Being a top notch AdWords account manager is a hard job sometimes. It may not seem very stressful to people outside of the profession, but in reality it can get really, really stressful at times. Lots of people who have never worked in PPC Management make comments like, “Yeah, but you get to work at home. You get up when you want, you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to and you don’t have all those stresses of public transport to get to work every day.”

While all that may be true (for those that work at home anyway), the reality of a day in the life of a  PPC account manager  s just a little less rosy than the above picture would like to paint. For a start, working at home is not without its issues. It is very easy to go a little mad, living, working and sleeping in the same space day in, day out. It is also very difficult to maintain a real grip over when the working day begins and when it ends. Many  account managers are  till working away way into the night and then they roll over in the morning to hit the “on” button on the laptop that they left on the side of their pillow only a couple of hours beforehand.


Therefore, in celebration of the fact that most adwords  account managers are, by default, slightly mad, the following little list hopes to reveal the true horror of a life in PPC Management. It is a list full of things that every Google Advertising Professional hopes will never happen to him / her, but that they worry about constantly. Hopefully the list will equally inform, amuse, lament and give cheers to all that it means to be a Google Advertising Professional who just can’t stop worrying…

  1. You are experiencing the same repeated nightmare about cost-per-click figures escalating out of control without any signs of stopping until the ultimate fear comes to pass… your PPC Client goes bankrupt and starts suing you, your life as a Google Advertising Professional is well and truly over and you wake up in a hot sweat. All the more reason never to go back to bed and sleep again.
  2. There’s no traffic data filtering through to the keyword level. It doesn’t matter how many times you look at the data, the answer remains the same and your blood pressure begins to rise because you notice that the ad groups are receiving traffic, but you just cannot figure out how. Then, experience as a Google Advertising Professional hits you in the face and you realize that the data is coming from the Content Network. Panic over! Heart-transplant operation cancelled!
  3. You wake up one day and can’t remember your CPC from your CTR and the only thing that is going to send you in the right direction is a large scotch on the rocks… slippery slope!
  4. You call up Google AdWords Phone Support in a real rage because only one out of your four advertisements is receiving impressions. You then end up having to buy  your account manager at Google a large tin of chocolates to say sorry because you realize one hour later that you had set your advertisements on to optimize and not to rotate… duh!
  5. You begin to actually think that you are the Google Conversion Tracker when you see yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning, which is slightly more worrying than seeing double, but you’d rather live with this strange development than take an afternoon away from the computer screen incase conversion activity should suddenly make a change for the worse!
  6. There is something wrong with AdWords Editor. All the new updates you have made are simply not registering. There must be a fault. It must have broken down and the world is probably on the verge of imploding upon itself. It would be the best thing for all concerned if you were to just accept that you are not the Google Advertising Professional that you once thought you were, unless, wait… of course… the AdWords Editor has that wonderful little feature called “Get Recent Changes.” What a special little tab that function is!
  7. The CPCs of your most important client should have been set to $1.00, but you’re an idiot and you typed in $100.00 instead. Needless to say, your very special client wants you dead and you are now living on the streets, employing your very own strand of the Google Remarketing Tool whereby you simply follow everyone and anyone around for blocks and blocks on end until they make that conversion and drop you a few dirty coins that they find in the bottom of their rich and healthy denim pocket.
  8. You’ve just got into bed for the first time in the last 48 hours and you realize that the unstoppable campaign that you set up recently with four ad groups, 400 keywords and 20 advertisements is set up in the wrong account. Your poor bohemian hedge-cutting British client is not going to get any conversions during the present future because all of his advertisements are running from the non-profit organization’s “Save the Whales Campaign” account. Very embarrassing!
  9. After one whole week of terrible results, you realize that the keyword “FREE,” which you thought you had set as a broad match keyword, for a client who is giving away everything he has ever owned without charge, was actually set as a negative keyword… Yes… Google Advertising Professional you may think you are, but Google Advertising Professional you will actually never be!
  10. You wake up refreshed and ready to go after having gone to bed for the first time this week and after having decided to leave that one last management thing until the morning. However, horror upon horror, the internet is down and life as you know it is now over. You have reached that moment that all Google Advertising Professionals fear and gossip about… the moment when you really must begin searching through the classified listings on Craigslist with a much more open mind.

If you  previously thought  that being a Google Advertising Professional is not very stressful, then hopefully this article has helped to change your mind.

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