Webrageous Studios is a Shark of Google AdWords Marketing

Google AdWords MarketingWe can hunt down the best advertisement text, the most optimized design for landing pages and websites in general and we can sniff out your target audience from miles away. Your Google AdWords Marketing Campaigns cannot go wrong when in our experienced hands.

Just like a shark that only swims and eats, but never sleeps, the Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous Studios do nothing but optimize and bid, bid and optimize. In this way we maintain all of our campaigns at the peak of excellence and all of our Google AdWords Advertising Clients remain very happy with the services that we provide.

But there are is one specific way in which Webrageous Studios can protect you, your business and your Google AdWords Marketing Campaign if you choose to outsource your pay per click advertising needs to our company.

Protection Against AdWords Bans
It is vital that your Pay Per Click Manager is fully aware of the rules that advertisers must abide by when advertising via Google AdWords. If your manager is not aware of these rules, they might inadvertently choose to do something with your campaign that Google is unhappy about and this might result in an advertising suspension.

If this does happen, Google would be well within its rights, because it does make its advertising rules very clear. What’s more, there are Google AdWords Certification Exams that any Pay Per Click Manager can take in order to be fully aware of these important issues.

All Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous are Google AdWords Certified and therefore you can rest assured that your online advertising campaign will always be safe and will never violate any of the online marketing rules at Google if you choose to outsource your advertising to our company.