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Top 10 Veterans Benefits Attorney Keywords

Here is a list of 10 keywords you can use to find clients looking for a veterans benefit attorney:

 +veterans +attorneys
 +veterans +lawyers
 +veteran +lawyer
 +va +appeals
“veterans law”
 +va +claims +lawyer
 +va +benefits +lawyer
 +va +disability +lawyer
 +va +lawyers
[veterans law]

plus over 100 more keywords we can setup if you hire us to manage your AdWords account!


the + ” and [ ] signs  indicate the match type which will make more sense if you  are familiar with Google Ads. And here are some statistics from a Google Ads account


Top 10 Veterans Benefits Attorney Keywords

The conversions are live calls we were able to generate using a great landing page.  And that’s really the key with Google Ads  – you need not just a great Google AdWords account but also a great landing page for everything to work together and be successful. The account we created for this client has over 300 keywords. By pairing a great landing page we can put together for you along with a great Google Ads account we can also deliver excellent results for your firm.  Notice how the cost per conversion is only $32  with many keywords driving leads at a far lower cost per conversion. If you’re not seeing similar results please contact us so we can help you improve your account. Call us at 866-720-5172 if you would like to learn more.