Three Easy Steps to Google Display Network Optimization

The Google Display Network is the world’s largest online advertising network and every PPC Advertiser has the potential to reach approximately 70% of the internet audience in over one hundred different countries world-wide. Clearly, this is a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to raise their business profile and generate more clientele or improve common knowledge of their brand.

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However, just because the Google Display Network (GDN) has the potential to reach 70% of the internet audience and just because it is the largest advertisement online network in the world, does not mean that every PPC Advertiser who makes use of the GDN is going to be successful in doing so.

In order to be successful in running a GDN campaign it is important to learn the different ways in which campaigns can be optimized, the different tools available to you to utilize and the different tricks of the trade that will put your time and money to good use.

Generating Placement Reports
Nothing positive can be done for a GDN campaign without the use of placement reports that can be generated within your Google Account. Placement reports are essential because they provide the data necessary for you to be able to make good decisions and optimize your campaign successfully. With this in mind, the following easy steps will allow you to retrieve all of the information you could possibly want:

  • Click the Campaigns Tab in your AdWords Account
  • Under the Networks Tab you will be able to limit the report’s focus to a particular campaign or ad group, which can be very useful as it makes the data more specific and a lot easier to digest.
  • You can then customize the data tables with the data that interests you the most so that you can follow the developments of particular areas of a campaign or ad group that you are monitoring at that time.
  • You can also create reports that will present you with the data regarding the different URLs that you are advertising on, especially if you have opted to manually select the different URLs that you wish to advertise on. Make use of this feature if relevant to your needs.

Optimizing with Placement Report Data

Now that you have your placement reports with all the relevant information that you need in order to begin optimizing, you can really begin to do lots of positive work with your GDN campaigns.

For example, if your placement reports reveal that there are a number of sites which generate lots of clicks but hardly any impressions it is pretty obvious that these sites are actually draining the budget. In this instance it may well be of interest to you to remove those URLs from action and invest more of the budget into those sites that are generating a better CTR to conversion ratio.

Finally, for those sites that are really performing well, you may even want to separate them completely and create separate campaigns for them so that you can give them their own unique budget and further manage your finances with success and precision.

Using Home-Grown Google Tips
Google AdWords, as part of its on-going work to provide help and assistance for all its PPC Advertisers, has also published a number of tips that it suggests any PPC Advertiser should follow when working with the Display Network and wanting to optimize their campaigns to the maximum.

Google suggests the following for Display Network optimization:

Conversions are Most Important
If a website is converting for you on the GDN then it is worth the budget and time you spend on it. If it generates lots of clicks without conversions then it is time to rethink.

Websites Generating Traffic are Most Important
If certain websites generate lots of traffic to your site, then concentrate on these websites when you are optimizing. Take a look at whether you should increase budget or not and compare the relationship between clicks and cost and conversions on these popular sites.

Data is Most Important
In PPC Management there is data and then there is data. Some data may show that a site generates a fair amount of impressions, lots of clicks and a few conversions. However, the rate of conversions is starting to look a little better in the evenings, although the data cannot be confirmed at this time. Therefore, until something more concrete can be read from such activity it is best to leave the campaign as it is and watch the data for a little longer until significant conclusions about the effectiveness of a site can be drawn.

CTR is NOT Important
So you get a lot of clicks? So what? Unless those clicks are converting, then the only thing you can be sure of is that your budget is being drained without ROI.

As we have already said above… conversions are important and CTR must be treated delicately on the Display Network.

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