shop window next weekend without even one customer looking to buy it in sight.

Apart from being a much tastier option, Webrageous Studios has outlined 6 further reasons that prove Online Advertising is better than Offline Advertising and those reasons are explained in detail below.

If you have any more questions about advertising online after reading the rest of this article, Webrageous Studios will be able to answer your questions without delay.

1. Online Advertising is less risky financially
Through Online Advertising Networks, such as Pay Per Click Advertising, you can control the amount of money you spend on your advertising. You can bid the amount you want to amount on each of your advertisements and you can set yourself a daily budget limit so that you know you can always afford to pay for your advertising online every month.

Offline Advertising Costs are less flexible and there is less choice. It costs what it costs offline, but online you can find something to suit you and your budget and you can then change that budget as your circumstances change too.

2. Online Advertising better targets your audience
If you use networks such as Google AdWords Pay Per Click, you can target your audience with absolute precision. You can select the locations in the world in which to advertise, you can select your keywords appropriately to appeal to your specific target audience and you can even place your Online Advertising on participating websites where you know your target audience are likely to spend their time.

This form of advertising online is called Display Network Advertising and is offered through the Google AdWords Pay Per Click Network for all advertisers who are interested in marketing in this way.

It is very difficult to work out if your offline subway advertisement is attracting the right kind of people unless you sit on the subway all day and watch who comes into contact with your advertisement, but who has the time or inclination to do that!

3. Online Advertising makes global advertising instantly possible
Perhaps you live and work in the US, but the products and services that you offer are really appealing to people who live in the UK, in Australia or in South America?

Wherever your audience lives, you will be able to reach them via Online Advertising, which is something that takes such a lot of effort and money when advertising offline in comparison. Global success and global branding is possible for your company when advertising online.

Posting an offline billboard advertisement in lots of cities in your country is difficult and expensive enough. To do so internationally, for many businesses, is perhaps impossible. Online Advertising allows your small business to compete with the big brands worldwide.

4. Online Advertising is easier to monitor and manage
Google AdWords Pay Per Click is one of the biggest, most successful forms of Online Advertising that we have access to today. Google is forever developing bigger and better Pay Per Click Tools which help online advertisers to monitor, manage and optimize their online advertising campaigns with ease and success.

Google Analytics, for example, provides online advertisers with a complete breakdown about who is clicking on their advertisements. The program also helps advertisers to understand why their campaign is not doing better and what they need to change in order to draw in more customers and increase conversions.

Offline Advertising, on the other hand, cannot be monitored so effectively. Your company might receive a telephone call about a product that you offer from a customer who sees your offline advertisement on a billboard in the city center. However, unless you actually ask them how they heard of you, you’re never going to know which advertisement brought them to your store.

Online Advertising provides you with the means to be able to analyze everything that is going on with your campaigns and invest your money in the areas that are helping you and your business to expand.

5. Online Advertising better targets our technology dependent society
Without any shadow of a doubt, the majority of our modern society likes being connected to the Internet. We like to shop on the Internet because we avoid queues and we can compare prices across a number of stores immediately.

If people like to be online, it makes sense that businesses should be advertising online too. Offline Advertising is just becoming a little out of date and anyone advertising solely through this medium is going to get left behind. Get advertising online and keep up with your technologically advancing audience.

6. Online Advertising can be outsourced to Advertising Experts
Even if Online Advertising sounds daunting to you because you have little experience and you do not feel equipped to be able to expand your company’s profile across the Internet, you needn’t despair.

Online Advertising a much better option for you than any form of Offline Advertising available because there is a large number of Online Advertising Experts who are ready and waiting to manage your Online Advertising Campaigns for you.

Pay Per Click Management Companies, Google AdWords Consultants, Online Advertising Experts… they are all there to help you improve your advertising online and direct your money and attention towards a form of advertising that completely destroys the efforts of all Offline Advertising forms put together.

Webrageous Studios is one of these Pay Per Click Experts. Take a look at the Online Advertising Experts who provide success for all present clients and then contact us for a personal assessment of your individual online advertising needs.