3 Reasons to begin promoting to a US Hispanic audience

There are three main reasons why US businesses should begin considering the possibility of promoting themselves more towards a Hispanic audience. These three reasons are as follows:

1. There are 46.3 million Hispanics living in the US today.
2. 20.9 million of these US Hispanics are very active online users.
3. Spanish language online keywords cost considerably less than their English language equivalents.

The question therefore is not whether promoting towards a US Hispanic audience is worthwhile in general. The above three facts clearly give good reason for thinking about approaching a US Hispanic demographic as part of any PPC campaign that you are managing. The question is simply whether your particular business or the PPC client’s business for whom you work is a business that would appeal to a US Hispanic audience.

The following is a quick tip list for testing out your PPC campaign and business on a US Hispanic audience before actually beginning to spend money on the venture. The tips are quick and easy to implement but they also provide a lot of key information that you can use to assess whether creating a PPC campaign designed to attract the Hispanic population in the US to your website, product or service is a good idea or not.

The tips are as follows: (more…)