Facebook is one of the fastest growing sites online and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Interestingly enough, the 35 – 54 demographic of its huge following is the age range growing at the fastest rate, proving that Facebook is no longer a simple social forum where young people spend hours upon hours chatting with their friends after a long, hard day at school. Facebook and its social advertisements is becoming one of the best ways of promoting a business, drawing attention to a campaign, raising money for a worthy cause, or selling products online.

It’s for this reason that the business savvy 35 – 54 demographic is at present making extra efforts to catch up fast; to learn about what their children have been plugging into for the past few years. Facebook and its Social Advertisements is an advertiser’s dream.

Or is it?

Facebook or Google?

The question is whether Facebook and its Social Advertisements has the potential to outrun the advertising power of search engines like Google and its advertising arm AdWords, managed by PPC Management Companies such as Webrageous Studios. Webrageous Studios believes that there are many positive reasons for using Social Advertisements on Facebook as a means of online marketing and it is willing to provide a detailed explanation of what those advantages are.

However, as the highly experienced PPC Management Company that it is, Webrageous Studios has also spent a lot of time carefully analyzing the differences between Social Advertisements on Facebook and PPC Advertising through Google Adwords to have a better understanding of what works better: Facebook or Google?

As a result of these studies, it has concluded that despite Facebook’s social pulling power, the more established form of PPC Advertising through Google Adwords, for example, still continues to be the better form of online advertising overall for a number of reasons. Webrageous Studios also believes that, despite its huge growth recently, Facebook Social Advertising does not have the power to take over from the likes of Google Adwords PPC Advertising. what our clients have told us is that Facebook leads cost less but the lead quality is also much less. Imagine getting 10 times as many leads for the same budget with Google AdWords. it sounds very enticing. But what if your sales team only closes just as many leads and they have to sort through 10 times as much junk? At that point you are much better off just sticking with Google AdWords. Remember with Google AdWords if you stick with the search network people are actively searching for your products and services when they see your ad. On Facebook they are not actively searching for what you sell. They just happened to see your ad and say “oh that’s nice.” So maybe they buy and maybe they just run up a high advertising spend. Google AdWords sounds like a much better deal!

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