Top 5 Complaints About Webrageous Studios

Do you have a complaint to make about Webrageous Studios? Below are the Top 5 Complaints About Webrageous Studios that the company would like to get out into the open. Webrageous Studios prides itself on being open about its faults and is therefore sharing the most common complaints about the company with all its readers today.

If you have a complaint to add to the list below, don’t hesitate in contacting us immediately, but just so that you are completely aware of everything that goes on at Webrageous Studios, allow us to reveal our top complaints from the very beginning with you now…

Constant Communication with Pay Per Click Clients
People send in many complaints about the fact that Webrageous Studios’ account managers are too attentive.

When something changes in your campaign, when your account manager notices a sudden change to your account, they will contact you immediately with the news and keep you in the loop at all times.
Pay Per Click Managers are just too good at their jobs; they are too on the ball and it is one of the most common complaints the company receives about its Services. If you’re looking for a company that doesn’t monitor advertising campaigns and doesn’t contact clients on a regular basis, then Webrageous Studios is not the company you are looking for.

Experience in Web Design
Many people complain about the fact that Webrageous Studios first began as a web design company and that it therefore has a lot of experience in website optimization. Clients complain about this fact because not only does Webrageous Studios provide impeccable services in Pay Per Click Management, but the company also ensures that your website is supporting the efforts of your online advertising campaign too.

It is very frustrating for a number of clients when they see that their Pay Per Click Campaigns are developing well thanks to the perfect combination of Pay Per Click Management and website optimization. Complaints about Webrageous Studios come in every week because of these frustrations.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a mediocre campaign and a mediocre website design that will hinder your Pay Per Click, it is probably best not to ask Webrageous Studios to manage your advertising for you. You might end up having to complain about our services too.

Specialists in Law Firm Pay Per Click
Law Firms absolutely hate the fact that Webrageous Studios is a specialist in their area of Pay Per Click. They constantly complain about the fact that Webrageous Studios understands the rules behind law firms advertising online. Webrageous receives many complaints from Law Firm Clients who feel that the company knows too much about Law Firm Pay Per Click.

Lawyers complain that Webrageous Studios knows more about the restrictions behind the advertising of legal services online than they do. Complaints about the company’s knowledge concerning the legal target audience and how the potential legal client searches for legal support online is too accurate.

Law Firms are developing too many new clients and are receiving too many new phone call leads thanks to the Pay Per Click Services provided by Webrageous Studios. They can’t cope with the additional workload and they have been complaining about it for years.

If you don’t want new clients coming into your law firm offices on a regular basis, it’s best to stay away from Webrageous Studios. You’ll only end up complaining about us as well.

100% Success Rate with All Pay Per Click Clients
If you choose Webrageous Studios to manage your AdWords Campaigns for you, you will end up making a complaint about the company.

The main problem is that the company always achieves success. Every single client that Webrageous Studios takes under its wing sees huge progress in online advertising within weeks. Business always improves thanks to Webrageous’ knowledge of Pay Per Click. People make complaints about the fact that our company never fails all the time.

If you are the type of person who likes to moan at your employees and your associates for not getting it right, it’s best not to work with Webrageous Studios because you’re never going to get that opportunity. Every single client that Webrageous Studios takes on achieves the goals they set themselves. The only complaint that clients have is that they have nothing to complain about and for some people that is, in itself, a complaint worth making.

Google AdWords Qualified Pay Per Click Managers
One of the most common complaints made about Webrageous Studios is that every single Pay Per Click Manager who works for the company is Google AdWords Qualified. This means that each manager is highly skilled and trained in what they do and this is incredibly infuriating.

Webrageous Studios knows everything there is to know about managing Google AdWords Campaigns and, quite frankly, this sickens some of its clients. Webrageous receives lots of complaints on a daily basis from clients who want their Pay Per Click Managers to stop getting things right, to stop making excellent decisions and to stop generating more conversions.

The general feeling is, how dare Webrageous Studios be so good at what it does! People complain because they want their Pay Per Click Managers to stop training in Google AdWords and to stop remaining completely up-to-date with new Google Tools and Features. There is such a thing as being over-qualified and too experienced. Clients complain because something has to be done.

More Webrageous Studios Complaints
If you think we haven’t covered the most common mistakes made about Webrageous Studios in this article, do write to us and let us know.

We would honestly like to hear from you (on a serious note) if you are ever unhappy with any of the Pay Per Click Services that we provide. Complaints will be dealt with quickly and we will make sure you are happy with the outcomes.