It is an unfortunate fact that click fraud continues to impose on the returns of advertisers using pay per click. While it is not as massive a problem as recent media hype has suggested, there is no denying that there are some pay per click advertisers who continue to deal with fraudulent clicks.

Why does pay per click fraud happen?

Pay per click fraud can happen for a number of reasons. It might be that publishers click on your company’s advertisements in order to boost their profit. These fraudulent clicks could be a result of malicious intent or someone trying to boost your numbers.
Click fraud could also be a result of a competitor wanting to stop your pay per click campaigns from performing well so they decide to click on your advertisement in order to increase your spend, making it less affordable for you. As pay per click advertising is very competitive, with many advertisers fighting for the best positions for a particular keyword phrase, unfortunately this does continue to happen.
Pay per click fraud may come in small doses, such as from the owner of a small website who clicks on the advertisements on their site in order to generate revenue. Or it could be large scale, with automated scripts being used to simulate a user clicking on your advertisements.
The larger scale fraud may be stopped by a search engine which picks up on the massive boost in clicks. The fraudulent clicks generated by a smaller website might go unnoticed and that is where you want a professional helping you detect this lower scale fraud. This click fraud can be picked up by a pay per click professional as the clicks will most likely come from an IP address belonging to a publisher or they will see large numbers of clicks coming from one source or geographic area. This will look very suspicious to a pay per click management expert and will be able to stopped.
Click fraud initiated by competitors, on the other hand, tends to be a way of significantly increasing an advertiser’s spend on pay per click advertising, forcing them to blow out their budget. This is a malicious way of trying to increase the success of their own pay per click advertising campaigns, forcing the competitor to have to lower their keyword bids or drop out of the bid war altogether.
The problem with click fraud is that every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you have to pay for that click. So if the advertisement is not being clicked on by qualified potential buyers who are likely to make a conversion, then you are spending wasted money.

So how exactly do you go about stopping click fraud from occurring in your pay per click accounts?

It is impossible to stop pay per click fraud from happening, however with the right monitoring, fraudulent clicks can be stopped as soon as they have begun, significantly minimizing the cost to your advertising budget.
Pay per click consultants Webrageous has found that click fraud tends to be more prevalent in large accounts. However, if those accounts are watched very carefully by a professional in pay per click management, fraudulent clicks can be stopped immediately.
In fact, the only way that you are going to continue spending money on invalid clicks is by failing to monitor those accounts. Because when monitored by a professional, the click fraud can be traced very easily, putting a stop to the extra cost you are incurring. A pay per click management professional will be able to stop click fraud as they will see a huge spike in clicks for one keyword while the cost per conversion increases dramatically. It is just a matter of knowing how to look for those increases as soon as they happen and put a stop to them.
One of the biggest problems with click fraud is that most companies only get a few fraudulent clicks. This is not going to be big enough for the search engines to pick up and warn you about it. So advertisers who do not employ a pay per click management professional are going to have more problems stopping click fraud from adding extra costs to their pay per click accounts.
This is why it is always best to have a pay per click advertising management expert manage your account so they can carefully check for any increases in clicks or cost per conversion, and stop the click fraud from making a significant impact on your account.
Having a significant rise in cost per conversion can be very damaging for your pay per click account, which is why competitors may choose to click on your advertisements. The best way to stop this from occurring is to have a professional in pay per click management by your side who knows how to look for any changes in your pay per click accounts.
If you are concerned about click fraud or believe your have already experienced fraudulent clicks in your pay per click accounts, then it is time to outsource pay per click management to a professional.
The pay per click management professionals at Webrageous specialize in click fraud and are continuing the fight to stop click fraud not only in their clients’ accounts but for advertisers across the board. So if you are in search of pay per click experts who can help stop click fraud from occurring in your accounts and significantly damaging your campaigns, turn to the click fraud experts at Webrageous.
You can find out more information on how exactly we are able to stop click fraud from happening in your pay per click advertising campaigns in this article entitled Stopping Click Fraud with a Pay Per Click Management Expert.
For more information on Webrageous Studios or how we can help you stop click fraud, feel free to give us a call at any time at 855-945-1596. We will be happy to provide you with any information you require and a free quote.

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