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Here is a list of some mortgage loan keywords you really want to have in your AdWords account! This list will also help you if you want to optimize your site for natural search/SEO

mortgage rates
15 year mortgage
Great Mortgage/Loan Keywords For AdWords or SEO30 year mortgage
40 year mortgage
10 year mortgage
adjustable mortgage
fixed rate mortgage
best rate mortgage
loan officer
get a mortgage
lowest rate mortgage
apply for a mortgage
mortgage application
home loan
finance my home
apply for a loan
get a loan
loan application
home mortgage
second mortgage
investment mortgage
commercial mortgage
bad credit mortgage
low credit mortgage
jumbo mortgage

Be sure to remember to add good negative keywords like car, boat, jobs, job, default, bankruptcy, and maybe low credit and poor credit depending on the profile of borrower you are after.

Also remember to go through the list above and substitute loan for the word mortgage to expand the keyword list further. And if we can be of service with keyword research for managing your entire Google AdWords account please call us at 855-945-1596