When people are looking for a dentist online, are you showing up in their searches? The sad answer for most dental practices is “no.”

And let’s be honest no one likes going to see the dentist (no offense) so you know if someone has taken the time to search for one, they’re probably looking to see them soon.

Here at Webrageous, we work with dental practices like yours to make sure that when people are searching for “dentists near me” (and other phrases like it) that your practice is at the top of the list.

And one of the things dentists love most about us is that we won’t break the bank either.

Get more phone calls and more patients by using a Google Ads agency for dentists that gets fantastic results.


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Get More Patients, Increase Revenue: Google Ads Agency for Dentists

But why are Google Ads important to your practice? Let us give you the simple version of how you’ll get more patients without using any technical jargon.

Google Ads Agency for Dentists

Target Local Patients Easily: By setting up your Google Ads account so that it only shows your ad to your perfect customer that’s near you, you’ll get phone calls from local customers who are looking for a dental practice like yours. Become the local leader because more people are finding you when they’re searching.


Show Up When It Counts: More than 60% of searches on Google are done from mobile devices, and more than 40% of those searches are for people about to travel to a local business using Google Maps. A staggering 75% of searches for local businesses in Google Maps end up in a sale. So when Webrageous is handling your Google Ads, you’ll show up in a higher percentage of local Google Maps searches, leading to more patients.


Target the Perfect Customer: As we continue to fine-tune your campaigns, we can also target your ideal customer using things like age, gender, specific location, and even things like what device they’re using and what time of day they’re more likely to call you. For many of our customers, they’ll also learn quite a bit about who is clicking on their ads, and get the clearest picture they’ve ever had of who their true demographic is.


Target Your Most Profitable Services: We can work with you to identify what your most profitable services are and target them as a part of our strategy. For example, if dental implants have a great profit margin for your practice, we can have campaigns designed to capture people searching for that term (and others like it) specifically.


Find New Opportunities: It’s hard to have an accurate picture of what customers are truly thinking when they choose your practice. But what if you could learn more about what makes your patents tick? When people are typing their thoughts into Google, you get a unique look into how they think.


When Webrageous is running your Google Ads campaigns, we can research what people are typing into Google when searching for a dentist. This will give you an inside look at things you couldn’t know otherwise. Not only will this help you have a better understanding of your patients, but we’ll use it to optimize your campaigns, and you can use this information in other marketing efforts.


Webrageous Knows Google Ads for Dentists

Whether you’ve tried Google Ads before and didn’t get the results you wanted, or if you’re absolutely brand new to using Google to get more customers for your dental practice, Webrageous can help.

Are you:

  • Looking for more patients, and want them as soon as possible?
  • Wanting to get more phone calls?
  • Looking to lower your cost per new patient?
  • Wanting to exceed your goals this year?

If so, let’s talk. Here at Webrageous, our consultation is always free, and we’d love to hear more about your dental practice’s goals. We’re your best choice when it comes to Google Ads for dentists.

Let’s make this the best year you’ve ever had by using Google Ads to get you more new patients than ever.

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