Every Google AdWords advertiser knows that he or she needs to strive for an effective Quality Score. If a high Quality Score can be achieved, all will be well.

It is vital, therefore, to know that Google recently announced there will be a stronger emphasis placed on the quality of an advertiser’s landing page when calculating the Quality Score of any campaign.

In the past, if a landing page was poor in terms of keyword development or if a landing page was badly designed and organized, advertisers might have their advertisements revoked and even have their AdWords accounts closed in some severe cases.

Now, however, the image of the landing page is going to be developed into something positive; something that can earn advertiser’s reward points in the eyes of Google.

Thanks to the testing of this new algorithm across Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Google is now pleased to announce that those advertisers who have excellent landing pages will be given priority and a higher Quality Score in comparison to other advertisers.

This means that a better landing page will equal a higher Quality Score and this higher Quality Score will mean better advertisement position on important keywords for less cost per click.

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