Top Google Ads (AdWords) and SEO Keywords For Your Printing Company in 2024 – Free

We have managed the Google AdWords campaign for a printer client for over 8 years now. Over the past 12 months we have generated at least 1381 calls and contact form submissions at a very low cost per lead  via Google AdWords. Here we are going to share with you some (but not all) of our top keywords. We can’t share all of our secrets with you for free! As long as you don’t compete in the same regional market as this client then we would be happy to help you supercharge your marketing as well! There is much more that goes into account management than just a keyword list. Success is determined by great ads, a great account manager who can stop mistakes before they cost you a lot of money, a strong landing page and much more. If you need help to bring it all together please call us at 855-945-1596. In the meantime here are some keywords:

  • printers [insert your city name]
  • printing company [insert your city name]
  • custom vinyl stickers
  • pamphlet printing
  • on demand printing
  • custom printed CD
  • customized business notepads
  • printing companies
  • printing services
  • printing company near me
  • print trifold brochure
  • brochure printing
  • plus over 100 more keywords we can setup if you hire us to manage your AdWords account!

Every printing company is different. So depending on the services you offer you will need more keywords and you may want to delete some of the keywords above related to services you don’t offer.

Don’t forget to set up retargeting, and see if any competitors are bidding when you search for your brand name. If they are in need to add your brand name as a keyword. You can also target competitor keywords but this is a risky strategy. Both because of legal risk and because you competitors could start to target your brand name.

Also remember you need to experiment with match types if you are using Google AdWords. Some keywords will work and others won’t work especially with broad match. That’s where account optimization comes into play. And if you don’t have the experience or the time then it’s time to hire a professional. Call us at 855-945-1596 to see how we can help!