If you have a mortgage and/or loan business, your company needs to be well positioned in Google, so people who are looking for your services can find you easily. We recommend that your strategy should include a well-crafted keyword list, with keyword phrases that people who are not in the mortgage and/or loan business actually look for, not keyword phrases that you think they might look for.


Here is a list of some mortgage loan keywords you really want to have in your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account! This list will also help you if you want to optimize your site for natural search/SEO:

mortgage rates
15 year mortgage
30 year mortgage
40 year mortgage
10 year mortgage
adjustable mortgage
fixed rate mortgage
best rate mortgage
loan officer
get a mortgage
lowest rate mortgage
apply for a mortgage
mortgage application
home loan
finance my home
apply for a loan
get a loan
loan application
home mortgage
second mortgage
investment mortgage
commercial mortgage
bad credit mortgage
low credit mortgage
jumbo mortgage

Be sure to remember to add good negative keywords like car, boat, jobs, job, default, bankruptcy, and maybe low credit and poor credit depending on the profile of borrower you are after.



Also, we recommend that you go through the list above and substitute loan for the word mortgage and vice versa to expand the keyword list further. You can also add the words “home” or “student” after loan. For example, fixed rate student loan, or fixed rate home loan. These are searches that people actually perform in Google. We also advise you to do a new keyword research from time to time, as the way people search for things change over time.


We are a top rated PPC agency, and we know all the tricks of the trade. We would like to share one you can easily do to carry out your own keyword research on keyword phrases that people look for. Go to Google, and start typing mortgage, for example, in the search tool. You will see that Google offers recommendations, like this:

While not all of these options are relevant for your business, this list gives you ideas as for what people are looking for, as these are popular searches on Google. From these, you can choose which ones you would like to target and do a search for them. For example, type in mortgage loan. You will see something like this:

This little tip can also help you to expand and refine your keyword list for your mortgage business.


We strongly believe that running properly set up and managed Google Ads campaigns can be very beneficial for your mortgage and/or loan company. We have been managing Google Ads accounts for a long time, since 2004 to be precise, because we know it is a Marketing strategy that works great when done the right way. If it weren’t so, we would be doing something else. We have seen how Google Ads has gotten more complicated over time, there are more competitors on the field, and it takes more expertise today to run Google Ads than a few years back. Not only because of new options and features, but because they stop offering others. Google Ads is all we do, and we love not only to keep up to date with all these changes, but also to try them wisely.


Your goal should be that you get the best return on investment for your budget. Just like any other marketing effort, Google Ads is an investment in time and money. We recommend that you invest wisely and seek professional help if you need it. Please check out some of the amazing results we have been able to deliver for some of our very happy clients here:


If we can be of service with keyword research, setting up or managing your entire Google AdWords account, please don’t hesitate to call us at 855-945-1596 for a free consultation!