Managing Legal PPC Accounts

Law firms rely on online advertising to drive new traffic to their businesses. Running successful Google AdWords campaigns can give them the competitive edge they need. But the legal PPC space is highly competitive. With highly coveted keywords costing upwards of $100 per click for some but not all practice areas, poorly managing campaigns risk losing money and wasting your firm’s valuable resources.

Webrageous is a leading PPC management firm with over 10 years of experience managing legal PPC accounts. We bring our clients the expert knowledge and dedicated attention they need to get the best possible return on investment for their PPC efforts. We’re so confident in our ability to deliver results for your campaigns that we offer a risk-free 60-day trial so you can test drive the personalized attention you’ll get from Webrageous with no risk.

Strengthen Your Credibility and Make Your Firm Easy to Find

A strong online presence can be a huge asset to your business. By implementing an effective PPC strategy, law firms can boost visibility to potential clients and increase online conversions. Webrageous has managed PPC campaigns for law firms for over a decade, giving our in-house PPC experts a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing strategies for maximum visibility. Our experience helps give you an advantage by making sure that your ads are served to the right potential clients at the right time.

High-Performing Customized Desktop and Mobile PPC Campaigns

Finding a PPC management firm isn’t hard, but finding one that will dedicate the time and energy needed to create unique, customized campaigns can be challenging. Webrageous focuses on developing customized PPC campaigns that will work best for your industry, budget, and specific business needs. From implementing geo-targeted campaigns to hone in on leads in your region to building call-only campaigns that get potential clients on the phone with you faster, our PPC experts have the experience needed to help you get the results you want.

We work with you to develop Google AdWords campaigns that fit your budget. For our clients we have demonstrated we can decrease their ad spend while increasing conversions. Please visit our results page for several case studies. Below is a screenshot from one of our legal clients’ weekly reports. As you can see, we have helped them reduce their cost per lead for personal injury from $504 to $319, saving them $185 per lead. Later on this page you will see the cost per lead has dropped even further to under $220 in a screenshot further below.


A Legal PPC Bid Management Strategy that Works

Because legal PPC is so expensive, keeping bid costs manageable can be extremely challenging. We work with you to do extensive keyword research and set up campaigns that will put your PPC ads in the best positions possible without overextending your budget. This helps ensure that the traffic your ads bring in isn’t just high in quantity, but high in quality as well.

Mobile PPC, in particular, is a new and constantly evolving space. For many of our clients, implementing mobile campaigns is an effective means of reaching their target audience, but these campaign types can be difficult to run.When run well, mobile campaigns can be a cost-effective channel for PPC marketing, especially for clients who have responsive or mobile-friendly websites. No matter what your needs are, we can advise you on the best strategy to maximize conversion and drive high-quality leads from PPC. When done properly mobile can be a great way to drive a high volume of calls which for most law firms is preferable to contact forms.

Take a look at the screenshot below. As you can see we’re driving a lot of calls for this personal injury law firm every week. Calls are more likely to turn into clients than contact form submissions. It is a lot easier to answer calls than to chase down someone who filled out a contact form.
Optimize Google AdWords to promote calls

Personalized Attention

One of the biggest advantages we offer is a great ratio of account managers to clients. The average account manager at Webrageous manages under 10 accounts. Many of our competitors hire account managers who are expected to manage 80 accounts. It’s very hard to make a difference if you have 30 minutes a week or less to devote to each client. Here at Webrageous our account managers have 4 to 8 hours per week and sometimes even more to commit to newer clients.

A Track Record of Success with PPC Management for Law Firms

Webrageous has extensive experience with managing bid management and keyword strategy for law firms. Since we took on our first legal client over 10 years ago, we’ve helped dozens of companies get the AdWords campaign results they want across a variety of legal sectors. While we can help clients in any sector of law firm PPC marketing, we specialize in creating campaigns for personal injury, family law, and pharmaceutical liability. Hear what our clients have to say about working with Webrageous in the video below. The first testimonial is not from an attorney but the rest of the testimonials are.

How Webrageous Can Help You Reach Your PPC Goals

We are one of the best legal PPC management firms in the market, and we have extensive experience developing and managing high-performing Google AdWords campaigns for lawyers.  We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and our results are so effective that most of our clients contract with us for multiple years. You can check the testimonials of some of our clients yourself and see how we can bring the same results for your firm.

With Webrageous, you’ll be able to transform underperforming campaigns into a major marketing channel for your business. Learn more about what we offer in our risk free 60-day trial or call us at 800-645-9521 to talk to us today about the benefits of working with Webrageous to manage your PPC campaigns.